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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. BrAinPaiNt

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    This should be a good thread for everyone to add their epic Rant. I just ask that you keep things withing the guidelines.

    Some numbers and stats to consider...

    45-7 loss vs Green Bay

    34-7 loss vs Philadelphia

    27-7 loss vs Seattle

    49-17 loss vs New Orleans

    4 years where we have a blow out loss by 20 or more points and even those point totals do not due justice the level of beat down we endured during those losses.

    Last night in our epic arse whooping...

    Mark Ingram has never had a 100 yard game in the regular season of his NFL career. His highest two totals prior to last night were 90 and 91. His three rushing totals for THIS year have been 11,19 and 20. Of his 195 total rushing yards this year he netted 145 of those last night against our team. He has a career game against us.

    This is not the first time a player has had a career game against us. Heck just earlier this season look at what Megatron did.

    Another number.... 40 first downs against us. Not just a New Orleans record, Not just a record vs the cowboys, not just an NFC record...but a stinking all time NFL record. Let that sink in.

    3299 yards for 20 TDs and 11 ints.

    That is what the QBs have done vs the cowboys so far this season. And that includes the crappy jobs by Sam Bradford, RGiii, Nick Foles and Matt Barkely.

    Here is another interesting stat. I took the totals for the top to rushers from each game and each team so far this season...

    So far in 10 games our top two rushers have totaled 741 yards for an average of 74.1 yards a game.

    So far in 10 games our opponents top two rushers have totaled 1157 yards for an average of 115.7 yards per game.

    We have had ONE game where our top two rushers have broken 100 yards. The number of games our opponents have surpassed 100 yards with their top two rushers....6.

    The point I am making here is that both sides of the ball are to be blamed.

    There are too many people who think we should be blaming the bulk of the problems on offense. Too many saying we should blame the bulk on Defense.

    It is quite clear that both sides are equally to blame here.

    Getting into an argument with other posters about which side of the ball is worse is kind of silly. This team as a whole has bad problems on both sides of the ball. Heck the only area that seems to be decent this year is the special teams.


    A few general thoughts.

    There was one thing I thought that Jason had going for him. I think the team as a whole played hard for him no matter what. Now of course there will be a few that don't as is always the case but as a whole they played hard for him.
    I think they have lost trust in him and callahan now. I think the only coach that probably still has players playing hard for him right now is Rod. The sad thing about that is they are all street FAs that were not on the team prior to the off season except for Ware and Hatcher and both of those guys are injured. So these street FAs know they are playing week to week and are playing for another week and in some cases maybe another contract ala selvie and a couple of others. I think they know if they quit it could be their last shot in the NFL so they are still playing as well as they can. Even when playing as hard and as good as they can, they are not starters on other teams, heck there were not even deemed good enough to be back ups on other teams.

    As bad as this beat down was I still don't know if Jerry will pull the plug on Jason. It will have to take some more beat downs like last night in order for him to change. I know in his mind he will say...well we lost Waters, We have a patchwork of weekly changes on the D-line, We don't have spencer, ratliff and barely have ware and hatcher is hurting. We lose Lee. We got miles out...what I am saying is he will justifiy this due to injuries and give Jason more room...unless Jason and this team have another game or more like last night.

    So keep that in mind.

    Personally I am ready to move on without Jason. Scary thought is it CAN be worse without him and Jerry is a man who can find someone worse or as equally bad for this team. I could see him bringing in a Norv Turner.

    I am also worried we will not draft for the trenches. Two Olinemen in the last 3 years and that is a first but that might be pushing it. I think this next draft should be trenches only unless there is just no players worthy of the pick in a specific round. But I would imagine with the trenches you can find an offensive or defensive lineman that would be slotted for a pick in each round.

    I think Rod could do wonders with a higher draft pick or a middle to top end FA. If he can get these street FAs to play as good as he has (and I mean good as he has for their status) just imagine what he could do with some better talent. Of course that is if he is even here next year. Frankly he is one of the few I would like to see stay but I would not complain if a new HC is brought in and they wanted someone else...I doubt a new HC could ask for a better D line coach or DC if they wanted him for that.

    ok...I have rambled enough for now.

    So post your epic rant.
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  2. garrett316

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    Was a Garrett supporter, now think its time for him to go. What this team truly needs is to go 5-11, pick high in the draft, and turn over as much of the roster as possible.

    However, I have absolutely no confidence in the man picking the players for a rebuild. Really feel like there is no hope for the franchise. I guess Jerry could pick Zimmer ( my choice) or Lovie Smith and both are an upgrade, but the new coach inherits the same awful roster, terrible cap problems, and an overbearing owner and his incompetent son.
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  3. big dog cowboy

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    Just to add to this, we need to bring another GOOD safety at some point. But I want OL and DL early and often also.
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  4. IrishAnto

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    As long a Jerry continues along the path he been on these last 18+ years we can only brace ourselves for more of the same.

    This franchise was once famed for breaking records that made the rest of the NFL look on in envy.

    Now the records we break make us a laughing stock.
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  5. Bleu Star

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    Thanks for rambling. You took more time to highlight the things that urk me to no end. Strong read.
  6. Vintage

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    I think the defensive performance was poor, but not all that surprising.

    We essentially had a one legged Ware, and scrubs, starting on the DL. Injuries have mounted too high to recover. Then, we lose Lee. We are missing Claiborne and Wilcox in our secondary, forcing guys like Heath and Webb into extended roles.

    The zone defense cannot be effective without a pass rush. Which, we cannot muster with all the injuries.

    It's unrealistic to expect otherwise.

    I was not surprised by that.
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  7. BoysFan4ever

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    We are setting records defensively that are embarrassing.

