My meaningless thoughts on the game...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Yakuza Rich, Dec 26, 2006.

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    - I would like to say that I was right in my Saints game analysis in pointing out that Owens had ran out of bounds on the deep bomb thrown by Romo early in the game as Madden echoed those comments made by the coaching staff. This year has been a microcosm of his career in a sense that while he's doing some admirable things (playing with a bad hand), he still is frustrating to watch and you have those off the field nonsense to deal with.

    - I think there's one big issue that Romo has to curb. He's got other issues like not getting enough air on his deep passes consistently, but it's not the big issue. The big issue is that when Dallas is down by more than a TD, he tends to press and think he needs to make plays. The Dawkins INT was a perfect example. We were driving, only down by 9 points and the defense had actually stopped the Eagles offense in the second half up to that point. But then he thought he had to go deep to Owens and make a play quickly when he didn't need to. If we continue to keep hitting plays, we probably score a TD and we're only down 2 points with tons of time left. Instead he threw into double coverage and made an inaccurate throw and it was picked off. Hopefully with more experience he'll cut that down as that's where most of his INT's come from. But when we are either very close or leading, he doesn't seem to have this problem.

    - Yes, the playcalling on the goal line stand was abysmal, but the play calling all year long has been pretty good on offense. Unfortunately, they did something that too many teams do in those situations....they relied on the jumbo package. Defenses can just committ to the run in the jumbo package and if a team play fakes, while it usually works pretty well there's not much seperation between the receiver and defender. How about going to a normal offensive set or perhaps a 3 or 4 WR formation and show the threat of a quick pass to help spread out the defense? It's frustrating, but it happens all of the time in the NFL and I don't understand why.

    - Actually a worse call was on 3rd and inches to Marion earlier on (which was a horrible spot by the ref on catch by Fasano beforehand). Can't we QB sneak?

    - GROZ has every right to thump its chest. He was terrible. This team does not disguise a blitz. We simply cannot show a full house blitz with 5 seconds before the snap and would it kill to show a blitz and then have guys drop off in coverage? Nope, we show blitz and then blitz and never stunt while the offense has plenty of time to change the line protection and call the right play. Please, somebody....Alabama....the Raiders...somebody take Zimmer off of my team.

    - The question is whether or not Zimmer is Parcells' doing. Well, if you watch the offense, we are very versatile and creative on offense. Really, we are...Philly game withstanding. I'm sure if Parcells had his druthers, he'd remain conservative, but we actually blitzed quite a bit in 2003 and played an aggressive style defense that season. I think it's a case of where the offensive assistants have shown to Parcells they can succeed by being creative and versatile and Zimmer hasn't. Plus, Zimmer didn't blitz much under Campo and our blitz disguise stunk under Zimmer. Oh yeah, have we ever drafted one DB under Zimmer that could locate the ball in the air well? We've changed head coaches, schemes, and personnel and still get the same result. Well, there's one common denominator.

    - Strangely, I think we are like the Saints in the sense we are a far better road team than a home team. Go figure.

    - We need to hope that Carpenter improves to compete with Bradie (I actually think Carp is almost there) and that the coaching staff isn't afraid to start Carp over Bradie.

    - Burnett stinks. He is what he is, he can't play.

    - I think we need to trade Julius. Perhaps we can find a fairly inexpensive veteran 3rd down back and trade Julius for a 2nd to 4th round pick. All of the sudden he looks like JJ Arrington.

    - Well, we are fizzling into the playoffs. Zimmer's defense once again becomes extinct in the second half of the year and our pass rush is on the back of a milk carton. Here's the thing, we don't stand a chance of winning the Super Bowl or going to the Super Bowl. So my hope is that we beat Detroit (which suddenly comes into question) and go 10-6 which sounds much nicer than 9-7. Then we win one playoff game and let the rest of the course set its way. That way we'll look just good enough so some team will be dumb enough to make Zimmer their head coach and he can teach them the Cover 2 and get 24 sacks a year and be clueless on offense. Then we can go after OLB's, see what Carp can compete with Bradie, sign a low cost solid cover free safety, a low cost veteran backup QB and then address some spots in the draft.

    That's the best we can reasonably hope for.

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    This above all else yesterday was the one thing that thrust me into cardiac arrest yesterday...:banghead:
  3. Bryan8284

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    As always Rich, on the money.

    It's pretty sad, but true.

    Bradie James, man, gets a big check and mails it in.
  4. jazzcat22

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    Rich, your pretty much on spot as usual.

