my little mock out Sheened by everyone

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by UnoDallas, Mar 16, 2011.

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    If we trade down with NE or lower – I am just guessing here but if Det wants a OT they take Solder or Smith – the next team that really needs a OT are the NYG at 19
    That should leave Sherrod, Castonzo, Carimi

    I watched Carimi and Moffitt 4 or 5 games this year – love their NASTINESS and they both play with ATTUTIDES I would love to have both of them
    we can sign JUstin Blalock from the Falcons to take anyones place that we might let go send Holland packing

    I seen Moffitt any where between 2nd round and the 4th round

    second round pick would be Heyward unless by some miracle Brandon Harris is still there – then take B Harrris

    there are a number of decent WR’s they could chose from in the 4th Rd - plus I want a kid that has some speed

    Edmund Gates, WR, Abilene Christian
    Jeremy Kerley, WR/PR, TCU
    Cecil Shorts III, WR, Mount Union

    I really want a good slot receiver who can take RW’s place next year if not this year

    Plus we need a KR/PR – sorry I do not want to see Dez back there this year at all

    5 round we have to have 2H but seen him on every other teams mocks also

    My 7 rounder Colin Jones - never seen him play but if he reminds

    Gil Brandt of Cliff Harris

    I want the kid on my team

    he’s got the speed

    plus he says he is a very good special teams player

    with this draft we get 3 to 4 starters IMO

    1 Gabe Carimi Wis OT Wis 6-7 #315 - well put together offensive tackle prospect who has some real nasty to his game and possesses good overall strength for the position Displays the ability to anchor with consistency against the bull rush and exhibits good power in his upper body once he gets his hands on you. Does a nice job moving his feet through contact and sticking to blocks and is much more comfortable when engaged Gets his big paws up quickly into contact, exhibits good hand location, creates a jarring punch and is heavy handed through the play. Likes to finish runs and plays with a mean streak

    2 #40 Cameron Heyward DE/DT, Ohio State 6-5 #300 - Excellent quickness off the snap, splits double teams with ease and provides a rare pop into his blocker's pads to knock him back. Will be first man off the ball when pinning his ears back on the rush. Very difficult for slower linemen to match his combination of strength and explosiveness, makes beating them look easy

    2b-3a John Moffitt, G/C, Wis 6-4 #314 - Big, experienced player with versatility to play either guard position or the pivot. Explosive off the snap and uses his hips to explode into the defender while staying low and maintaining leverage. Uses his hands well and has a strong punch. Can extend his arms well into the defender and “holds” effectively and deceptively. Is able to get movement as a run blocker, sealing or moving his man down the line of scrimmage to open cutback lanes. Plays with power and strength, and has a bit of nastiness in his game. Well-respected player who is coachable and high-character

    3 #71 Deunta Williams, FS, North Carolina 6-2 #205 - Big, physical strong safety who hits well, and is fairly fluid and agile. Can cover the requisite amount of ground to be a 4-down player, and has been very productive at a high level for one of America's best collegiate defenses. Will make receivers hear footsteps, and will have a shot at being one of the coveted true secondary enforcers in this draft

    4 #109 Ronald Johnson WR USC 5-11 #186 - Big play threat with good speed and elusiveness in the open field. Creates separation in his routes with his quickness ouit of breaks. Has good balance once he has the ball in his hands, as he's able to break out of tackles and stay on his feet. Makes guys miss in the open field with his COD. A guy who is a threat with the ball in his hands, as he is dangerous on quick routes and screens. Has the speed to threaten defenses vertically. Dangerous return man with his speed, quickness, and vision.

    5 #140 Henry Hynoski FB Pitt 6-2 #260 - Big, nasty throwback FB who played in a pro-style offense. Hynoski has gotten better at catching the ball and is a load for any LB at the point of attack as a runner. Solid lead blocker. Better runner than you think

    6 #171 David Carter DE/DT UCLA 6-5#300 - he has the bulk and strength to play inside at defensive tackle or move outside to play the five-technique as a 3-4 defensive end

    7 #209 Colin Jones SS TCU 5-11 #210 – He ran 4.34 and 4.38 in the 40, with a vertical of 37, a 10-4 broad jump, a 4.09 short shuttle and a 6.69 in the three-cone drill. Jones did 20 bench bench reps of 225 pounds

    Gil Brandt - I would describe Jones, who didn’t play much before his senior season only starting five games in 2009, as a late bloomer. He reminds me some of Cliff Harris, who went to six Pro Bowls after we signed him with the Cowboys as an undrafted free agent in 1970. Jones really came out of the blue with his performance. He’s a very good special teams player, and after today, I could see him getting drafted, probably in the late rounds.
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    Not bad at all, I'd take it. Moffitt was a popular one around here for a while, I guess a lot of people didn't like his performance on the bench at the combine but I still like him as a prospect.
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    whats an attutide?
  4. Hostile

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    A typo.
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    some might be surprised by this, but I really like this mock, I think if we trade back that far we get a extra 2nd and I would like to see a CB there like Harris.
    Also I would rather have Cannon over Moffit but I like it.
    The only pick I don't really care for is round 4. Much rather see a NT,LB, or DE.

    But over all Good Draft. Good job.
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    Just messing around.
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    I agree. We don't need to draft receivers this go round. Offensive line, defensive line and secondary unless a very rare, special player drops. But I like this road-grader mock.
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    Well considering he took the time to write out a whole mock draft that you didn't even bother to respond to because you found your comment so clever, I'd say you weren't messing around, you were being rude.
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    Did I ever tell the story on how they found Cliff

    well here it is once again

    from Arkadelphia Ark

    Cliff played for Ouachita Baptist University and they were playing cross town rivial Henderson State - the Cowboys were looking at this running back from Henderson State he was fast and busting some big plays but there was this FS from Ouachita Baptist University who was the only guy who could catch him -- Captain Crash Clifff Harris

    I ran with a bunch of Ouachita guys
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    He and the OP had issues at one time, which means every time. It has to infect almost every thread one of them starts.
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    The Peanut Gallery has spoken ! Everybody!

    Not being rude, just pointing out a mistake. It's in the OPs best interest. nahmean?
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    I'd take it .I think Carimi will be a good one .
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    This draft would work for me. There might be some players I would change around but if you get me Carimi and Moffit, a good safety and FB...that will work for me.

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