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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboys1981, Jan 26, 2013.

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    I was given friendly advice to post a new thread on my mock vs throwing it on someone else's thread. So here we go.

    FA signings:
    OG Andy Levitre
    DT Henry Melton

    Rd 1- DE Dion Jordan
    Rd 2- DT Sylvester Williams
    Rd 3- S Phillip Thomas
    Rd 4- OL Braxton Cave
    Rd 5- OT Brian Winters
    Rd 6- DE Devin Taylor

    With the signing of our 2 FA's and our draft we address our trenches by adding Levitre and Cave for the interior line and Winters can compete for the RT spot.

    On defense adding Melton and Williams helps our DT spots while Jordan and Taylor gives us some young DE's. Jordan is explosive and Taylor complimented Clowney on the opposite end at SC.

    Adding these 7 trench players will be an upgrade to the ones we currently have. Thomas will give us what we have been lacking for years; a safety who has range. He will be a good fit with Church and Johnson.
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    One question: Where are we getting the $$ to sign Melton and Levitre?

    The Cowboys have zero cap room.. We're already over the $121 million cap by about $20 million. Extending Tony Romo's contract and possibly reworking Brandon Carr's contract are the only ways to get us back under the cap.

    IF we can release or rework Miles Austin, Jay Ratliff and Doug Free's contracts, (which we desperately need) then MAYBE we'll have enough money to sign one key FA, but I still wouldn't count on it.

    On top of that, Williams most likely won't fall to us in the 2nd round and I would be shocked if Thomas lasted until our pick in the 3rd. I bet he goes mid 2nd.
  3. patrickstillhere

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    FA signings: We don't have enough $$$, but nice
    OG Andy Levitre good
    DT Henry Melton great

    Rd 1- DE Dion Jordan Good pick(or Anash), but we should use our first pick on a 1tech DT (like Floyd), or Cooper/Warmack, after singing Melton. IMO
    Rd 2- DT Sylvester Williams Good pick
    Rd 3- S Phillip Thomas Good pick
    Rd 4- OL Braxton Cave Awful. He is terrible. Undrafted, after his senior bowl performance, But Brian Schwenke (C, UCLA) would be awesome.
    Rd 5- OT Brian Winters Good pick
    Rd 6- DE Devin Taylor We dont need him. RB
  4. VACowboy

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    I think pigeon-holing a draft slot as a certain position is a mistake. If a DT is at the top of our board when our pick is up, then absolutely. But if it's Ansah or Cooper or Fisher, you go that way.

    GREAT pick, if he's still there (which I really doubt).
  5. Boys122

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    Yeah I 'd love to add those two in free agency and have a draft like that. Good effort.

    I just don't see how we can afford both Melton and Levitre if any.
  6. Macnalty

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    I think Melton would be great but unrealistic he almost signed a deal with the bears during the season so I think he is untouchable. So add the best 3 technique to your rd one list. Sheldon Richardson comes to mind, Kawaan Short maybe in rd 2.

    Can you talk about what you saw from Braxton Cave during the Senior Bowl, I missed the game and in the practices I thought he was holding his own(not a pun).

    Wish we could find a way to get Lane Johnson, it would be wonderful to have Johnson and Smith on our edges.
  7. robert70x7

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    There's such a thing as not re-signing free agents, losing around ~12 million in dead money that won't be on our books, and like you mentioned re-working contracts.

    When all is said and done, I bet we'll be ~15-18 million under the cap. I'm tired of people constantly claiming cap is an issue. Adam has claimed that it won't be an issue for us.
  8. DFWJC

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    I agree it would hard to land both, but not impossible.

    The Cowboys are actually in a very good position to clear a lot of cap space via reworking contracts and letting a few players go.
    I think they could take on same sort of contracts that we added during last year's FA period.

    A bonus may be that we even get some of that cap space added back that was taken away via penalty last season. I wouldn't count on it, but there sure is a lot of behid-the-scenes chatter about it.
  9. xwalker

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    Good effort.

    Don't worry about getting beat up about Free Agent signings. You will get this response if you predict signing any of the top rated guys.

    Have you watched Andy Levitre? I would like to hear a "scouting" report on him.

    Good draft. I would like to find a way to draft a RB in there somewhere.

    It would be difficult to pass on Dion Jordon; however, he only projects to the Weak-Side DE position in Kiffin's defense, which is Ware's position. They do need some talent behind Ware, but it might be somewhat of a luxury pick considering the other players that are expected to be available at #18.

    Jordon might be able to play some 4-3 LB, but you wouldn't be getting the best value from him there.

    The Cowboys really need to add talent at the Center position; however, I see Cave as very similar to guys they already have on the roster (Costa, Kowalski, Bernadeau).

    Just an FYI, Brian Winters is probably an OG only now with his short arm length; however, it shouldn't really affect your draft.

    Devin Taylor has the ideal build to play the Strong-Side DE in Kiffin's defense.
  10. Rack Bauer

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    We may not even have enough money to sign our OWN top rated guys, so yeah he's gonna get beat up over it cuz it's unrealistic.
  11. robert70x7

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    We only have ~105 million in contracts tied up for next year. Look it up.
  12. Rack Bauer

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    We're 18 million over the cap for next year. YOU look it up.
  13. xwalker

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    I would take Melton over Spencer if given the choice. His position (3-tech) is critical to Kiffin's defense.

    I don't want to bog this thread down with all the details of the salary cap; however, there is a good probability that the Cowboys can create a significant amount of room under the cap in 2013 if they want to go that route. The key number to keep in mind is 29.77M. This is the amount of dead-money that the Cowboys had under the 2012 cap. They only have 2M of dead-money currently against the 2013 cap.

