My First Dallas Draft Of 2007

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Cogan, Jan 7, 2007.

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    1. #27-Jamaal Anderson, DE, Arkansas, 6-6, 280, 4.9. BP & Zim have been praying for a pass-rushing DE to come from Spears or Canty. Instead, he comes from the draft. Anderson had 13.5 sacks, 19.5 TFL, & 26 QB hurries going up against some of the best teams in the SEC. He had 3 sacks each against Tennessee & Wisconsin. With that kind of size & sack ability, we can't afford not to draft him. The biggest problem I forsee is Anderson racing up the board & out of the Cowboys' reach. If so, I would then go with Victor Abiamiri, DE, Notre Dame, 6-4, 275, 4.75, who had 8 sacks last season, & 11 this year.

    2. #55-Justin Blalock, OT/OG, Texas, 6-4, 330, 5.25. With all of the excellent Jr. talent becoming eligible for the draft, OGs are usually the first to fall, (I hope!). Blalock is a solid technician with a mean streak & plays to the whistle.

    3. #87-Manuel Ramirez, OG/OC, Texas Tech, 6-4, 340, 5.30. The biggest weakness by far on this team has been the interior of the offensive line. Time to remedy that. With a solid wall in front of him & better talent blowing open larger holes for the RBs, Tony Romo will be able to utilize his enormous talent. Ramirez has played almost every position on the OL & is a powerhouse. He is one of the strongest players in the draft, with a bench press of #550. He is one of the main reasons Tech's offense, once again, was right up there at the top of Div I College in production.

    4. #119-J.D. Nelson, FS, Oregon, 5-11, 215, 4.50. Tremendous athlete with an incredible 44.5 vertical leap, great speed & power. Plays with intense passion every play with great anticipation. Good tackler & hard hitter. We need to keep grabbing FSs until the jury is not out on the one we have-Watkins.

    5. #151-Joel Filani, WR, Texas Tech, 6-3, 222, 4.6. Not a burner, yet caught 90 passes for 1,300 yds. & 13 TDs. Combine that with last season, when Filani had 65, 1,007, & 8 TDs and you see consistently great production.

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    Blalock won't be there that late.
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    I agree with that, but it WOULD be nice
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    you never know w/ Olineman, esp. OGs
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    Only OGs that are considered sure things will go high; cannot remember the last GUARD to go in the first rd.
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    I dont remember if there were any last year, but Shawn Andrews was the year before. He has been a stud for Philly. I would take Blalock with our first and wouldn't bat an eye.
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    Guards that can't play tackle slip to the second round. Guards that can also project to tackle will be gambled on in the first round with thoughts that if they don't work out at one position they could be moved to the other.

    Blalock was an all-american tackle at Texas who teams want to move inside, but he could be just as effective at Tackle.

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