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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. ShiningStar

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    well good thing its just another good safety, problem solved. if you ignore all the other glaring problems.
  2. diehard2294

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    Good read BP

    As long as Jerry and son feel in THEIR minds we are close the same condition will always be here. We all know Jerry won't step down so prepare yourself for more of the same for years to come. He has played russian roulette with the OL and DL in consecutive years and both have backfired miserably. This team has issues from the top to the bottom and we are damaging the young guys now with a loser mentality. Oh and our scouting dept needs revamping
  3. fifaguy

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    there is still time for 5-11..
  4. dropdeadfred5

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    wrong. When you are giving up league records as regards yards, FDs, etc its not just talent. We have seen really top DC's do better with just as bad talent before. Frankly, late last season with Ryan as the DC we had just as many injuries and were doing better.
  5. EPL0c0

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    if that Chicago game last year got Rob Ryan fired, I have no idea how nobody gets fired after giving up 2 600+yd games, 5 400+yd QBs (yes, I'm putting Brees in here despite being 8yds short) through 10 games.

    Total Defense at Season's end:
    2009: #9: #20 passing, #4 rushing, 15.6pts/g, 21 takeaways
    2010: #23: #26 passing, #12 rushing, 27.3pts/g, 30 takeaways

    2011: #14: #23 passing, #7 rushing, 21.7pts/g, 25 takeaways
    2012: #19: #19 passing, #22 rushing, 25pts/g, 16 takeaways

    Kiffin (10games):
    2013: #32: #32 passing, #31 rushing, 25.8pts/g, 22 takeaways

    Maybe it's not the coaching. Maybe Jerry needs to finally admit that it's the players as much if not more than it's the coaching. They're the one constant. But admitting that the players that HE picked are the problem means HE is the root of the problem.
  6. Double Trouble

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    Expecting the Cowboys to lose? Reasonable.

    Expecting them to set an NFL record for giving up 1st downs? Expecting them to give up 600 yds once again? Expecting them to give up 49 points for only like the 3rd time in team history?

    Please link the pre-game post where you were expecting these things.

  7. Beast_from_East

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    Garrett is pure trash at this point. He has embarrassed this franchise beyond belief. To be setting NFL records every week for futility is just laughable

    Wade got fired after his beat down, so why is Opie still here?
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  8. Doc50

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    So, we have 2 weeks before the next game.

    I just don't see how the coaching can be revamped in that short period.

    This time we don't have anyone to promote from within, unless Marinelli would take the DC position. (doubtful)
    I doubt Callahan would have any support for HC.
    If we need HC and OC at the very least, who are those people going to be?
    Does JJ actually have someone waiting in the wings?
    Would anyone in their right mind take over this mess mid-season?

    An outside coach would want to rebuild procedures, personnel, attitudes, schemes.......the whole identity.
    You can't do that without an offseason, a draft, and a camp.
  9. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    A through trashing can be expected. Not an ALL TIME NFL record/franchise record beating.

    People are so wrapped up in the injury excuse they are really not even coming to grips with the all time bad this defense really is.

    Not even 1-15 teams did this. But let's talk about injuries some more so we ignore that fact.
  10. Sasquatch

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    I appreciate the sober assessment. The extreme reaction to this game strikes me as the product of disappointed false hope although I have to concede that the beating we took yesterday is proof positive that we are a mediocre team and years away from contending for anything of significance, which is extremely depressing given how long this franchise has been stuck in purgatory as one astute fan called it in one of these threads.
  11. MonsterD

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    Not epic or much of a rant but we had the worst pass defense coming into this game in Cowboys history, and somewhere in NFL history pretty high up there. People expected us to go up against one of the most prolific passing offenses in NFL history probably nothing can come close to that except for Manning led offenses, and come out shutting that down?

    I don't understand how this riled up the outrage, either outrage was there before or you were a casual fan and didn't know.

    Even with Church,Allen/Wilcox,Caliborne, Carr all healthy AND a D-line that was not horrible the Giants killed the stuffing out of us in the pass game, this was just business as usual.
  12. Clove

    Clove Shrinkage

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    I've been on this board nearly a decade, and I've never seen the mods so down on the team as now. You know things are bad. Typically, Mods are the definition of blind homer, but I've seen mods and Admins, go off on this team. I wish we could get the fans that show up to games to turn their backs on Jones too. Losing money makes him listen.
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  13. Vintage

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    I fully understand how bad this defense is. If by watching the games, one couldn't grasp that... then certainly all the statistics they've shared during telecasts illustrates that.