    The salary cap hit for the 1st year of Brandon Carr's contract was 3.6M. That would be 7.2M if the Cowboys gave both Melton and Levitre the same contract as Carr.
  14. Pessimist_cowboy

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    okay this is excellent but we need a rb BAAAAD

  15. robert70x7

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    Unrestricted Free Agents & 2012 Cap Hit ($20,978,000)

    Victor Butler...$615,000
    Michael Coe...$700,000
    Kenyon Coleman...$2,000,000
    Derrick Dockery...$825,000
    Mike Jenkins...$1,052,000
    Felix Jones...$1,170,000
    L.P. LaDouceur...$790,000
    Brian Moorman...$925,000
    Kevin Ogletree...$640,000
    Charlie Peprah...$700,000
    John Phillips...$565,000
    Brady Poppinga...$825,000
    Brian Scahefering...$615,000
    Ernie Sims...$700,000
    Anthony Spencer...$8,856,000

    Restricted Free Agents & 2012 Cap Hit ($1,145,000)

    Phil Costa...$540,000
    Danny McCray...$540,000
    Sterling Moore...$465,000

    Exclusive Rights Free Agents & 2012 Cap Hit

    Orie Lemon...$390,000

    Dead Money Coming Off ($12,739,233)

    Levy Adcock...$3000
    Marion Barber...$4,000,000
    David Buehler...$37,125
    Mario Butler...$146,250
    Shaun Chapas...$14,213
    Tashard Choice...$109,750
    Danny Coale...$47,513 (was re-signed to the PS, then put on IR)
    Leonard Davis...$2,666,667
    Saalim Hakim...$10,000
    Kyle Kosier...$700,000
    Ron Leary...$3000 (was resigned to the PS, then called up to the active 53)
    Stephen McGee...$133,000
    Bill Nagy...$11,475
    Terence Newman...$4,800,000
    Brodney Pool...$100,000

    2013 Roster (Free Agent Year *) & Cap Hit

    * "R" Means Restricted Free Agent In That Year
    "ER" Means Exclusive Rights Free Agent In That Year

    QB...Tony Romo (14)...$11,500,000
    QB...Kyle Orton (15)...$1,350,000
    QB...Nick Stephens ???

    RB...DeMarco Murray (15)...$620,313
    RB...Phillip Tanner (14R)...$555,000
    RB...Lance Dunbar (15R)...$480,000

    FB...Lawrence Vickers (14)...$1,200,000

    WR...Miles Austin (17)...$6,732,000
    WR...Dez Bryant (15)...$1,557,500
    WR...Dwayne Harris (15)...$555,000
    WR...Danny Coale (15)...$ ???
    WR...Cole Beasley (15R)...$480,000
    WR...Donovan Kemp (15R)...$480,000

    TE...Jason Witten (17)...$5,500,000
    TE...James Hanna (16)...$480,000
    TE...Andre Smith ???

    OT...Tyron Smith (15)...$1,511,009
    OT...Doug Free (15)...$7,000,000
    OT...Jermey Parnell (15)...$1,023,088
    OT...Darrion Weems (15R)...$480,000

    OG...Nate Livings (17)...$1,700,000
    OG. Mackenzy Bernadeau (16)...$1,750,000
    OG...David Arkin (15)...$555,000
    OG...Ron Leary (15R)...$480,000

    C...Ryan Cook (14)...$1,100,000
    C...Kevin Kowalski (14R)...$555,000

    DE...Jason Hatcher (14)...$1,500,000
    DE...Sean Lissemore (17)...$630,000
    DE...Tyrone Crawford (16)...$480,000
    DE...Ben Bass (15)...$480,000
    DE...Ikponwmosa Iginosun ???
    DE...Monte Taylor ???

    DT...Jay Ratliff (17)...$5,000,000
    DT...Josh Brent (14)...$575,000 (status in limbo due to legal ramifications)
    DT...Robert Calloway (14ER)...$480,000
    DT...Brian Price ???

    LB...DeMarcus Ware (16)...$5,500,000
    LB...Sean Lee (14)...$480,000
    LB...Bruce Carter (15)...$766,327
    LB...Alex Albright (14R)...$555,000
    LB...Dan Connor (14)...$3,000,000
    LB...Kyle Wilber (16)...$480,000
    LB...Caleb McSurdy (16)...$480,000
    LB...Brashton Satele ???

    S...Gerald Sensabaugh (17)...$3,000,000
    S...Barry Church (17)...$823,000
    S...Matt Johnson (16)...$480,000
    S...Eric Frampton (14)...$950,000

    CB...Brandon Carr (18)...$14,300,000
    CB...Morris Claiborne (16)...$1,129, 296
    CB...Orlando Scandrick (17)...$3,000,000
    CB...Vince Agnew ???
    CB...Micah Pellerin ???
    CB...Brandon Undewood ???

    K...Dan Bailey (14R)...$555,000

    P...Chris Jones (14R)...$555,000
  16. CopenhagenCowboy

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    If they can land Melton, Levitre and your first three draft selections, It'll be amazing. However, I don't think the C will improve anything in Dallas, and as one of the other posters mentioned, I'd like to see a RB added to the mix. Still, this is almost an off-season dream scenario. Good effort.
  17. robert70x7

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    And stuff Xwalker has done has us around ~18 million under the cap.

    If you want to provide whatever numbers you're getting, since you are so adamant, please give them.
  18. Rack Bauer

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    At what cost? Pushing even MORE of a cap hit to the future?

    We aren't getting Melton OR Levitre. DOn't believe me, put your money where your mouth is.
  19. robert70x7

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    Look at the numbers, or provide the numbers that you are so emphatic about.

    That wasn't my argument. I just don't like when people claim that the Cowboys don't have cap space.
  20. Rack Bauer

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    We don't have the cap space. We're 18 million over.

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