My In-Person Observation of Dallas - Seattle Game

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by daniukid, Aug 13, 2006.

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    So my friend and I were able to get some tix to the Seahawks game. I wore a Woodson jersey, and he wore a "The Shark" #29 jersey since he used to live in Valley Ranch and played Playstation with Kenny Gant.

    -Got $50 for only $25 a piece in the upper level 300 section. Was not that difficult to get seats right before the game by talking to scalpers.
    -The noise in the first quarter was very impressive and probably contributed to the false starts we had. I was yelling at him right next to me, and he could barely hear me. I hope we play them in the playoffs at home.
    -Compared to the regular season game 2 years ago when Julius Jones went crazy and we came back to win, there were many many less Cowboys fans there. 2 years ago, when I was there, I felt like 1 in 10 were fans. Today it felt like 1 in 100. Perhaps this is due to the fact that it is preseason.
    -The O Line didn't look like it had much of a push at all when the ball was snapped. This doesn't bode well for our running game. And it seemed like we were begging for running yards especially between the tackles. I know how frustrated I was with the 3 and short plays last year, and I think we may have to endure another year.
    -I know this is the preseason, but I was very upset to see running plays that had no chance (nor success) on long yardage 3rd downs.
    -We looked very disorganized in the 1st Q before getting things calmed down and playing better.
    -Romo showed some good scrambling and moves. Many of the throws that he got off would probably not work for Bledsoe. Although I was disappointed not to see either of the Drews take any snaps.
    -Overall, the game was very slow and not much action from a fan's perspective.
    -Did get heckled a little by some Seachicken fans, but they are pretty gracious. Don't know if I would wear a jersey to a Philly game.
    -They don't have any concessions walking the stands during the games and the lines are ridiculous. You basically miss 10 minutes for each excursion. So go early and get a lot.
    -Or if you can wait, you can get half price dogs and pizza in the alley right West of Qwest field. The kielbasa is pretty tasty.
    -I was looking for 17, and although he had a couple of drops, I think we may have a find here.
    -I really liked the fade type of route that we had at least 3 successes to on the right side of the field. And I liked that we kept attacking that side.
    -I know we racked up 6 sacks, but it didn't feel like we were wreaking havoc on them. It felt more coverage-esque except for maybe 2 or 3 of them. I hope that our D gels and we resemble the 1st half of last year (pre Singleton injury) rather than the latter half.
    -I focused on Ware and Ellis at OLB, but it was hard for me to single them out as outstanding playmakers in the 1st half.
    -I really liked Romo throwing the ball away when he was outside the tackles instead of taking the sack or forcing something.

    ***All in all, we played well enough to beat the NFC reps in the SB. We almost beat them last year too (or should have!). So I feel pretty good since we didn't have TG and TO in there. I'm looking for more Oline push and less penalties. In addition, I would like to see the D line and LB's create havoc instead of relying on coverage sacks. And I hope we open up the O playbook a bit. We'll see how losing Sean affects our offensive play calling. I'd hate to play them again in the playoffs here since it is so loud. However, the people are friendly and you can walk to some great bars right around the corner (hence the late post). It is also a very kid friendly town too. I hope you enjoyed my thoughts.
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    Nice recap! Thanks!

    I actually felt the opposite... I thought the D was in the backfield a lot. I remember one play where Pepper just blew right up the middle. Another play where glymph hit his blocker so fast that the RB fumbled. It looked like the QB has to speed up his progressions and stay short because of it.... just my take on it.
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    Romo was masterfull
    All in all a meaningless 1st preseason game
    Ellis and Glymp forcing OLB's off the roster
    Hurd may be making a case for a roster spot
    Ayodele running at 3rd string ILB?

    Penalties, and not much in running game lowlights
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    Sound like you had a great trip with cheap seats....cannot beat that
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    Yeah, Seattle is very nice this time of the year. But like I said, let's not come back during the Playoffs since Qwest is incredibly loud, and I only got a taste of it during the preseason no less. I can't even wait to see how the new Cowboys stadium will be. I hope we can usurp the league's loudest stadium away from Seattle.
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    it'd be hard to go from the league's weakest stadium in terms of crowd noise to strongest
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    I watched the Seattle broadcast of the game and they were commenting on how great SeahawkFan what with the noise, crowd of 66000 etc. I chuckled given a few years back, not a single Seahawk home game was on local tv as they never sold out.

    I saw fewer Cowboy fans at the game but no surprise, it's preseason. That was why I decided not to go, why blow 200 on tickets, parking, food etc when Owens and Bledsoe didn't even play.
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    ha! I have a #28 Woodson jersey *AND* a #29 Gant jersey, too! I wore it Saturday night while watching the game. Good to know there's other Gant jerseys out there! :)
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    hey, Ellis looked impressive, even though he may have been lost. The way he hussles, he overcomes the "current" lack of the understanding of the position.

    I predict Pro Bowl for him in that position if he keeps it up. He's a badass

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