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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Hiero, Dec 17, 2005.

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    I have the cowboys taking Marcus McNeill, he is one of my favorite choices, and he would be an absolute beast at RT opposite Flozell.

    1) San Francisco RB Reggie Bush
    49ers lose the Bush bowl. They get the playmaker on offense that they need, plus reunite him with his former HS QB Alex Smith.

    2) Tennessee QB Matt Leinart
    I think the Titans will do what it takes to get Leinart. Chow wants him, Fischer probably wants him, plus they have a huge need for a QB, so they pull the trigger before another team does.

    3) N.Y. Jets OT D’Brickashaw Ferguson
    Jet’s don’t have a chance at Bush, and frankly I’m not sure their salary cap could afford him. D’Brickashaw Ferguson can anchor the oline for the next 10+ years.

    4) New Orleans LB A.J. Hawk
    Brooks is out, but they do not want to take Vince Young here after the bad experience with Brooks. They take a sure thing here with A.J. Hawk because they are tired of bad apples. He can hopefully bring toughness and a winning attitude to the down on their luck Saints.

    Green Bay NT Haloti Ngata
    The Packers have a history of loving a huge guy in the middle. Grady Jackson is getting over the hill, and they bring in the young pup to rotate with him until Ngata can take over as starter(maybe mid season). Ngata and Jackson may play together even. That would really open up KGB and Kampman for some sacks, and help the young secondary.

    Houston OT Jon Scott
    Texans get the extra picks that they really need, and they get the franchise left tackle they really needed. Great move for the Texans, I really don’t see them doing anything but trading down next year.

    Buffalo OT Eric Winston
    Mike Williams really did not work out. They take a really good LT with no weight issues. Winston’s will resolidify himself as one of the top tackles after a good combine. The Bills really need Oline help before next year to help Losman, McGahee, and Evans do what theyre supposed to be doing.

    ClevelandOT Joe Thomas
    Romeo will build this team the right way. He knows how important Oline is from his days back in New England. The Browns have all the skill positions on offense set so they move onto the OLine. Joe Thomas has the potential to be starting at left tackle for Frye’s entire career and they should be a good team soon.

    ArizonaCB/S Jimmy Williams
    May have to play FS in the NFL, but the cards could use him. Personally I think he’s overrated, but whatever.

    Detroit DE Mario Williams
    Williams may be unstoppable on this Dline with Shaun Rogers dominating the middle and Kalimba Edwards opposite him.

    Baltimore DE Mathias Kiwanuka
    No way the Ravens can pass on a pass rusher like this. With Lewis and Reed back next year, Mathias will help take the Ravens Defense back to the elite level.

    Oakland QB Vince Young
    Collins has definitely fallen out of favor in Oakland. The fans boo him, and his play has really fallen off. Tuiasosopo definitely is not the future, and Andrew Walter isn’t doing well after shoulder surgery and is not the future either. Young gives them the franchise QB, and a way to put some butts in the seats. Moss will be the perfect receiver for a rookie QB like Vince because he can catch the jumpballs and still be a reliable receiver when Young is on the run. Going to be exciting watching this guy on Sundays, although there are going to be mistakes.

    St. Louis CB Michael Huff
    Huff will enter the draft projected as a CB because of his speed. Huff can really do it all, he’s a good tackler, can lay some hits and even force fumbles. Best of all he’s fast and big and can cover any WR in the league. I think he is a lot better than Jimmy.

    Philadelphia DE Tamba Hali
    Hali has shot up the draft boards a lot over the year and deservedly so. He is a leader on the Nittany Lions team that has one of the best defenses in college football. Not only that but Hali is a hometown guy and the pass rusher the Eagles have badly needed since they let go of Burgess and Kearse hasn’t played as well this year.

    Miami QB Jay Cutler
    Cutler will rise gradually over time until he is considered a 1st rounder. Cutler is tough, can run, and has a good arm and accuracy. Plus the prototypical size of a QB. Frerotte may start half the season until they turn it over to Cutler. Saban has really turned the team around in a short period of time.

    Denver f/ Washington FS Laron Landry
    Lynch needs to be playing SS. Landry can make an immediate impact at FS and allow Lynch to roam the secondary looking for hits. Denver’s secondary is gonna be pretty tough next year.

