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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Vintage, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. Vintage

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    I suck at these things....

    I'd like to see something like:

    22. Early Doucet
    28. Chris Johnson
    2. Tracy Porter
    3. Jack Ikegwuonu
    4. Bruce Davis
    5. Tommy Blake
    6. Developmental QB
    7. BPA

    Early Doucet would give us a #2 next year (possibly beating out Crayton) and at worse, give us a good #3 and a better trio than Owens, Crayton, and Hurd. Jones wanted impact, I think Doucet would give Romo another viable option.

    Johnson is a breakaway player and give us some explosiveness at the RB position to team up with Barber

    Porter gives us an athletic playmaking CB. He is fast, agile, and sticks to his WR pretty well a la Newman.

    Ike. Might seem a bit much in going back to back CBs, but I think it would serve us well. We need at least 2 new CBs this year. And Ike would give us a tall, physical CB to pair up with the athletic tandem of Newman and Porter. He'd be a younger version of Henry. Hopefully a healthier version too.

    Davis. We'd convert him to ILB. He'd give us a good pass rush from the ILB position and maybe in a couple of year push for a starting role. At any rate, if we move Carpenter in the offseason, we will need depth at ILB. And if Burnett leaves via FA the following year, we are going to want someone in there with a year or so of experience to make continual deep playoff runs.

    Blake had a very down year. But I think we would be well served to draft another OLB on day two to groom a pass rusher to backup Ware/Spencer as well as get him in on packages with Ware and Spencer. Ellis is almost done and could end up being moved in the offseason with his continual complaints. We are going to need to groom someone. Id rather work on that now as opposed to later. Again, it probably seems a bit much to go back to back LBer picks...but when you run a 3-4, you need quality depth. And the reality of it is, behind Ware and Ellis Spencer and nothing else.
  2. LatinMind

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    i like the guy but word is the guy doesnt have that exra gear. is he a product of the team he plays for?

    that and he cant seem to stay healthy. sounds like a no-no to me
  3. clevan2136

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    The Tommy Blake issue is interesting, I live in the metroplex and they {media/coaching staff} kept his issues under wraps for quite awhile. I will be interested to see how far down draft boards he will fall. He was a dominant player????
  4. theogt

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    If I knew we could get Ike and Porter at those spots, I'd love it. But we can't know that and I'd be scared ****less (or just plain pissed) not taking one of Cason/Jenkins/McKelvin at #22.

    But I like that you're thinking outside the box.
  5. Bob Sacamano

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    I like it, although I don't think Ike lasts till late 3rd

    Scott Wright has him in the top 10 among CBs
  6. iceberg

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    i wouldn't mind seeing felix jones get drafted by us. just think, julius goes bye bye and felix comes in, takes #21 and all 3 of the jones #21 jerseys are still good again!
  7. batman36

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    Iceberg, Felix, Julius and whose the third Jones?

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