    I was at the game. I could tell after the 1st 10 minutes we would not win. Everything was off from the begining. The team was not inspired. It was like they did not want to be there. As where the Eagles were fired up in a calm demeanor from the start.

    Romo was off all day. Too much air, not enough air, throwing behind of in front of his WR. Under throwing, over throwing. Throwing everywhere except where he was supposed to. Hurried throws. That's the way it seemed at the stadium.

    Eagles' defense were all over the place like a swarm of killer bees. Dallas' defense seemed to just not care. There always seemed to be someone open in the middle. They did a decent job on the outside, but left the middle open for some big plays. And then the attempted and not very well disguised blitzes. Just horrible.

    Two things from yesterday...the Team sucked, period. and Zimmer really needs to be replaced. We will not last through the 1st game of the playoffs, even with a home game, and by some miracle, if we win the division, it won't last long, not the way they played.

    No it's not a "the sky is falling" thing, or just a mad and disgusted statement from a bitter loss. They really looked that bad.

    And if it is a sky is falling thing, that is because there is no roof on the stadium, for it to collapse first, before the sky falls through.
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    Romo was pretty good in the first half. Didn't make many mistakes, untill the 2nd half
  6. theogt

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    That's an understatement, of course. ;) He was hot in the first half.
  7. Cbz40

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    Great analogy as always YR.

    The way the team performed yesterday simply took the wind out of my sails.

    Another very disappointing effort from our BP coached team.
  8. jazzcat22

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    Yes, there were many BOOS....coming from the crowd at the play calling. I was one of the ones booing...
  9. jazzcat22

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    Yes they did move the ball fairly well in the first half, but something was off the entire game, you could just see it.
  10. bysbox1

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    I understand the frustration, and yes the defensive scheme needs help. But this is not all on Zimmer.

    Parcells does not like to do stunt or twists on defense. He seldom likes to blitz. He believes in playing man for man and having each man win their own battle. He has always been this way. This goes all the way back to his days at the Giants. He just had a better D back then and could play that way.

    Part of the problem here is Parcells philosophy, not Zimmer's.
  11. Mr Cowboy

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    It has everything to do with Zimmer. This is the way it was before Parcells and the way it is now. He has ruined many DB's carrers by making them play technique instead of the ball. Believes in the bend defense instead of attacking, and has never created an effective blitz.

    ON the ohter side of the ball, how about that time when the Philly D was yelling "draw" and we stay with stick with the play..........unbelievable.
  12. CrazyCowboy

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    I agree with you, and believe he will get better at this with experience.....
  13. AdamJT13

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    If we had tried any other plays and failed, a billion people would be complaining because we didn't run Marion Barber every time at the goal line, "because that ALWAYS works ... he leads the NFC in touchdowns!"
  14. Mr Cowboy

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    Agreed Adam. I have no problem with running Barber, but run a couple of different plays from different formations. They ran straight up 2 times and wide on 4th down.

    They should have spread them out, instead of telegraphing the play straight up the middle. It was like BP was stubborn and saying we can kick your *** straight up, and it didn't happen.
  15. Verdict

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    I wasn't focusing in on what Brady James was doing so I can't opine on how he did yesterday. I could not figure out why he got such a lucrative deal from the Cowboys earlier this year. I do not understand why the Cowboys thought he was worth that much money. I hope I am wrong on this.
  16. ZeroClub

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    I think you are right, but several around here want to pin almost all of it on Zimmer. But the truth is it probably doesn't matter much.

    The Cowboys have a big problem on defense. Zimmer doesn't have 3-4 credentials. The Cowboys need a credible 3-4 coordinator who brings much more to the show (e.g., innovations that work).
  17. Kobal

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    And great post YR. I'm always enjoy reading your thoughts. :bow:
  18. bysbox1

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    I think it's only part of the issue though. I remember when Campo was here and Zimmer got exotic the first Eagles game (The "pickle" juice game). We got lit that game, and Campo totally changed the D to a run first, read and react defense. Zimmer is just following what the HC says. My theory is Zimmer it not allowed to freelance or do anything other than what he is doing. That could be a function of Parcells . . . maybe BP does not trust him to do more. Or it could be personnel. Or it could be Zimmer trying to kiss butt and do what the HC tells him. But it's more than just Zimmer. Especially since Parcells has the final say so on defensive schemes.
  19. Faerluna

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    That made me :bang2: . Twice.
  20. jcblanco22

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    We actually were horrible against the run the entire 2000 season, "read and react" and all. The real transition occurred that offseason, and it paid off with a Top 5 overall D in 2001, although we were stuck at 5-11 anyhow.

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