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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Cowboys&Caps, Feb 13, 2007.

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    Here is how i hope the draft goes, but i will put down a back-up plan because who knows what will happen.

    Round 1
    a. Dwayne Jarrett - WR USC
    The next great big NFL reciever having this guy out there with Owens and Glenn would make our offense instantly among the greats in the league. Also puts Owens up against it in regards to his behavior.

    b. Aaron Ross - CB Texas
    Perfect young corner, if all goes right will be the starter opposite Newman by week 1 leaving Glenn and Reeves to battle for the nickel spot, and Henry as Free Safety/ backup corner

    Round 2

    a. Eric Weddle - S Utah
    Great playmaker, Phillips kind of free safety

    b. Greg Olsten - TE Miami :D
    (joking, hes great but we dont' need him unless we can project him to reciever)

    b.(REAL) Paul Posluzny - OLB Penn State
    Pass rushing talent and student of the game blessed with a briliant mind due to size coaching staff looking at playing him at Strong Safety to spell Roy Williams some.

    Round 3

    a. Brian Leonard - FB Rutgers
    A versatile player like Richie Anderson was for us a few years ago, this guy can carry the rock, block for the rock, and catch the rock. A perfect player to help Romo grow.

    b. Quin Pitcock - DT Ohio State
    Strong, Young, Big, and healthy would be a great young guy to come in and spell Furgy inside as well as playing beside him in our 4 man fronts. Don't let his 301 lbs fool you hes big.

    Round 4

    a. Ryan Harris - OT Notre Dame
    Athletic tackle to keep the rotation moving incase we lose Columbo, or one of our younger tackles don't pan out. Shows great potential.

    b. Mason Crosby - K Colorado
    If available, he would seemingly solve our kicker curse (its dallas though it may never end :D) If not available look for my pick c in the 5th round.

    Round 5

    a. Tim Duckworth - OG Auburn
    Big, and physical to help the run game but would hinder our fast schemes such as screens. he is a project.

    b. Dallas Baker - WR Florida
    He has the physical skills and with work on explosion, and blocking could become at worst a steady possesion reciever and optimally a game changer.

    c. Justin Medlock - K UCLA
    Very good kicker, he can be very good. I have seen him this is a good backup 5th or we can use one of our 7th on him if Baker or Duckworth are still available at 5.

    Round 6 (jets pick)

    a. Zac Taylor - QB Nebraska
    Good arm, Good accuracy worked in a pro style system for 4 years under Bill Callahan in Nebraska. Strangely I would feel comfortable going into the season with only him behind Romo.

    b. Chris Denman - OT Fresno State
    Tall, Athletic, and carries good weight what more can you ask for? plus he played 3 years at Fresno State that has supplied the NFL with some nasty o-lineman lately such as Logan Mankins.

    Im done :D don't wanna bust my mind on the 7th round for I will never be able to guess, and nobody will even know who im trying to talk about because these guys are almost unheard of this late but they could be good nonetheless!

    Hopefully I didn't cheat too much (pick players lower that realistic) but I'll bet some people can point out some such mistakes

    Enjoy i hope some people can agree with it :D
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    Why not just put:

    First Round - Joe Thomas

    Second Round - Calvin Johnson

    Third Round - Alan Branch
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    I admit some of these may not be available thats why there are two options there. If Jarrett is gone, Aaron Ross will most likely be available.

    Eric Weddle will be there
    Paul probably not but there are injury concerns so who know its definitly possible

    Leonard and Pitcock are both being projected 2-3rd picks bug off

    If you watched a draft in the last 3 years you would know people don't just go where kiper puts them thats why I put two options and as for your BS sarcasm shove it. If you'll open your eyes I didn't put Joe Thomas, Calvin Johnson, And Allen Branch.

    This time last year had USC Tackle Winston Justice top 15, he was a mid second round pick to the Eagles.