    And, no, I'm still not shocked. And I won't be shocked if it gets worse if Lee is out.
  14. Tobal

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    The defense is decimated, and had unknowns at safety and the Dline maybe even the player don't fit, but I think if you had Spencer, Ware, and Hatcher you'd be ok..... So I get that we are a bad defense. I understand it, I can see it.... I don't accept it as ok though

    I don't understand what is wrong with the offense, my biggest fear is that Romo is just done. He just doesn't look like that same guy anymore. I think the creativity and adjustments by the offense are the worst I've ever seen.

    This should not have been a surprise to anyone... outside of the Denver game what has this offense done??????

    The defense has reached all new lows each time they face a good QB, it just gets worse, than the game before.

    I've been a supporter of the process, but I think it's time to look else where.
  15. Dallyjake

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    Bottom Line: This Team should be better. The Jones Braintrust wont look in the mirror as they are too busy counting the money in the bank. Until the fans stop buying tickets and merch we will be stuck at AVG/Mediocre. Jerry not concerned with winning...more concerned with having the best looking and most profitable franchise. We dont need millions of dollars worth of Artwork. We dont need the mother of all stadiums with the biggest TV. Last I checked, the NFL awards the Lombardi trophy to the team that wins the tournament. We need a team that can compete in the tournament. 1 playoff win in 17 years tells me the focus and direction of this team took a wrong turn long ago. When will they turn around and go back to building a team from the trenches? These games are won at the line of scrimmage. If you can protect the passer and run the ball...If you can stop the run and rush the passer...you have the makings of a tournament ready team.
  16. BrAinPaiNt

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    Couple more things.

    I think Jason knows he does have the same amount of job security as he once had.
    I just do not believe he would have called on onside kick at that time of the game unless he was secure as he used to be or still felt as secure.
    He is a conservative coach by nature and I think that was one of the...hey I gotta try something moments.

    HOWEVER my next point/observation is at odds with my one above, seems this team is making me have a split personality of sorts...

    I don't recall this team just running the ball to end a game. It was not just some players giving up. That was the HC giving up.
    Running the ball at that stage of the game was nothing more than trying to bleed the clock and get the game to end as soon as possible. Some could argue it was to keep Romo from getting hurt but if that was the case he could have had Orton step in. Some can argue that he did that to try and surprise the saints and possibly get some good yardage, again if that was the case they would not have continued to do it for a good bit.

    Nope...that was a coach giving up the game right there and wanting it over.

    At least that is what I seen.
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  17. MichaelWinicki

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    I'm not tied emotionally enough to this team to rant about it.

    The emotional attachment was beaten out of me a long time ago.

    That being said if it's not going to be a 10-6 team, then let it be a 5-11 team, and force some meaningful changed on some folks– if they like it or not.
  18. WoodysGirl

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    Well, mods are fans too and sometimes that gets lost when folks want to bash the team and/or the site. The staff is not a monolithic entity. Some have more favorable views of the team and some do not. Some are more vocal with their views and some are not. Either way, the opinions expressed by the staff aren't exactly new to the rest of the staff. Occasionally, we have to provide a beacon of light in a pool of insanity and suppress our opinions or share our views elsewhere just to maintain the site.

    Just saying all is never what it seems... :cool:
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  19. Blast From The Past

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    What bothers me is this team can't make up it's mind on whether it's a running team or a passing team or a balanced team. No identity what so ever. The offense can't run a effective screen to save their life, Dunbar would be great at this I would think and speaking of this young man what happened to all the early hype on getting Dunbar the ball out in space where he could use his quickness to his advantage? He hardly sees the field. Why isn't Dez sent into motion or moved around? Also has Romo decided to curve int's by throwing the ball low or away even when we are far behind? The gunslinger mentality he used to display looks like it is in the past. Some find joy in that but I for one do not. This playbook stinks and has no creativity to it.

    The defense has a ton of injuries while Jerry can't use that as an excuse less he be massacred I can and I will. No coordinator in the history of the NFL could make these rookies and street free agents play any better than they have. In the salary cap era depth of any significance can't just be purchased just like that and the depth has to be distributed to the right positions but being that no one owns a crystal ball with insight into the future no one ever really knows beforehand what positions are going to need more depth. We've been snake bit for two years in a row with an ungodly amount of injuries to key players. The football Gods have seen fit to decimate the Cowboys with hamstring and other injuries by far, more than other teams.

    I hated the game last night. I turned it off in the 4th quarter.....haven't done that no matter the score in years. Ultimately Jason Garret as the Captain of the ship is the one responsible.
  20. Fletch

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    Two words. MATT JOHNSON! His return will bring a championship next year.

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