    Minnesota RB DeAngelo Williams
    Maroney will fall a bit as a lot of teams have no need for RB this year. However for the Vikings it’s a need + BPA. I think we can all say were a bit tired of the Michael Bennett experiment. Ya he’s one of the fastest RB’s in the league, but the guy is never healthy and he definitely is not a feature back. Maroney has the speed and power to be a real feature back, someone the Vikes can really rely on. The Vikes really need to get rid of some of the guys in their troubled backfield. Moore and Maroney will be the future imo.

    Atlanta RB Laurence Maroney
    Dunn is still really good, but may not be able to carry the ball so often for much longer. Maroney and Duckett will be the future.

    Pittsburgh WR Martin Nance
    Need big receiver, reunited etc. etc.

    Kansas City WR Santonio Holmes
    Kennison is old, plus they really need another young WR who can be a playmaker. Parker is fast, but not anywhere near the playmaker that Holmes is.

    New England RB Lendale White
    Dillon has been constantly injured off and on here. They need a young bruiser to continue their time of possession style of play. White will give Dillon a rest, and also take over for him when he’s done.

    Chicago TE Marcedes Lewis
    Big tall receiver target for whichever young QB they decide to start next year.

    San Diego S Darnell Bing
    I still don’t understand why they let Rodney Harrison go, but they need another hard hitting safety. Bing can lay the wood and with the Chargers front 7, he should be free to make some big plays.

    N.Y. GiantsCB Jason Allen
    Giants biggest need is secondary. Allen should be fully recovered by the combine and able to put up a good enough showing to climb back into the first.

    Tampa Bay OT Winston Justice
    With Simms finally stepping up the Bucs have a pretty good young Trio at QB, WR, RB going on. With the defense still playing well the logical choice here has to be OL. The Bucs have mostly vets and nonames along the line so adding a top draft choice here is a very smart thing. Justice has played RT at USC for a left handed QB so this is the perfect situation for him. He has a lot of potential and I think Gruden will keep him motivated.

    Jacksonville TE Vernon Davis
    Davis has been shooting up draft boards lately because of his physical attributes. Jags love these kind of players, and they will take him as their TE. Another good reliable option for Leftwich could help take this offense to the next level.

    Seattle OLB Manny Lawson
    Lawson can play DE or OLB for the hawks but most likely will take over at LOLB alongside Tatupu and Hill. Lawson is a physical freak of nature with a great combination of pure speed and strength. Lawson could take this seahawks defense to another level. (imo he will rise a lot from now until draft day mostly because of his physical abilities that are freakish for a guy this size.)

    Denver DT Claude Wroten
    Wroten is a good pass rushing DT, exactly what the Broncos need here.

    CarolinaLB Chad Greenway
    John Fox cannot pass on this talented LB this late into the round. Greenway has the perfect size 6’4 250 and good speed. Greenway could be an all star someday and continue to make this defense in the elite.

    Cincinnati TE Leonard Pope
    Pope is a 6’7 250 TE that can do it all. He can be an extra blocker, or be a receiving threat and be the icing on the cake for the Bengals offense.

    Dallas OT Marcus McNeill
    Dallas Oline play has been the thing holding them back( that and the kicking game) so they add one of the top tackles to line up opposite Flozell next year. Cowboys OL will be much improved and so will their offense next year with better blocking. Maybe Petitti can backup Rivera at RG, or backup Flozell at LT. Either way the boys need talent and depth along the OL.

    Indianapolis LB DeMeco Ryans
    Colts continue to build the defense. They need some lb help, and DeMeco is the best LB remaining. DeMeco reminds me a bit of Lofa Tatupu from last year. A really smart lb that lacks some physical abilities, but I think he could be the leader of the colts defense and is a great field general. Could end up as the ILB or OLB in their 4-3 defense.
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    Why would you draft a RT that high? Pettiti is going to start there for awhile. We need interior linemen out of the draft.
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    dallas in the super bowl eh?
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    Many people (including me) think that Pettiti needs a lot more work before he's starting materiel. We need starting quality offensive tackles and the interior linemen will be fine.
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    It's too late for that now. The Cowboys have already invested way too much in Pettiti to give up on him now.

    If (and that's a big if) the Cowboys are going to replace Pettiti, he will come from free agency, not the draft. It's pointless to go tackle that early when there are other areas that need it more that we can shore up in the 1st and 2nd rounds.
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    What are you Hiero, a Colts fan? :D

    Not to be overly critical, but I think the middle of your mock (from St. Louis to Jax) is a little optomistic, pushing really top prospects down to our area.

