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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Yakuza Rich, Dec 12, 2005.

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    - I’ve aged AT LEAST 6 ½ years throughout this season.

    - That was the best game we’ve seen out of Spears and Fujita, yet.

    - Spears looks like a roided Ben Johnson compared to Greg Ellis when it comes to running with the ball. I told my roommate that Spears is “mercury swift.”

    - I’m not the biggest Bledsoe fan, but all of the bashers especially the Bills fans who claimed he ruined the O-Line were eating crow yesterday. Drew was magnificent and outside of 3 bad throws, just about everything you could ask for from a QB. And it was in an important game where he led the offense down the field to win from behind. Not to mention they were down 14-3 at one point.

    - The play of the game wasn’t the flee flicker (although I love that play), it was the Fujita forced fumble. That was a 10 point, if not 14 point swing. And that’s why sacks are so important.

    - While the pass rush isn’t where I want it to be, they sacked Green twice and hurried him quite a bit. In the last 4 games, he had only been sacked three times.

    - LP Ladoceur (sp?) had his best day long snapping the ball. Every single snap was just about perfect.

    - Kudos to the special teams whom after the second return by Hall, shut him down completely. Also, Cundiff’s last kickoff was one of his best, sending Hall 2 yards deep into the endzone and by the sideline.

    - Henry had his second worse game (worse versus SF) and with Santana Moss next week, that worries me. It actually got to the point where I was *kind of* hoping that they’d take him out and put Glenn and Reeves in. Newman probably had his worse game of the year as well.

    - Yeah, Larry Johnson is great and all, but even Troy Hambrick could run behind that O-Line.

    - Okay, the refs missed a hold against Pettiti before the Witten drop/Derrick Johnson hold. But, that was still on 3rd down. Not saying that would’ve had no affect on Dallas’ chances to score a TD, but the game would not have been over.

    - Passing to our TE’s in the red zone? Who would’ve thought of that?

    - I think Tyson Thompson looks like he’s wearing down a bit. Doesn’t seem as explosive as he was earlier in the year.

    - Please, let’s dump the little roll out pass to the right to Dan Campbell and act like it never existed.


    - It was great to see the Texas Stadium crowd rocking.

    - So much for the “The Chiefs defense shuts down immobile pocket passers” theory.

    - Take a look at the following NFC East QB stats:

    61.5% completion
    7.4 yards per attempt
    20 TD’s
    11 INT’s
    89.5 QB Rating

    58.8% completion
    6.62 yards per attempt
    16 TD’s
    8 INT’s
    83.7 QB Rating

    52.6% completion
    6.80 yards per attempt
    21 TD’s
    15 INT’s
    75.9 QB Rating

    - In the end, I’m very happy about the win as you don’t want them to be faced with absolutely having to win the last three games in a row. But, if I had my druthers, I’d still take Dallas going 3-1 in the last four games by winning the last 3 games, all of which is against NFC teams.

    My only concern on defense is the play of Anthony Henry who was pretty much abused today. But other than that, when the Chiefs are healthy they’ve been either the best or second best offense in the NFL along with the Colts. Offensively, the O-Line played better although I think part of that was due to the weak KC defense. Allen probably improved his play the most yesterday with Al Johnson just behind. Rivera was serviceable, but still getting pushed back badly. Tucker looked awful pass blocking, but was good at run blocking. And Pettiti was well, Pettiti.

    The main thing I saw was that Parcells basically looked at his offense and figured that when they max protect, WR’s either cannot get open or they take longer to get open and even with max protection, the O-Line cannot stonewall the defense long enough for Bledsoe to find somebody. That and he realized that they need to pass the ball in order to open up the run. These are things that are not to Parcells’ liking, but I think he realized he had to do it. Now, the big question is whether he’ll do it on the road.

  2. Ashwynn

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    Good post. Good thoughts. Keep em coming.
  3. Chuck 54

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    There's a real problem if Thompson is wearing down doing nothing but returning 3-4 kickoffs a game.
  4. Yakuza Rich

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    Yep, but he certainly doesn't seem to have that same speed he had earlier in the season. Then again, Parcells works them hard in practice and he may just need to get accustomed to that.

  5. baj1dallas

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    I agree that it was not a good game for Henry, but I think it was good that he managed to stay in the whole game...he should have all the rust knocked off and have a good game next week.
  6. kycowboyfan

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    I'm not sure that I buy into the Rust theory with Henry, I believe the plain and simple of the matter is that he is having to compensate for a still sore groin injury. When you can't do the things the same way physically that you are used to doing it takes away from your ability to play the game. Unfortunately with the nature of the injury he probably with be somewhat handicapped by it the rest of the year. I only hope it gets better soon and that Glenn will be back to provide some help next week.
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    a few more thoughts

    Burnett had a good special teams tackle before I saw him taking on blockers and stuffing Johnson on the goal line, don't know if the two are related.

    Was glad to see Bledsoe not trying to go for it all and taking the sack on every pass, he checked down to the running backs several time for nice gains.

    Before the flea flicker, KC was very aggressive on defense. After that they seemed to stay at home a little more.

    We really need to work on our open field tackling, they had a lot of yards after first contact.
  8. Chocolate Lab

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    I agree with you on Thompson, and Richie Anderson on the Ticket pregame said the same thing. He doesn't understand why Thompson would be getting worn out with so little work, but it does appear that is what's happening.

    On Henry... I'm worried, too. I just hope -- and I think there's a chance of it happening -- that Aaron's ankle heals enough this week for him to play that spot if need be.
  9. DC Cowboy

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    Is it me or would someone else like to see him attempt to bounce one outside?
  10. juice28

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    My sentiments exactly. He has the potential to make an explosive move, juke or etc. but runs straight like he scared BP is going slap him when comes to the sideline.

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