My favorite thing about this draft...

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Chuck 54, Apr 28, 2012.

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    I know we gave up a 2nd rounder and didn't find a starting center, but you can't find everything in one draft, and the bottom line is our defense needed drastic changes. We cut folks that have been faces on defense; and in both free agency and the draft, we brought in competitive guys so far, some to start, some to mix in the rotation, and some maybe just to compete in camp.

    But have no doubt about it, in addition to trying to improve the talent on defense, a definite MESSAGE has been received by every player on that side of the ball....step it up big time to start, and you aren't even guaranteed a roster spot if these rookies get close.

    Regardless of playing time for all these rookies, I expect a significantly better defense this fall.
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    I agree with you, here. We've made our secondary (a weakness), into a STRENGTH. Young, and super-talented. It's legit now. Maybe the best in the NFCE. We'll see.

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