My Experience at the Linc

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by Byrdman1531, Nov 15, 2005.

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    First of I would like to mention that I had a thread earlier about if I should wear my Cowboy gear to the game but I bailed at the last second, and it was a very good idea.

    You cannot put into words how bad the Eagles fans are. They take it WAY to personal and it goes WAY beyond watching a football game. Sure ill mess with my friends who are Eagles fans but they take it way to far.

    Two guys near me wore a Cowboys shirt and a Bill Bates jersey and they didnt last till halftime, they had to leave cuase they couldnt take it, CONSTANT cursing and shoving and they couldnt take it. The person 2 rows in front of him made a remark about Bates being dead for so many years and something about his di** and his mom but i cannot remember clearly. But back to the game.

    From what I saw we looked horrible and we played like that all game. Six minutes left in the fourth quarter after the EAgles picked up we left. Partially becuase Dallas had no chance and the other part was two guys behind us screaming at the top of their lungs "DALLAS SUCKS, DALLAS SUCKS" for probably all of the fourth quarter NONSTOP.

    So we left along with ALOT of people who knew the game was over. By the time we got to the car we turned on the radio and heard, "If dallas can hit the extra point, they will take the lead". I was speechless, I did not know if it was a joke someone was playing but there was no way i believed waht was happening but sure enough they came back.

    I still cannot get over how I could have witnessed one of the best comebacks in YEARS for the Cowboys becuase of the Fans around me. Man I wish i could talk to those guys behind me NOW.

    But to sum it up, Eagles fans are classeless, and I made a very very stupid mistake.

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    I saw the same thing. I saw the fans physically and verbally harrassed the entire game. It really is an embarrassment. I know most Cowboys fans would identify the Redskins as our most hated rival, but for me, it will always be the Eagles, and it's because of their fans.
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    Yup, that about sums up my experience in the Vet a few years back.......... :mad: Glad you made it out of there in one piece.
  4. SA_Gunslinger

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    agree and agree.

    it's just not worth it, to go to the game in philly. and it's just as satisfying to watch a win like that on tv and take it to the fans all week away from that awful scene that is gameday at the Linc.

    i'd rather go to wash, ny, or fly to dallas...nothing compares to the ridiculous crap that is tolerated here.

    it's a joke.
  5. CaptainAmerica

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    Ya gotta stay til the end. Of course that's easy for me to stay sitting at home and you in that forsaken place!l

    When the Eagles were driving and the score was 17-7, I was telling my son you gotta fight here if your the defense because at 20-7 you at least are still in the game.

    When they kicked the FG to go up by 13 on Monday Night, in the back of your mind you just had to wonder if this wasn't deja vu, in reverse.
  6. Byrdman1531

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    yea its just i had an hour ride home and has class the next day at 7:00, It's unfourtunate
  7. MrPhil

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    I think its time to update your sig line....... :starspin
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    True story...

    This was my fourth year in Philly for the Cowboys game. I know what it is like and my friend and his dad came to the game this year. We were on our way to the tailgate party in the parking lot when he and his dad (who were wearing Cowboys hats, sweatshirts, and coats) fell behind. His dad was ahead of him and he was jumped by what he said were about two dozen Eagles fans. They took him to the ground and beat him. In the process they dumped beer all over him and burned his Cowboys hat right in front of him. It was a Cowboys sideline cap that he just bought two days before.

    It was really bad and he was bleeding all over. He had multiple lacerations on his face and ear. He was bruised badly and his hand was hurt from defending himself.

    There was some good to come from it. They went into the game early to have him attended to by the medical staff. They cleaned him up and gave him some dry clothes (Eagles shirt, but it was free) and they hooked him up with club box seating.
  9. CanadianCowboysFan

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    That is terrible. In the games I have gone to in Seattle, I have never faced anything of the sort, even last year when the Cowboys broke Seattle's heart.

    EagleFan is psychotic, no ifs ands or buts about it.
  10. jem88

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    Did you guys see any of the specimens the ABC cameras were picking up last night? Definately the ugliest fans around.
  11. Chocolate Lab

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    That's completely disgusting.

    What's worse is, those idiot fans are probably proud as can be, and are bragging about it to their co-workers.

    They should put Eagles and Raiders fans into a neutral stadium, lock the doors, and let them take themselves out.
  12. Novacek84

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    I had similar experiences with these clowns they call fans down there at the Vet a few years back and that's why last night's win was so sweet and why the Eagles (because of their fans) will always be most-hated for me.
  13. ddh33

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    Philly fans really do earn their reputations. They booed a man laying on the field motionless as his career was coming to a close. We all remember them booing Santa. They even booed their native son, Kobe Bryant in a meangingless All-star game (before his problems).

    The weird thing is that they seem to take pride in that, as though it makes them better fans. To me, it's a shame.
  14. fortdick

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    This is a shame! Why doesn't the league do something about this situation? If a fan cannot go to a game without risking harrassment or harm, I would think that a discrimination suit could be brought against the Eagles organization. Stranget things are in court all the time.

    I work at a prison as an administrator, I once got sued by a convict because I transferred his cellmate to another prison. He claimed I broke up their common law marraige! No ****! It got into court!

    Anyway, why can't the Eagles organization be held liable for creating an unsafe and hostile environment?
  15. AmericasTeam31

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    I did see quite a few of those "ugly people." Try a stadium full of them. Every where you turned you were surrounded by ugliness.
  16. Novacek84

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    Here's a quote for all of you to ponder and enjoy that I made up after watching the events unfold last night: "There is no sight sweeter than watching Eagles fans filing out of their stadium in stunned silence." (Especially after a Cowboys win!)
  17. SA_Gunslinger

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    totally pathetic.

    and they are proud of that stuff. i hear stories all the time.
  18. Byrdman1531

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    There was a guy on the jumbo tron i think who had a blonde wig on and was wearing make-up, either that, or it actually was a girl. But it was one ugly mofo
  19. AmericasTeam31

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    Yeah and all the fans in our section were pissed because the guy in the Kearse jersey got in the way of her/him/it.
  20. Avery

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    I'd be pissed if my team had the longest streak of no championships in the four major sports.

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