My Final 2012 Mock Draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by sureletsrace, Apr 24, 2012.

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    Usually, when I do a mock draft, I create it based upon what I would like the team to do. This one, I am going to take a shot at what I think they will actually do, assuming they stay put. I'm using CBSSports prospect rankings for this and will not be taking anyone more than 5-7 spots behind where they are ranked.

    14- Michael Brockers, DT, LSU - He will be there, and the Cowboys will hop on him. This is a scary player in my opinion given his large boom or bust potential. The Cowboys organization is tired of watching the NY Giants win Superbowl after Superbowl because of their fearsome defensive line, and Jerry Jones along with some sweet talking from Rob Ryan makes the final decision on this pick.

    45- Josh Robinson, CB, UCF - Insurance and competition for Mike Jenkins. The Cowboys have tied up a lot of money into the CB position with extending Orlando Scandrick and signing Brandon Carr. I have a feeling Mike Jenkins will not be around next year, and this will be his replacement. His measurables are through the roof, and although Janoris Jenkins is sitting there available, the Cowboys opt to not go with the character concerns -however small they may be- that go along with him.

    81- Tyrone Crawford, DE/OLB, Boise State - The other Boise State rusher. He's eerily similar to Anthony Spencer, although he offers slightly more in the pass-rushing department and slightly less in the pass-coverage. Very stout against the run. Will spell Anthony on pass rushing situations and learn from him. Replaces Anthony next year.

    113- Brandon Hardin, CB/FS, Oregon State - The typical 4th round project pick. Has excellent measurables, being 6'3" 217lbs and ran a 4.43 40 at the Oregon State pro day. Also showed impressive explosiveness with a 10'4" broad jump and 35.5" vertical. Could end up as a legitimate coverage free safety. Played all 38 of his career starts at CB, but obviously projects best as a free safety. This is where the Cowboys usually roll the dice, and I think they do it on Hardin.

    135- Senio Kelemete, OG, Washington - Good size and surprising agility. Would do well as a guard in a zone-blocking system. Does well in space, and looks for another man to block when his initial block is finished. Needs to add strength.

    152- Hebron Fangupo, DT, BYU - Big bodied typical nose tackle. He plays the run very well, and is just an animal in the trenches. Called a nightmare for offensive linemen to handle. He can draw the double team just because of his raw strength to blow his man up. Has conditioning and durability concerns, so he is brought in as relief to Josh Brent.

    186- Coryell Judie, CB, Texas A&M - Decent size and good speed for the position. Has received praise from Texas A&M coaches regarding his dedication to football and his rise from track star to cornerback. Has potential as a blitzer, which Rob Ryan loves.

    222- Drew Butler, P, Georgia - Punter is a big question mark right now for the Cowboys, and they assure themselves of the second-best punter in the draft, rather than chancing it to undrafted free-agency. He's got the leg to get a long hang-time, and the accuracy to pin opponents inside the 10 or make the coffin corner punt time after time.

    Tear it apart. Just remember, you heard it here first.
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    I like it as time grows short for the pick Brockers seems to be making a comeback, love the Robinson pick in the second or one of the OG's that will probably slip. Still have my wish bone ready in case Hightower is the pick.
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    I'm nervous about the Brockers pick as well. Best case scenario? He's the next JPP type of talent, and can play every position on the DLine. Worst case scenario? He does nothing.
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    Bumping for more input before the big day.
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    We were 6th against the rush last year.

    We really need another run stuffing DE that cant sniff the QB.:rolleyes:
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    Again, this is based on what I think the cowboys will do, not what I want them to do. Don't shoot the messenger!

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