    Most years, Muroney is the best RB prospect in a draft. Unless there are medical or personal questions that come up, I think it's more like he goes to the Jets or the Cardinals.

    Pope, and maybe Vernon Davis, are also way low, imo. I'll bet Pope goes somewhere between 12-16. Philly, Denver, St. Louis (if they change coaches), and Minny could all use TEs. Maybe Oakland and Miami too, since we're talking about difference makers and not just TEs. Both should go ahead of Mercedes Lewis in any case.
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    huh? McNeill is a bigtime stud, Petitti is a 6th rd guy who is solid, but never going to be a star. McNeill has a chance to be a probowler. Pretty simple. maybe Petitti can move to RG.
  8. Hiero

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    what areas are more important than our Oline? Plus you dont take guards and centers in the first.
  9. Hiero

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    a Colts fan? theyre undefeated so far. I put 3 TE's into the 1st rd, and they should go higher? Three TE's in the top 16? NEVER going to happen.
  10. parchy

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    Why not? Max-Jean Gilles and Kyle Young are just as highly touted as any tackle that we're going to get a shot at.

    Other areas just as/more important than the O-Line? How about FS and WR.
  11. Hiero

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    I think Marco Rivera and Larry Allen are much better options than Petitti. Guard can be addressed later on, Center maybe first day if we dont get one in FA. I agree that we need a guard, but unless were going to cut Rivera this offseason I dont see us taking one in the first. I think Rivera lasts one more season and then may be cut depending on how well he plays, and how well he recovers from his back injury.
    Kyle Young at Center might actually be an option but I'm not sure what round he is ranked, but I'd prefer to delay the pick until the second, but I think he would be a great addition to the cowboys because we really need a Center asap and he's got really good size that we need.

    If we got McNeill in the first, and Kyle Young in the second(or whenever), and Tatusi Latui the guard from USC in the third I would personally love that draft. Our OL would be possibly dominant.
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    This is a prime example of why you do not do mock drafts so early.

    Winston a top 10 pick?

    Greenway and Ryans at the end of the 1st round?

    LenDale White coming out when he can be the full time back next year and be rated much higher?

    Maroney going to the Falcons, even when Dunn is showing no signs of wear and tear?

    I could go on and on, but this mock draft isn't exactly the greatest.
  13. Rush 2112

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    How would Faneca, Hutchison and Kendall Simmons look at OG for us right about now?
  14. parchy

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    Marco Rivera is a joke and a bust right now. LA is good but for how much longer? He's only barely serviceable right now. We don't have any backups for either as Peterman is a bust. Once Hotel comes back we'll have a solid backup in Tucker spelling Pettiti every once in awhile, but we didn't "waste" an entire year with Pettiti on the right just to cut off his development. There is no reason to believe he can't be a solid starter... he's shown flashes of an NFL-ready starter... for what he is (6th round) he is fantastic. With how much money we spent this off-season we simply can't afford to snatch up premium talent at every position. With how improved Pettiti will be in every category next season, FS, WR and interior linemen are our main priorities.
  15. BigDInCharlotte

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    Mercedes Lewis is so overrated, it's not even funny.
  16. VThokie7

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    How has Dallas invested too much into Pettiti? They spent a 6th round pick on him and he started out of necessity because we had nobody else. I'd have to say spending a 6th round pick on a backup RT isn't a waste by any stretch. So please bring a REAL RT to Dallas.
  17. Put Henson In

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    No chance in hell Vince Young slips by the Cardinals. The Saints and Texans could be another option for him.
  18. baj1dallas

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    The Saints won't draft Vince Young because he is black? That seems to be what you're saying. How is Young less of a sure thing than AJ Hawk? Ever heard of Andy Katzenmoyer?
  19. Anguillidae

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    I can just repeat what others have already said. We need a starting right tackle and Pettiti won't be ready next year. That's my opinion. All our trouble right now are because of our offensive tackles. Tucker shouldn't even be in the league.

    Free safety and wide receiver are needs, but not as big as offensive tackle. Peterman is not a bust yet, so we'll have to wait and see. I think our 2nd biggest need is inside linebacker.
  20. Hiero

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    yes exactly, thank you. a 6th rder for a guy that can competently backup LT or RT( Note the competent, because Tucker isnt.) is a great pickup. That doesnt mean we can't draft a stud this year.

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