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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RealCowboyfan, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. RealCowboyfan

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    2006 NFL DRAFT

    Deals:: Cowboys trade the 18th pick>Bucs chooses <(Winston Justic USC, OT) down to Buccaneers for their 23rd pick/121st pick/2007 4th Round Draft Choice

    Deals:: Cowboys trade the 23rd pick>Bears<(Marcedes Lewis, UCLA, TE) to Chicago Bears for their 26th pick/88th pick/185th pick

    Dallas Cowboys Mock

    1st Round
    (26th pick)> From Chicago Bears:: Gabe Watson, DT, Michigan

    2nd Round
    (49th pick):: Pat Watkins, FS, Florida State

    3rd Round
    (80th pick):: Ryan Cook, C, New Mexico
    (88th pick)> From Chicago Bears:: Johnathan Orr, WR, Wisconson

    4th Round
    (121st)> From Tampa Bay Bucs:: Leon Williams, ILB, Miami Hurricanes

    5th Round
    (145th):: Marcus Vick, QB, Va Tech < My honest thought is after finding marijuana in his car I really doubt this, but I honestly think Parcells really don't have a choice but him... Maybe or maybe not...

    6th Round

    (176th)::Toby Bullock, OG, Marshall
    (185th):: David Kirtman, FB, USC

    7th Round

    (207th):: Patrick Massey, DE, Michigan
  2. neosapien23

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    Par Watkins is a little too high. No to Marcus Vick. The dude is a turd why waste a pick on him?
  3. Clove

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    :mad: don't like it....
  4. wood28

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    DT in 1st ?? :eek: .... cmon !! take Lawson or FS
  5. Qwickdraw

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    RealCowboyFan makes RealBadMocks.

  6. BrAinPaiNt

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  7. cobra

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    I don't know what is more preposterous: that you think Cowboys can make those trades or that you think the Cowboys would draft Marcus Vick... the worse brother of that crappy Atlanta quaterback.

    I take that back. I know what the most preposterous thing about your mock is: you confusing suggestion that you think Parcells has not choice but to draft Vick.

    This is horrible.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Welcome to the board realcowboyfan.
  9. Portland Fanatic

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    The only pick I remotely like is Watson...and many here will not like that at all. We MUST get a OT within the first two's a MUST!
  10. BigWillie

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    Their are two picks I like with one being debatable.

    I could potentially like the Gabe Watson pick, but without showing who he thinks is going in the first 17 picks, it's hard to judge. He could have a Casey Hampton type value if it worked out right.

    Johnathan Orr could potentially be a very good pick.

    Leon Williams could also be a very good pick in the 4th round. Now I do believe he was very overrated as a college player (for the fact he was always considered one of the countrys best) but in the 4th round it is good value.
  11. StanleySpadowski

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    Almost an entire draft of players that either have off-field or motivational issues.

    Doesn't seem very Parcellian.
  12. DLCassidy

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    Two trade downs in the 1st is very unlikely. There's usually only a few 1st round trades total a year, we're not going to be in 2 of them but 1 is possible, in fact I think we will do so unless we get great value at 18.

    I know we have been looking at Watson. If we do take him in round 1 I might need to make a visit to Best Buy for a new TV. Watson is a career underachiever. I would hate that pick.

    I like your 2nd choice. Watkins would be a nice fit here.

    Cook is a 2nd day pick. Jonathan Orr would be a great pick at 88. The Leon Williams pick is a solid one. Marcus Vick will not be drafted and he is a bad seed, pass even as an UFA. Can't comment on your 6ths and 7th other than to say we only have one 6th- KC owns our 6th from the Fugita trade.

    Personally I think we will sign a FS in FA. I also think we will do something at center in FA.

    My mock looks like this; trade down to 30 for extra 2nd

    30- Bobby Carpenter, OLB VA
    50- Eric Winston, OT, UM
    62- Kai Parham, ILB, VA
    82- Chris Spencer OG, Pitt
    150- Michael Robinson, WR Penn State (played QB in college)
  13. austintodallas

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    I'm also warming up to the idea of taking Carpenter in the first round. He just has leader written all over him.

    Is there any chance Gabe Watson could slip to us in the second?

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