    We need change now. Problem is Jerry is in charge. This is what you call football purgatory.
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  8. Bleu Star

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    Areas of concern:



    *The middle of our defense is open to the public 24/7. No admission required.

    Can we draft a HC?
  9. JakeCamp12

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    Something one has to consider when looking at the overall organization is are we doing the best we can at developing players? We say over and over about drafting for the trenches. We have drafted Oline and Dline just about every year. One question I always ask myself when we cut a guy that we drafted is this..."Was the guy not good enough and we completely missed on this guy, or did we have the right people around the player to get them to the next level?" I honestly think we do a lousy job of developing players and getting them in a scheme to maximize their talents. We seem to draft a lot of athletes or guys that can possibly play multiple positions (Oline or Dline) or we draft a third down back. Instead of drafting a solid running back to play all 3 downs, we draft a felix jones because he can share time with barber. What we are seeing is years of poor decisions are starting to catch up with the entire organization. We have an older core that have large contracts and the kids put around them seem to struggle when they are forced to step up. Carter looked lost last night. BW Webb spends all his time chasing his guy, Heath forgot how to tackle last night, the list goes on. If Lee being out causes the entire defense to fold up, then that should tell you something about our player development.
  10. munkee

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    Not really a silver lining, but at least last nights debacle made sense. Ryan personally knew the majority of the Cowboys personal on both offense and defense. He knew their tendencies and their weaknesses. He knew exactly how to shut down the offense and he knew what information to give Payton to annihilate an already vulnerable defense. The deck was stacked against the Cowboys and it's a common story when former coaches face their old teams. That said, this team is a mess. For me, I could give last night's performance a pass if it wasn't for this being yearly occurrence. As you nicely pointed out. Sadly, I feel we have another one coming this year. Either to the Packers, Washington or Philly. All it takes is for the defense to perform on par and the offense not to show up.
  11. CaptainMorgan

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    17 years 1 playoff win.

    Projected 31.5 million over the cap for 2014

    100 million invested in a franchise QB who is clearly losing it and of course nobody behind him waiting to take the raines.

    An aging oft injured core of players that have been career underachievers in the win loss column.

    Jason Garrett worst coach in the NFL. Monte Kiffin worst DC in the NFL.

    I see no reason to feel good about this team for the next several years at a minimum.
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  12. Hoov

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    Good post. I don't have a rant in me right now. This team just looked like they did not belong in the same league as the saints. Though the saints just lost to a rookie Qb.

    There just isn't enough talent on defense. I can't say kiffin should stay but I have no confidence that another coach could make a difference with the current players.

    Have no clue how the offense could perform so poorly. Dez was strategically taken out of the game but I don't know why no one else could step up. Maybe the league has seen something on tape of t Williams that has showed teams how to play him effectively with single coverage because he has really cooled down.

    Tony has become the check down Qb and throwing short on 3rd down and just looks apathetic about not converting 3rd downs. Did not see him get fired up or trying to rally the guys. Just looks like a guy that doesn't care as long as his name is not in the headlines for the loss due to an int.

    The only hope I have is that Ron Ryan coached the game of his life due to how much he wanted revenge against Dallas and that is why the offense looked so bad.

    Expectations are down. I'm not feeling angry because I just don't think there is some quick fix or change that is going to resolve the issues. There are too many.
  13. BrAinPaiNt

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    Let me add another thing or two...

    Yelling at Heath. Hard for me to rant and rave about the kid. He is a player from a small school that was not drafted and thrust into a position that he has no business playing right now. Of course he is going to struggle. He is this years Rob Petitti. A player that should not be starting but is forced to do so because of the FO's lack of ability to have proper starters or depth at the position for years. No need to yell at the kid...Yell at the FO. If we are lucky he gains some exp from this terrible year and maybe he winds up being quality depth down the road. But give the kid a break, it's not his fault, he is playing the best he can for now.

    This was a crap weekend and a half for me football wise. First my Mountaineers have a night game and a loss with the offense sputtering after losing it's starting QB but still should have won the game. Then in another night game my pro team gets slaughtered. Both are bad, you lose a game in OT that you shoulda/coulda won and then you turn around and lose a game you had no chance of winning. So I got the worst of both outcomes. Although I guess I could have been a Sooner fan and had both of my favorite football teams get blown out on the same weekend...either way I guess they both loss so it still stings no matter the way it happened.

    Oh and of course...

  14. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    I am just curious why people are so high on Zimmer as a head coach candidate?
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  15. Idgit

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    I wasn't either. It was obvious what was going to happen to our pass defense. The loss of Lee and Hatcher pretty much made it inevitable.

    I was surprised by how bad the rush defense was, though.

    And I fully expected more out of our passing offense tonight. This was a game where we were going to have to match the pace, and we obviously couldn't.
  16. VACowboy

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    I saw more than just a talent disparity last night. I saw guys not even trying. A high school team wouldn't have allowed Sproles to score on a 30-yard screen pass with the half winding down like Dallas did.
  17. CosmicCowboy

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    Can we draft a GM.....
  18. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    Well, when you head coach can't even manage his own offense and keep in play the clock management aspect, you could see how a team gives up.

    That is one thing that is not really being acknowledged amidst the anger and panic today.

    The team looked like it packed it in. And it started when we were down 21-10 and Garrett could not even manage to do enough on his end to ensure we had a chance to escape the half with the game somewhat within shouting distance.
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  19. BrAinPaiNt

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    By the same token we knew how Ryan game plans and runs his defense and we tried to use that knowledge to our gain and fell flat on our face doing so.
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  20. BrAinPaiNt

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    I think that is a good post. I would only say that if Rod can do what he has to get these cast offs to play, I think he could probably do better with better talent. Now, that does not mean he is a good talent evaulator as far as the draft goes so that might be a moot point I am making and only enforces yours. :-(

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