My meaningless thoughts on the game...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Yakuza Rich, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. DLCassidy

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    Philthy has our 4th.
  2. AmishCowboy

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    perhaps I said it wrong earlier, I mean the team looks to tight, it especially seems that's true with the younger players, they look so afraid to make a mistake and have to face the Rath of Parcells on the Sideline.
  3. Hiero

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    I think this is somewhat true, it also seems like the defensive scheme is way too restrictive. We need a little more freedom, and blitzing/playmaking.
  4. SultanOfSix

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    Just like I had never heard of the tuck rule until it was called for the first time ever in 2001, I have never heard of a defensive tackle holding anyone, not once, but twice in one game. What a shenanigan.
  5. SupermanXx

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    dude, your thoughts are completely meaningless
  6. StevenOtero

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    I turned the game off mid 3rd qtr. Nice to see someone post a re cap :). EVEN THOUGH IT TOTALLY SUCKED! lol
  7. Kchunda

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    Was at the game, and as soon as JJ crossed the LOS, he looked to be gone. He had the angle to take it all the way AND avoid the defender.

    What he did 1/2 way through though was amazing - he seemed to slow down, preparing for the hit. It was like he was hearing the instructions on how to stiff arm in his head. . . absolutely no attempt to shake the defender off of him. Cautious is the word I'm looking for.

    He has to get his confidence back somehow.

  8. Zman5

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    Julius is slower and he isn't running the same way as he did last year. For some reason (maybe coaching) he doesn't try to make the defenders miss him like he did last year. Whenever he sees someone trying to tackle him, he just dives ahead and goes down.

    Go look at some of the past few games and go back and look at the Giants and Seattle game from last year. Last year when he had defenders comming after him he tried everything to juke them. Even to a point where he would go few yard backwards then take off ala Barry Sanders.

    I understand you want to watch out for the negative yardage but not to a point where he has to run like Hambrick and fall down at tje site of the first defender.
  9. silver

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    I agree. Julius is not the same back he was last year. and this was going on before he hurt his ankle. i can remember as early as the oakland game that he looked tentative. what is it i don't know. he just doesn't hit the holes with the same authority as he did a year ago. can't blame the line since it's the same line that apparently opens holes for barber.

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