My I Can't Wait to Find Out if Dez Was Really Arrested or Not Mock

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Hostile, Jan 16, 2012.

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    Catchy title huh?

    I don't have the patience to argue over a rumor right now. Besides it looks like there are enough combatants and I don't want in.

    So instead I want to talk about football. Besides the Draft is only 101 days away. In 2 days we live triple digits.

    I absolutely re-sign Robinson. He is the only UFA I absolutely want back, though I am not at all opposed to Sammy Morris getting another shot if he wants one. I am also bringing back Alan Ball for depth and Special Teams coverage duties, and Frank Walker for veteran leadership and depth.

    I'd like Spencer back, but think it may be time to move on.

    There is also 1 RFA I want back, Tony Fiammetta. I bring back all 3 of the 4 Exclusive Rights Free Agents. Holley, Parnell, and Geathers.

    I let the following players go.

    • Keith Brooking (UFA)
    • Bradie James (UFA)
    • Anthony Spencer (UFA)
    • Terence Newman (Salary Cap casualty)
    • Mat McBriar (UFA)
    • David Buehler (I understand the strategy but the rookie kicked off well enough)
    • Kyle Kosier (Salary Cap casualty)
    • Montrae Holland (UFA)
    • Derrick Dockery (UFA)
    • Martellus Bennett (UFA)
    • Kevin Ogetree (RFA)
    • Chris Griesen (RFA)
    • Chauncey Washington (ERFA)
    Jon Kitna, of course is retiring. I'd be very tempted to let McGee go too.

    I believe that totals 16 players not counting McGee which is probably too much at QB to do at this point.

    In Free Agency I sign these players.

    Carl Nicks (UFA)
    Jason Campbell (UFA)
    Laron Landry (UFA)
    D'Qwell Jackson (UFA)
    Lardarius Webb (UFA)

    I flip Free and Smith, and move Ratliff to DE.

    Then I Draft these kids.

    #14. David DeCastro, OG, Stanford, 6'5", 315. No one is ever going to convince me this guy is not right for this team. As good as the Triplets were, the OL of the 90's team is why we were a dynasty. We even have jersey #52 available for the man. I start him right away at RG.

    #45. Vinny Curry, OLB, Marshall, 6'3", 260.
    He starts at SOLB from day one. 12 sacks, 16 QB pressures. He loves to push blockers into QBs or RBs.

    #83. Kawann Short, NT, Purdue, 6'3", 310. He is strong, and he likes the physical game at the line. That is his element. Has great hands to beat off blockers. Gets the job done. Starts for me at NT.

    #114. Michael Brewster, C, Ohio State, 6'4", 305. Yet again, a player that starts for me right away. I believe he is already better than Kowalski and Costa, so yes one of them would also be leaving or heading to the PS.

    #145. Rhett Ellison, TE, USC, 6'5", 250. Has the work ethic that Bennett lacked. Fills a need.

    #176. Dwight Bentley, CB, Louisiana Lafayette, 5'10", 180. Do not let his size fool you. This kid uses speed and he likes to scrap for the football. Small school sleeper to remember.

    6th round comp pick...Ryan Broyles, WR, Oklahoma, 5'10", 190. He's fearles in the middle. A lot like Wes Welker in that regard, but has more speed than Welker. Not saying he will be that good, just that he is worth the risk. Certainly should be better than O-tree.

    #207. Dante Paige-Moss, OLB, North Carolina, 6'4", 260. He's making a mistake coming out. A bigger mistake would be not going after a kid this talented late. Let him sit a year if need be.
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    I like it.

    Like all the cuts.

    Only problem is, Newman shouldn't be considered a "cap casualty".

    He's a flat out cut based on inability and putrid performance.

    Good work though.