    You know very little, I know very little so dont' do me like that :D
  4. Apollo Creed

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    Receiver (Hopefully Rice) or a safety (Landry, Nelson, or Merriwether). We'll handle O-Line/Pass Rusher through FA.
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  6. ajk23az

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    because it was a realistic dream draft:D
  7. Cowboys&Caps

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    hoo hoo hahah kings of comedy hahah :D
  8. McCordsville Cowboy

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    The Puz wont be playing safety and not sure what pass rushing moves you saw at PSU but it wasnt him. Maybe you were watching Courtney Brown in 99':laugh2:
  9. Biggems

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    1 FS - Reggie Nelson Florida
    6'1 193 4.50......great in coverage....ballhawking safety...big hitter...solid tackler....aggressive and instinctive.....can play the run also

    2 CB - Aaron Ross Texas
    6'1 192 4.50......Is excellent in tight coverage (sucks when he plays off the WR)....a ballhawking playmaker. Will get interceptions, force fumbles, recover fumbles. A solid tackler who isn't afraid to get a little physical. Is a very nice KR (although sometimes fumbling is a concern)....but he can take a kick to the house at any moment. TOTAL HOMER PICK my favorite player in the draft

    3 DT - Kareem Brown Miami
    6'5 315 5.10....Big, strong, quick, can disrupt and collapse the pocket....can play the run or rush the passer. Not a lot of starting experience, but has been productive. IMO, he has the potential to be a Warren Sapp type DT for us....

    4 ILB - Zak DeOssie Brown
    6'4 240 4.60....does a nice job in coverage....good range for a LB (used to play S, before bulking up to LB)...solid tackler...intelligent, great character, highly decorated....his father Steve used to be a Cowboy.

    5 RB/FB Chris Henry Arizona
    6'1 235 4.40.....solid in pass protection and nice receiving hands....very little experience but that also means the tread on his tires is still new

    6 DE/OLB - Brian Robison Texas
    6'3 275 4.70...high end motor. always seems to be around the ball. This is a total homer pick for me...but when it comes to the UT front 7 over the last 2 years, he is my guy. He is the one who made that defense seem dominant (they stunk it up when he was out with injury). Can play the run and also rush the passer

    7 RB/WR Ramonce Taylor (formerly Texas)
    5'11 193's the 7th round....why not take a chance. I don't like his off field issues....but between the hashes, he is a beast....can run with finesse or power. can play WR. can even be a QB on trick plays. Oh and he can be a definite upgrade in our KR game

    7 TE Zack Herold Nebraska-Omaha
    6'4 261 4.90....great character guy...nice hands and runs well after the catch....solid as a blocker both in the running and passing game.

    7 OL Ed McCarthy Yale
    6'4 305 5.20....versatile (T, G, C)...excels as a run blocker, but also a very solid pass blocker....shows great character and intelligence. Highly decorated OL from the Ivy League
  10. Cowboys&Caps

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    Typical purdue fan. I went to every game in the wonderful beaver stadium this year and trust me the man can rush the passer, and can play STRONG saftey to some degree.
  11. Cowboys&Caps

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    POZ!! not PUZ have some respect :D
  12. Clove

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    As long as our line gets fixed in the FA, I don't mind that draft from the original poster.
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    The scene on "Platoon" where Willem Dafoe gets killed is funnier than this post.
  14. theogt

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    This post, however, oozed humor.

    Just like Chuck Norris one-liners.
  15. MetalHead

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    You are as funny as Barbara Hershey with an oxygen tank in "Beaches".
  16. CowboyWay

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    Am I the only one who thinks Dwayne Jarrett is going to be a bust? Slow as molasses, and while that might work with a tremendous offense like USC playing against mediocre Pac 10 teams. It simply won't get it done in the NFL. He has Mike Williams written all over him.

    And while I'm on my soapbox, I also think Ginn from Ohio state is going to be a bust. Fly pattern, fly pattern, fly pattern. Throw deep.

    Looks great in college, but not in the NFL.

    There is one kid who is a lock. An absolute star in the making, and thats Calvin Johnson. That kid is the real deal if I've ever seen one. Whoever gets him will be very luck. God, I hope its not the skins. Hopefully he won't make it to the 5th pick.
  17. Hostile

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    Post of the day.

    Not taking a shot at you theogt, that line was just funny as hell.
  18. theogt

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    Well, Jarrett matched up against arguably the highest rated CB in this draft and had a field day with him.
  19. CowboyWay

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    I still don't think he's legit. Great hands sure, but too slow for the NFL. Just my opinion. But if we end up drafting him, I'm going to cul up in the fetal postion and have a good cry.

    OL, maybe a CB if Henry moves to FS, and someone who can pressure the QB. Thats my dream draft right there.
  20. smarta5150

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    Are you speaking of Leon Hall or myself ??? :bang2::bang2::bang2:

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