My Final Mock Draft RDs. 1 thru 4 Enjoy!!!

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Charles, Apr 20, 2005.

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    1st RD. 11th.After all the smoke clears, once again the Cowboys have the opportunity to select the best defensive player in the draft………Texas Longhorn LB Derrick Johnson.


    The rap Derrick Johnson is getting leading up to the draft is similar to how Terrel Suggs and Roy Williams were portrayed. Their dominant and consistent playmaking ability during their collegiate careers appeared to be getting lost in all the minimal negatives. Terrel Suggs was knocked down a beg because he ran slow at the Underwear Olympics and he got into a minor scuffle. Roy Williams arguably the best NFL player in the 2002 draft was considered a reach in the top 10 because he played the safety position and wasn’t a great cover corner.
    So far Derrick Johnson can’t shed Olinemen, he’s more of sideline to sideline LB…..the negatives somewhat overshadow Derrick’s abilities just watch him play. Derrick Johnson pairs up with Safety Roy Williams to give the Cowboys the ability to shut down the run and put pressure on the QB.

    1st RD. 20th or lower1st pick via trade OT Jammal Brown Oklahoma / or TE Heath Miller Virginia

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I believe the Cowboys will stay put and field offers. The can’t go wrong at this point because not only can they draft the best player available but it would also address a need at certain positions. They could easily get one of the top players at the following positions Olinemen, TE, Safety, DT or DE. I think the Cowboys want to trade down a couple of spots plus get a mid 2nd because the Dlineman ranked higher i.e. Marcus Spears and Eramus James will be off the board.

    2nd RD. 42nd – FS Brodney Pool Oklahoma. .


    The Cowboys have no one behind Roy Williams and Keith Davis on the safety chart worth mentioning. The Cowboys select the 2nd best Safety in the draft in the mid 2nd getting great value for BPA and address a depth chart need for an additional DB that can cover in the secondary.

    Mid 2nd RD acquired from trade down DE Jason Tuck Notre Dame .


    The only thing surprising about this pick is that most fans and mediots are surprised that Parcells would select a player no one had on their radar. He’s a versatile DE. Parcells finds his Willie McGinest clone. He looks more like Charles Haley than Demarcus Ware. He even has the neck guard. The Cowboys go back to the Notre Dame fishing well that work out great the year before in the Julius Jones pick. Jason Tuck arguably the most intelligent DE in the draft.

    4th RD. 109th ( or trade up into 3rd RD.) Maurice Clarett RB Ohio State

    A picture is worth a thousand words

    I think the Cowbyos will some how package this 4th RD pick with another pick to move up into the 3rd RD and select Clarett.

    5th thru. 7th RD. IMHO are crap shots.
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    I respect your opinions, but think some of these picks will be gone the time we draft.
    I certainly don't have a problem with this happening, it would be great. I just don't think we will be able to take these players where you have them going....specifically Johnson and Pool.
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    dont see Tuck being there in the "middle 2nd round" either.
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    I thought one of DJ's knocks was that he WASN'T as good as getting to the QB as Merriman or Ware? If true, how does he really help us get to the QB?
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    No way we select Clarett in the 3rd, if at all.
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    Just how do you trade down at #20 a couple of spots and get a mid 2nd round pick? :rolleyes:

    Nice try to sneak Miller in there by using, "But we got Miller and Tuck with a trade down."
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    dont think there's a snowballs chance in hell they take a TE in round one, probably safe to say they wont take one on day one (I do think they might use a late rd pick on a developmental TE to compete for the 3rd TE spot)

    dont think they'll take Derrick Johnson, because he isnt a dominant pass rusher and never will be...good 4-3 weakside OLB, but not a player thats going to change games or dictate gameplans...

    Justin Tuck and Brodney Pool will both probably be late 1st or very early 2nd rd picks

    I seriously doubt the Cowboys have Maurice Clarett on their draft board, and they definitely wouldnt be stupid enough to trade up and get him on day one


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