My Early 2011 Draft Pet Cats

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Hostile, Sep 11, 2010.

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    QB...Greg McElroy of Alabama. I think he is a smart QB who could be a solid backup and may develop into a good player. I also like Andrew Luck of Stanford a lot, but think he may be the #1 QB in the Draft.

    OT...Matt Reynolds of BYU. He is a moose. Can play all along the OL.

    OG...John Moffit of Wisconsin. A road grader.

    C...Stefen Wisniewski of Penn State. We drafted his Uncle who was an 8 time Pro Bowler. The problem was it was a draft pick for the Raiders. Kid has a nasty streak and is smart. I like that in a Center.

    I also want us to get a CB, but I don't have a pet cat there yet.
  2. Hostile

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    Go ahead and pencil me in as a Trent Richardson fan when he hits at least 3 years out of HS. What a bull.
  3. UnoDallas

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    C...Stefen Wisniewski - looked good even against that big NT Bama has

    OG...John Moffit of Wisconsin can play C also

    Like them both a lot

    another one of my Oline guys OT Love from Arkansas 6-5 #315

    could be Columbos back up
  4. cowboyjoe

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    i would be happy with Reynolds and Wisniewski, that would finish our offensive line. then we can concentrate on other positions, like another wr, unless Roy Williams steps up, he will be gone next year. Then, we will need another top DE, doubt we can keep spears, hatcher and bowen -all of them.

    so will need that too, then we will probably need possibly another top cb, dont know how long newman is going to hold up, everywhere else we are solid

    however, dont get me wrong, i like Gronkski, but there are a bunch of top fullbacks coming out, studs, so might look at that direction, because this will be the telling year for M Bennett or not. If he doesnt make it, then our TE' s look like Witten, almost 30 now, John Phillips and Gronkski! so might need to look at TE.

    that should do it, if beuhler holds up at kicker
  5. UnoDallas

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    also don't think you could go wrong with Kris Odowd USC C
  6. rkell87

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    all good picks. luck goes to stanford though
  7. Hostile

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    Typo. Thanks.
  8. silverbear

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    And my early pet cats, in the order in which they're currently rated by NFL Draft Scout:

    Stephen Paea, DT, Oregon State... ranked 12th by NFLDS... 6-1, 315 pounds, 4.95 second 40... I'm kinda hoping that Oregon State has a disappointing season, simply so that Paea might slip in the draft... I love Ratliff at NT, and I have high hopes for Josh Brent, but Paea was born to play NT... he's short, wide, and VERY strong-- 550 pound bench press (44 reps at 225 pounds), 650 pound squat (great leg strength, which a NT needs), 365 pound clean (which speaks to his explosiveness)... although I don't rate NT as a major need for the Boys next offseason, this guy's a special talent, and if he was still on the board when the Boys pick, I'd be hard put to pass on him...

    John Moffitt, OG/C, Wisconsin... ranked 60th by NFLDS (2nd or 3rd round)... 6-4, 325 pounds, 5.25 second 40... good call by Hos, I like Moffitt because he can play some center for you too...

    Cecil Shorts III, WR, Mount Union... ranked 83rd by NFLDS (3rd or 4th round)... 6-0, 190 pounds, 4.4 second 40... friends, if I had to list just one pet cat in this draft so far, Cecil would be my feline; I'm just fascinated by what he's done in college so far, even at the Division III level... including the season opener this year, Shorts has played in 45 of 46 games, which suggests that he's durable in spite of his relatively small stature... Mount Union has gone 44-2 since he came to the school, and has won 2 national championships...

    So, how productive has he been?? Well, first let it be noted that he's a converted quarterback (he actually completed 66.7 per cent of his passes in limited duty as a freshman), so he has a feel for finding the open seams in a defense... for his career, he has 194 receptions for 3614 yards (18.6 average), and 47 TDs... that's 47 TD catches in 45 games played... he's also carried the ball 42 times for 395 yards (9.4 average) and 11 more TDs, suggesting he'd be a threat on reverses... so in 45 games played, he has 4009 yards of offense, and has scored 58 TDs... holy crap!!!

    WR won't be a top need for the Boys this coming offseason either, but they could use a home run threat to balance the offense out... Shorts has very good, almost elite speed (he finished 5th in the 55 meter at the Division III championship), and he's obviously a threat to score at any time (he averages
    17 yards per touch on offense)... I'd be thrilled if the Boys could snag him in the 3rd... it ain't often that you'll see a Division III player rated as a 3rd round prospect this early in the season, which tells you that Cecil is a rare talent... I think of him as a faster Patrick Crayton coming out of college

    Marcus Cannon, OG/OT, TCU... 6-5, 350 pounds, 5.3 second 40... rated 84th by NFLDS (3rd or 4th round)... a massive road grader, Cannon didn't allow a sack last year, so you know he's a good pass blocker... with his size, I suspect he'll also be a fair to middling run blocker, but his draft stock may fall this year because the Horned Frogs are trying him at LT, and he's really not quick enough for that position... I'd sure give him a look as a guard or right tackle prospect if he fell to the 4th round range, though (or even in the 3rd round)...

