My Last Words on Dallas-Detroit

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by beevomav, Nov 1, 2013.

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    You have no shot when both your OL and DL are mediocre.

    The OL has been better this year but now with Waters out I think it takes a step down. Still can't run the ball with or without Waters.

    None of the other names mean anything. If you lose the line of scrimmage on both sides of the football you have no chance to contend for anything meaningful.

    Now I'll let you guess why our roster is devoid of these nuts and bolts, non flashy players. They share a last name.
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    Garrett needs to use the "vaunted" 2 TE package to "set the edge" on one side or another, roll Tony out enough that the opposing Def cannot just pin their ears back, knowing within a yard or 2 where their target is........Joe Gibbs used to do it all the time with Thiesmann.

    Garretts offense is fully predictable on key components------and #1 is where Romo is going to be
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    He did play bad against Detroit. You can play with stats all you want but he was below 50% completion %, 2 of the TD's he threw the WR's took them to the house. It's not like it was a nice long drive where he was throwing the ball well. His 3rd one came due to a fantastic catch by Dez on a ball that was thrown short.

    That game was lost by BOTH the offense and defense. Our defense was majorly banged up on that last drive by the Lions. Having known that, we should have tried to pick up the first down but there is no way they would try that with Romo and his history. That same bad defense you keep talking about got 4 turnovers and a critical 4 down stop towards the end of the game but the offense couldn't put the game away and didn't do enough. We KNOW we have a defense that gives up points, that is why we can't be overly conservative on offense like we have been. We got 10 points off of 4 turnovers.... one of the turnovers gave us the ball at the 4 yard line too. 10 points off of 4 turnovers is downright pathetic. The offense didn't do jack squat through 3 FULL QUARTERS!. Romo had 88 yards passing at the start of the 4th quarter and then lucked out by having both Williams and Dez take balls to the house. It was still too little too late.

    We need a QB that shows up the WHOLE game.. not just in the 4th quarter.
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    The OL is top 9 in the league. That is not mediocre. Now the DL is very mediocre.. I can agree with that. Don't crap on our oline though, they have played very good this year.
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    throwing off your back foot will do that..
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    Blaming coaches, blaming our stars, blaming the perceived lack of passion is interesting fiction. But this is the real story. This and the owner/GM responsible for this recurring lack.
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    Hard to have a conversation when you point is when Romo sucks, he sucks, but when he does good, he gets's lucky? Using your logic, I guess Stafford lucked out by having Megatron to catch all those jump balls?

    and is a little too late when you score 17 fourth quarter points, and the worst rated defense in the NFL gives up 24 points.
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    There is nothing you can do to interior pressure, especially if its not coming from blitzes.
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  9. beevomav

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    Not with no DeMarco Murry..Funny Romo had his worst statistical games with Murry out?
  10. ufcrules1

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    Hard to have a conversation with someone who can't be objective. I think Romo is a good QB but has played bad since the Denver game and didn't play impressive at all before the Denver game. Sure, he dinks and dunks plenty but his conservative play isn't helping us win games.
  11. beevomav

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    Exactly..when pressure comes with a blitz, you can possibly find an open man, but Detroit mainly ran a four man line and still go pressure..
  12. beevomav

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    Dinks and dunks? He has 2200 yards, which is 6th in the league. His 7.5 YPA is in the top 10. Funny you mentioned Denver. After that game Murry carried the ball twice before being injured. I guess he should just overcome that too?
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    my last four words on the Detroit game

    we sucked, we lost
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    Oh man, I am no Romo basher. Nor am I a full-blown supporter.

    I know he's a good QB, but this here post reeks of the truth.

    The defense deserves a ton of blame, but nobody can tell me the offense (headed by #9) deserves any kind of pass. The WR's bailed out the crappy play. 100% Not the brilliant play of the QB.

    The coaching needs eggs thrown at them too. I am losing trust in Garrett by the game.
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    Invested 2 first rounders in a 3 year period and signed an all pro guard.

    And oh btw the unit was playing very well.

    On the D line they lost 50 percent of the projected starters... . Lost another one for 2 games and lost their top backup. Hard to account for that.

    But ignore it? They sign a new guy every week.

    Do you actually follow this team?
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    Please tell me you're joking, right?

    Anyone looking at that game objectively WOULD NOT say his "WR's bailed" him out, please. Terrance Williams kept dropping catchable passes and even when he did catch them he would juggle the ball. Also not to mention the bomb over the middle that was on the money, but a horse crap no call on T.Will caused it to go incomplete. Then we got Dwayne Harris letting another long pass go straight through his hands, the pass was put on the money and he flat out misses it. We had several drops on third down, but yeah lets put that on Romo. The only pass Romo got bailed out on was the endzone back shoulder pass that was under thrown, and Dez made a sick catch on it.

    Also you said his "WR's bailed" him out, but what about his offensive line? When they held the protection, Romo was money. And when they let pressure get through (which was very often), Romo was very shaky. If anyone is to blame for our offensive woes against the Lions, it's our horrible play by the offensive line, they allowed Romo to get hit early and HARD. The stats also back up that when our line held the protection, Romo was playing lights out. Wonder why? Could it be that having constant pressure actually affects the QB?
  17. Toruk_Makto

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    The offense put up 30 points.
  18. Corso

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    Constant pressure affects every QB.

    I am starting to not give rat's patooty about the OL anymore because it has been a known issue for years. Bad OL play is no longer a shocking thing.


    Who's fault is that? You decide. I'm just the jokester.

    Seven yard passes that go the house is not on the QB. That's on the WR.

    I acknowledge the drops. I am not blind. Neither are you, but he has been off on a lot of passes- especially the deep ball all season. The shorties he throws have been OK.

    I know that's been the gameplan. I also know that throwing to the middle of the field has been absent from the gameplan. Why?

    I truly like Romo. I do. I watched us suffer through all those cruddy imposters we tried out after Aikman. I am fair. I really am.

    But after all these years. After all the mishaps. After all the miscommunications with the WR's. What the heck is going on?

    Is it Romo? Is it Garrett? Is it a talent issue? I am tired of hearing about injuries- that is the name of the game, darnit.

    We have a problem here.

    What- I am asking then, WHAT is the problem?

    Why did we have such a poor offensive showing for 3 whole quarters?

    The OL? Then why didn't we do something about it and adjust?

    We did? Then what?

    We didn't? Then why? Who's to blame?

    They need to figure out how to succeed! NOW! Treading water is the ulimate effort in futility.
  19. Corso

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    You are absolutely correct. The offense put up 30 points, yet don't you think that they could have put up so much more given the chances they were given?

    I blame the defense. I'm not putting it all on the offense, but they could have done so much more.

    Do you honestly believe that- with the game on the line, nearing the finish line against a good team that this offense can do what it takes to finish their opponent?

    To get that last first down to seal the deal?

    To not get a killer penalty?

    To not get a killer turnover?

    You honestly believe that?

    If you do, show me the evidence and show me that the Cowboys are a winning team.

    Show me.
  20. Toruk_Makto

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    What are you asking?

    And i'm not interested in arguing aagainst strawmen.

    The team is .500. I'll let you know at the end of the season if we are a "winning team."

    Right now i'll say we have a winning offense and a losing defense.

    Just not interested in crying over spilled milk.

    It's Friday.

    Haven't people moved on?

    Most of you would be terrible athletes. You can't move on.

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