My Last Words on Dallas-Detroit

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by beevomav, Nov 1, 2013.

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    The cold starts don't amount to anything? The whole first half was minutia? Anyway I'd take a 90 something rating for the whole game instead of super/dud.
    I bet we'd have a few more wins too.

    I'm confident we'll win this week, but if for some reason we don't you'll see the finger pointing begin, oh so subtlety.
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    No replies to this?
  3. zack

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    No because it makes too much sense for anyone to counter with anything. Just like I said. Your QB put up the team by 10, but they aren't satisfied.

    How many times I have seen this forum said that they would take ole inconsistent Eli Manning because he plays well at the end of the game.....
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    This is just an uneducated post. You can't roll away from pressure when you have defenders lined up on the outside showing blitz. You have to stand your ground and beat the blitz making them pay for it. Until you do you will face it often and generally week to week. Now if they aren't showing blitz and you have an audible to roll out CALLED already then you can audible into it. That's not the norm. And if there is no outside threat then you can escape outside the pocket. You can also redirect your protection pre snap.

    You get a push up the middle with your front four and generate outside pressure with your DEs and the blitz from the 8. You can't roll into the blitz, risk injury to your QB, take a big hit and lose 8-10 yards as well as risk a turnover. That's why you didn't see it. Because it would be stupid football. And despite one post after another there aren't any stupid coaches on the Cowboys. In fact there aren't any stupid coaches in the NFL. There are coaches who have poor judgment at times on and off the field. That doesn't equal stupidity.
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    i was waiting for them to pull the bad oline card. took 8 games but the excuses have arrived. like you said, romo has played bad for several weeks now.
  6. jobberone

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    I do find fault in how Romo and esp Callahan made adjustments in the game. Not rollouts into a team showing outside blitz often or coming off the corner at the last second even when they didn't show it presnap. From the second series on they should have been looking to hit some quick passes. Now you can't just say if they are showing corner blitz on the strong side then you simply just throw a slant to the W on that side. Well, yeah as long as they don't show blitz then backpedal into coverage and INT your quick slant. Also defenses are rolling coverages into the strong side esp stacked receivers and spread offenses. There are still things you can do. Even if you are not successful with a play just by showing an adjustment you are going to force the defense to recognize it which can also slow the blitz down. There's too many variables to this but you get the gist.
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    So, you're saying that there is no answer to inside pressure. None at all. Okay. I didn't realize all of our OL including the OTs were getting beat at the same time and the defense was blitzing DBs from both corners and the TEs and RBs were somehow not involved in helping with protection. And the WRs, well, who knows what they were doing when all this was happening.

    And yeah, there are stupid coaches when you compare them to their counterparts. And yeah the cowboys have a stupid head coach compared to other head coaches in the NFL. Maybe not the dumbest but much closer to the bottom than the top. And the arrow isn't pointing up.
  8. jobberone

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    You need to go back and read what I actually said. I didn't say there wasn't an answer to inside pressure. I said you can't roll into an outside blitz when you're getting pressure up the middle. And in a following post I said how to beat inside pressure. But you can't roll out to avoid inside pressure when they are blitzing from the 8 or showing it consistently. And no there aren't any stupid coaches that get that far. You can spin it any way you like. There are certainly coaches who aren't as successful for various reasons compared to there peers. The fact so many of you think people are stupid is very revealing.
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    Yes. I see that often on here. Way too many facts will get it ignored.

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