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Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by TEK2000, May 9, 2006.

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    i can never hear any sound on any of the videos that i get. It always say that its cuz of a codec but i dont know where to get it or which one it is can someone please help me out
  2. VirusX

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    goto and grab divx player that usually works on most videos.
  3. TheOneROWilliE

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    yah i do have divx but still i dont hear any sound
  4. TwentyOne

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    Man! You don't know how much i appreciate your work.

    This is what football's all about!

    Keep it up and thanks alot for that great video!

  5. TEK2000

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    Thanks so much for all the compliments guys.. it makes it worth it.
    I'm really glad everyone is enjoying the video.. it took me a while to make it and HOODS did an outstanding job on the site as well as the video graphics.
  6. JPostSam

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    kudos on a great video.

    my GAWD roy can hit... i mean, forget about him abusing todd pinkston -- brandon jacobs goes 265 and roy stopped him COLD... some of those hits are just sick...

    people can say that he's overrated or that he doesn't cover well (even though he has often been blamed for the faults of the backups who have sometimes been forced to play in the backfield with him) but to me, that's like saying that deion sanders wasn't a good tackler. teams knew they had no chance of making a play behind deion, so they had to try to make one in front of him -- and even that was considered too risky a proposition many times. well with roy, there aren't many guys who would want to be in front of him, so teams have to try to make plays behind him.

    the fact is, the guy flat out intimidates offenses. and that's a good thing, if you're a cowboys fan.
  7. TEK2000

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    Well if you're having trouble with playback, I would suggest trying the VLC Player.
    This player will play pretty much any format and its absolutely free.
    Get it at

    Give that a try.. if you still don't hear sound while using that... you got some computer issues man. :)
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    Look for something similar to this, and give it a turn. ;)
  9. TEK2000

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    Yeah... unfortunately, if you don't capture the video yourself, its going to be in compressed format if you DL it over the internet. The FULL QUALITY file size of this 4:30 second video is 1GB. Much of the footage is FULL QUALITY mpeg at 720x480 that either I or Theebs captured.

    My capture card is screwed up and I'm looking into buying a DVD Recorder. If you're really looking into making videos, I'd suggest getting equiped to capture/record your own video footage to use... its the only way to get MAX quality material.

    Oh.. and FORGET YOUTUBE... you can see that any video on there is so compressed that its just absolutely crappy quality. I see people uploaded almost every video from my site and it turns to crap... the only irritating thing is that they don't give credit to the video creator!
  10. Dyluke

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    Best Video Posted in quite awhile :bow:
  11. dougonthebench

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    OHHHHH YEAHHHHH!!!!!!!great video,I cant wait till Football season!

    EMMITTnROY Well-Known Member

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    i think there is something wrong with my computer.. It looks like its an awesome awesome video (i really dig the intro a lot!).. but on the one I downloaded, every time it shows Roy about to make a hit, it skips ahead to the next highlight.. then he'll be about to hit someone, and it will skip ahead to the next highlight and so on.. did this happen with anyone else? any suggestions? i downloaded both versions and it happens on both versions..
  13. DallasDW00ds0n

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    oh guys stop arguing, we all know ST and Roy are good safeties each with strengths and weakness'
  14. TEK2000

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    Do you have a really old/slow computer... or old video card?

    EMMITTnROY Well-Known Member

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    maybe so.. that could be it? Ill have to ask my roommate, he is the computer guy.. cause I really really want to see this video.. it seems like it is freakin awesome..
  16. DMX690

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    A great video with great background music.
  17. theebs

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    Man, tek that is my crayton game winner..You tube really compresses stuff down to crap. I actually did that in divx 320x240 at 50kbs so it was terrible to begin with, then it got worse there.

    I need to do that over in good quality.

    The funny thing about that is that is the exact play and formation that williams got burned in for the first td last year in the monday nighter. The safety is responsible for the middle there to cover the slot and has to make up his mind. Both williams and taylor did exactly what the qbs wanted!!!! The difference is williams still almost got back to make the play and taylor was nowhere to be found.

    Williams dropped an int last year in the monday nighter a few plays before the td, and also made the sack that should have ended it.....Williams is more of a game changing pressure player than taylor.
  18. felix360

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    i have almost all ur videos uploaded to myspace and i give all u guys credit including this website and the cowboysvids website, u guys do great work, great job, this includeds calico theebs, and anyone else i missed. :bow:
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    This a great video and it's very clear. THX
  20. Hoods

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    We have burned Taylor three out of the last four games we've played the Skins for a touchdown. Fact. Taylor has made plays in coverage, but to say he's above average is ludicrous.

    BTW guys- make sure to check out the site I made at

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