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Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by Teren_Kanan, Aug 29, 2013.

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    I should probably just rename my team from the Bravosi Titans (we all using Game of Thrones names) to the Dallas Cowboys, 'cause that's basically who I have.

    12 Man PPR league.

    QB: Tony Romo
    RB1: LeSean McCoy
    RB2: Demarco Murray
    WR1: Dez Bryant
    WR2: Wes Welker
    TE: Tony Gonzalez
    Flex: Pierre Garcon
    Defense: Ravens
    K: Blair Walsh

    Benjarvus Green-Ellis RB
    Kenny Britt WR
    Bryce Brown RB
    Roy Helu RB
    Michael Floyd WR
    Josh Freeman QB

    I was 12th pick, so while I always got to pick 2 in a row, I had a LONG wait after my two picks. I got some awesome value for a few of my players. As much as I like having Demarco Murray on the team, he is the only pick that I really regret. . I needed a second RB pretty bad, and by the time it got to my 3rd/4th pick the only really decent picks for RB was Sproles and Murray. I wanted Sproles so bad but the guy before me got him, so I had to go with Murray. HATE having the RB and #1 WR from the same team, but he was by far the best value at that spot. I might look to trade him.

    Dez/LeSean were my #1#2 picks, and then Tony Romo practically fell into my lap. Witten was there when I drafted TE but I just couldn't do it as much as my homer screamed for me to.

    Ah well, Guess I'm going to ride or die with my 'Boys this year.
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    Same thing happened to me. PPR league.

    I picked at 10.

    My first pick was Dez followed by AJ Green.

    By the time I got to running backs it was Murray and Sproles left.

    I picked Murray first. Sproles was still there on the snake so picked him up too.

    Hopefully Murray stays healthy this year.
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    I'm suprised McCoy was still there at 12 in a PPR format. You got lucky there.
    I may have gone with Forte (if he was there) at 13 though, because, as you said, the RB get real thin quickly. WRs are very deep.
    Good luck
  4. Teren_Kanan

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    Yeah McCoy falling to me was amazing, I even felt good about getting Dez that late. Too many QB's were drafted early imo.
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    I picked 10 in a 14 team league and went with L. McCoy in the 1st, AJ Green in the 2nd, Andre Johnson in the 3rd, Eddie Lacy in the 4th and was lucky enough to have Tom Brady sitting there in the 5th. Then turned around and Eric Decker was sitting there in the 6th - - very happy with this team - - - sorry to hijack your thread.
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