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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Hostile, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. RS12

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    Yep because GNATS are better on both lines, and the Egirls are better on the D Line. Could not agree more.
  2. Marktui

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    I think teams are savy on Rats game. If he doesn't beat the center off the snap he can be neutralized. Also, I see him going around blocks more and more trying to get upfield and he just gets caught up in the OL wash. I say yes to a NT, but more of a one gap type guy. Someone that can get in gaps and much things up in the backfield and also strong enough to collapse the pocket using a bull rush.

    Jerel Worthy or Dontari Poe are bigs guys that can move.
  3. visionary

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    i would sign up for this off season right now
    as others have said, one issue would be CB and we could sign a mid-range CB in FA
  4. AmishCowboy

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    Me too, I know we have money in FA, but do we have enough for this?
  5. BraveHeartFan

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    I would be quite happy with this draft and these moves for the most part. I wouldn't be upset about it although I agree with some others I'd like to see a CB added in there somewhere.

    I certainly don't want to stomach watching Newman back there pretending to be a defensive back in this league anymore.
  6. Thick 'N Hearty

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    I like the mock, but the corner position – Newman's specifically – should be addressed. I like the DeCosta pick at 14, but I think I would go with Alfonzo Dennard from Nebraska at the 45th spot.
  7. fortdick

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    Replacing both Spears and Hatcher? I think Lissemore may be a good one in the future and we should give him this off season to see if he can start for Hatcher.

    Wait a sec.....I just check the depth chart and they list Hatcher and Coleman as the starting DE's right now, with Spears as Hatcher's backup.
  8. robert70x7

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    Alfonzo Dennard will go in the first round, and even if he does not, he'll go before the 45th pick.
  9. Thick 'N Hearty

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    That's a possibility, but I think it's more probable that he goes in the 2nd. A lot of boards have him ranked as the 6th best CB.
  10. robert70x7

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    About 1/4th of the mock drafts that I have looked at have the Cowboys taking him at 14. Scouts Inc. has him at 24, Kiper has him at 19. Both rankings have him as the 3rd ranked CB behind Claiborne and Kirkpatrick. I haven't seen anything that would indicate him going in the 2nd round.
  11. Dash28

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    Dennard will be long gone before the 45th pick.
  12. Gaede

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    Dennard's a first rounder, for sure. Would be a good option with small trade down
  13. robert70x7

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    The Cowboys don't need to trade down. They are in a position in which there will be top tier talent at multiple positions and should take advantage of it.
  14. JohnsKey19

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    I have to admit, i don't much about the players in this mock draft outside of DeCastro but i do like the positions they address.

    Your FA plan is a winner if you replace Landry with a solid CB. Landry is a huge injury risk with all the groin/hamstring problems and likely achilles surgery.
  15. MartinRamone

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    I would love for that to happen, i really like this mock.
  16. CCBoy

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    Holland had a torn bicep and weight is a problem for his play. I see your projected need at cornerback in view as well. But that could be addressed in a second or third round area, and Landry's spot replaced by one of a large list of corners to hit free agency.

    I am like Hos, and would solve the problem of the offensive line from the start. I would even consider drafting a top offensive tackle and either moving him inside for a season, or bump Free inside. With Nicks, and the 'rooks' the inside would be solid.

    Picking up Kalil and pairing him with Smith would change the whole franchise for a decade.
  17. brooksey1

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    I love the mock. Do you think there is any chance Nagy can play Center? That was his position for a time in college.
  18. TheCount

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    I think Nagy's future here is probably as a backup. I didn't see anything that suggested he had a future as an NFL starter this year. Heck, the blocking improved immensely once he got hurt and we put the old guys in. I'm not sure how a 7th round pick ended up starting for the Dallas Cowboys over a 4th round pick, but obviously that wasn't the dream scenario.
  19. jnday

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    Nagy ended up starting due to lack of options . Fans took his starting as a sign that he was some up and coming hot prospect . Truth is that there was nobody else but Arkin and he was a project pick .
  20. CCBoy

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    This is a tough season to judge progressions from. First there was huge delay from the formation of a coaching staff, to applying their collective experiences towards a goal. There were several dynamics involved at the top levels of organization. The team had to deal with an insurmountable object in their need to nomalize the cap prior to the end of this past season for the Cowboys. Due to dramatic decline on the right side of the line, the team found it had to additionally release both Leonard Davis and Marc Colombo. Andre Gurode was then released as he was one of the finalizing releases that would normalize the cap picture going into this season.

    This necessitated that the Cowboys had to place a large value upon the draft, as well as project the addtion of veterans when salary demands weren't guaranteed for a season. A worse case scenario was that a 'rook' would need to be started but a single game.

    The Cowboys were fortunate, projecting accurately, and were able to secure a quality tackle in Tyron Smith. This created a stable picture going into the season. The Cowboys drafted Arkin, Nagy, and Kowalski to add to a groomed and developing Costa.

    Nagy won the top confidence of the coaching staff going through and out of Training Camp and was honored with the start in the opening game. Derrick Dockery then was added as the Veteran desired for position. Nagy was given the opportunity of continuity, until he was injured. That changed things, as shortly afterwards, Dockery was injured as well. A reconditioned Montae Holland was then brought in, but he needed a lead in time. That gave Arkin as well as Kowalski opportunities. Kowalski made a little more showing in the eyes of the staff. But that doesn't end opportunity for Nagy or Arkin.

    The Star Magazine has Kowalski listed as a G/C. So I would assume that also indicates that both Nagy and Arkin are being considered for development primarily aimed at guard.

    Now historically, unless a player was taken at the top of the draft, they just didn't see much playing time until they fully develop. Costa had two seasons to read a shot at the field. He is known by players as bulldog. He may have more merit than what is being given him on site. But with a new line coach and directions being taken up all the way to Jason Garrett now, players will be entering a new level of proof and team demands as a whole. The next step.

    Immediately, the team must assess it's view of three veterans: Kyle Kosier, Holland, and Dockery. Then, there will be an intense competition between Nagy, Arkin, and Kowalski with everyone that is brought into camp this year.
    I would project both Nagy and Kowalski will make it through camp this season. Most likely, I feel there will be an interior drafted lineman by the top of Day Three. That most likely will determine positional future at present....unless, Jerry decides to play one of his palmed Aces and grabs a quality guard in free agency. At times, that's like adding tomatillas and celantro to a Mexican dish. It just makes things more lively.

    But for perspective, the Dynasty Period's offensive line consisted of:

    T Mark Tuinei - Undrafted free agent
    G Andre Gurode - drafted in the 2nd rd
    C Mark Stepnoski - drafted in the 3rd rd
    G Nate Newton - an undrafted free agent
    T Erik Williams - drafted in the 3rd rd

    As to Nagy, and if you really like him? Yea, he showed some fight, and he still has plenty on his plate to keep him in the fight. It's up to him now, but one doesn't get too many opportunites to shine and also get one's foot in the door for recognition. Couchscout can give you a good view of demonstrated and transferable skills. But only the coaches have real knowledge of where his heart, head, and skills lie in the NFL.

    Hope that helps. And thanks for asking.:)

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