    Sam Acho, DE, Texas... 6-3, 260 pounds, 4.7 second 40... ranked 86th by NFLDS (3rd or 4th round, though I strongly suspect he'll be somewhat higher by draft day)... c'mon, you didn't think I'd go into a football season without at least ONE Horn on my pet cat list, did you?? Though he looks like an OLB conversion prospect at that size, an announcer in the game today said that he was at 300 pounds... I don't know if that announcer was just full of it, but if Sam has bulked up into the 280-290 range, he might be a perfect 3-4 DE... last year, he had 10 sacks, 15 quarterback pressures and 14 tackles for loss, and he just brutalized Wyoming's undersized offensive linemen in today's game... if he's going to be an OLB in the pros, the Boys are pretty set there, but if he's bulked up enough to play DE, they're about to have 3 of their best DEs become unrestricted free agents next offseason...

    Owen Marecic, FB, Stanford... 6-1, 245 pounds, 4.7 second 40... ranked 123rd by NFLDS (4th, maybe 5th round)... the Boys like their FBs to be blockers AND receivers, and so far Owen hasn't been much of a factor in the passing game... but he is a ferocious, knock you on your butt lead blocker... I like him because he has played ILB for Stanford too, and because he's a dynamic special teamer for them... maybe he can learn to catch the ball at the next level...

    Zach Hurd, OG/OT, Connecticut... 6-7, 325 pounds, 5.15 second 40... ranked 133rd by NFLDS (5th round)... we know the guy can run block, as he helped Donald Brown lead the nation in rushing last year and UConn averaged almost 205 yards per game rushing... Zach moves really well for a guy that size, I think he'd be effective pulling...

    Donald Buckram, RB, UTEP... 5-9, 195 pounds, 4.45 second 40... ranked 143rd by NFLDS (likely 6th rounder)... another homer pick for me, I went to UTEP... Buckram is kinda small for an NFL running back, and his speed is good but not great... but he seems to be kind of a smaller Emmitt, he sees the field well and attacks the hole aggressively... the best RB in Miner history, he gained 1594 yards last year on just 259 carries (6.2 average), and scored 18 TDs... his draft stock is likely to be hurt by his lack of size, and the fact that he's missed the first 2 games this season with a sprained knee...

    Alex Wujciak, ILB, Maryland... 6-3, 250 pounds, 4.7 second 40... ranked 148th by NFLDS (6th round again)... all I can say about Alex is that he's a run stuffer deluxe; he has 264 tackles in his last 25 games for the Terps... I see him as a possible successor to Bradie James eventually at SILB...

    So there's 9 of my early pet cats...
  9. The Realist

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    Don'ta Hightower 6-4/260 ILB Bama

    Nate Potter 6-6/300 T/G Boise State

    Stefen Wizniewski 6-4/305 C/G PSU

    Mike Pouncey 6-5/315 G/C Florida

    Benjamin Ijalana 6-4/320 G/T Villanova

    Marcus Gilchrist 5-11/190 CB/PR/KR (20 per punt, 29 per kickoff early)
  10. UnoDallas

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    guess I have to watch TCU

    Marcus Cannon, OG/OT, TCU... 6-5, 350 pounds

    thats a big boy - I would like to see how he carries the weight
  11. UnoDallas

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    I like the idea of drafting another ISLB - just in case J Williams does not work out
  12. The Realist

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    Forgot one........

    Kelvin Sheppard 6-2/245 ILB LSU
  13. Chris in Arizona

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    Good list Hos. Wisniewski and Moffit are my pet cats as well. McElroy, not so much, but I like him and I think we'll try to draft him since his dad is The Cowboys VP of Sales.

    My other pet cats are:
    Stanley Havili FB USC
    Ronald Johnson WR USC
    Graig Cooper RB/WR/KR Miami
    Deunta Williams S North Carolina
    Quinton Carter S Oklahoma
    Patrick Peterson CB LSU - Although we have ZERO chance of drafting him.
  14. The Realist

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    I think all Ducass fans should be paying attention to Benjamin Ijalana. 4 year starter at LT at Villanova. Good feet, long arms and a former HS wrestler which I like a lot in OL/DL.
  15. UnoDallas

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    already had him down - not big Ducasse fan tho

    If everything goes as planned, the 6-foot-4, 320-pound senior's name may be added to that list.
    Ijalana is listed by as the second-best senior prospect at guard for the 2011 NFL draft, behind Florida State's Rodney Hudson. L_radar.h
  16. The Realist

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    This guy is Jacob Rogers waiting to happen.

    2007 - Dislocated kneecap. Missed 4 games.

    2008 - Arthroscopic surgery to repair knee prior to spring practice. Had surgery after season to repair torn labrum.

    2009 - Missed opener after dislocating kneecap in fall camp. Started 5 games then missed 3 with sore shoulder and lingering effects of preseason knee injury.
  17. ThreeandOut

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    The problem is that the Cowboys weren't too big a fan of Ducasse since they had him rated with a 4th round grade. If they view Ijalana similarly, then it is likely that he will be selected by another team 1-2 rounds higher than where the Cowboys have him rated.
  18. The Realist

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    That's a good point.

    FYI I believe the Cowboys factor how fast a player can get on the field into their draft grade.

    I'm fairly certain they plan to resign Kosier. Already have Holland.

    Hence a 4th round grade on Ducasse if he should slide.
  19. ThreeandOut

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    For the first and second rounds, the Cowboys want an immediate contribution from the players they select. No OL's had a second round grade in the past draft. I think the Cowboys believe that unless you are an elite OL (i.e. first round) prospect, you are probably not going to make much contribution as an OL your first year.
  20. Thomas82

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    I wouldn't mind us getting Mike Pouncey if he is available when we pick.

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