    O-Tree, Spencer and Bennett are all good moves.
  3. MarionBarberThe4th

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    Practice Squad: players can't have an accrued season of NFL experience (six or more games on a team's 53-man roster, injured reserve or PUP list), unless they were on the active list (i.e. were dressed to play) for fewer than nine regular season games during their only accrued season(s)
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    I would absolutely love for this to happen. Any mock that has DeCastro in it is fine with me. In order to beat good offenses (saints, packers, pats) you need to keep the ball away from them and we have the rbs. We just need OL to go with it. I think our defense will be better next year with an offseason. I'm incline to go with Brandon Carr, FA CB from the Chiefs. Don't know how much it will cost though. Also the only thing I would change on your mock that if we did not get Curry, I would try to get Shea Mclean(spelling?) DE out of Boise St. I would get him in the 4th rd though. From what I read about him, I would love to get him on our team some how. Overall, this was a very good FA and draft.
  5. RS12

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    No complaints on this at all. Like pick number 3 alot.
  6. jnday

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    Love this mock and the free agent moves . I would say it is too good to be true .
  7. Zaxor

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    me no like....

    if you are going to sign Nicks than I don't want DeCastro...rather an impact player on Defense..

    I think Arkin, Nagy, Kowolski get (and earned) a shot at filling the last spot.
  8. casmith07

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    Sorry, but pass rush (and negating it) is the name of the game. I want two top-flight guards this year.
  9. Dash28

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    Yeah it would be horrible to have the oline fixed.
  10. supercowboy8

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    If Dez was really arrested wouldn't ESPN have been all over this by now?
  11. Gaede

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    Great job, Hos.

    Love the free agency pickups, especially Jackson (loved him in the draft a few years back)

    Also really like the Brewster and Curry picks...I think Curry has a ton of potential, like Ware. He's got such great initial quickness, explosion and body control
  12. Dcowboy84

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    i've been thinking the same thing for the last few hours.

    nice mock Hos...

    question...are you drafting Decastro no matter what else is there or are you making the assumption that guys like Kirkpatrick, Ingram, Upshaw, etc are gone already?

    i love the pick but if 2 of those other guys are still available i'd have to think about it.

    if they are all available is Decastro still your pick or no?
  13. KevinU

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    Nice mock, Hos.

    I agree with the list of players leaving. I love the first 4 picks, however I am unfamiliar with the others. I have been behind the curve with the draft candidates.

  14. cbow44

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    I would say if we resign Robinson then we do not need to waste a pick on a wide receiver. But if we could get Ryan Broyles in the 6th then I make an exception . I would like to find away to get more db's.
  15. ndanger

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    I like it Hos......a lot. That Ryan Broyles kid is gonna be a good one. I watched very game he played in and the kid has skilz.
  16. RS12

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    So Hostile, does this mock put you in the Rat to DE camp, or just getting better in trenches all together.
  17. texbumthelife

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    Haven't read up on this kid but if this is accurate, I like it. I want a power, bull-rushing OLB on the strong side. Someone with and endless motor and tenacity. I will have to look this kid up now.

    I really do not want Landry though. If it meant missing out on a couple of the other guys, i would be ok with it if in turn we got Griffin.
  18. Hostile

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    He wasn't arrested. He was detained because he was in a fight. No charges filed. No word on who started it or over what.
  19. JonJon

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    I tend to avoid Dez threads nowadays. They are always filled with posters jumping the gun making knee jerk reactions, and making idiotic statements. No need to get involved in that.

    As for the mock, I love the first 5. Nicks along with DeCastro and Brewster would set this line up for success for years to come. Who wouldn't be happy with that? Someone on these forums will find a fault, I'm sure.

    Curry is really starting to stand out to me. I love his motor and aggressiveness. Spencer had the skill set but seemed too lackadaisical and sporadic at times to me. Curry seems more consistent, which is what we need.

    Short is an excellent find. This kid could be a star in a few years, especially if he has help on the line. He is a NT that can generate a pass rush, which is rare.
  20. Hostile

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    If I had the 5 pick I'd still take DeCastro. I think we have that big a need.

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