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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Charles, Apr 21, 2006.

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    Read and critique at your own risk, I'll defend my opinion to the death:D

    Brodrick Bunkley is the guy I really like, but he's been rising up the chart. If the Seminoles had a Florida State type season I think Bunkley would have been a top 5 pick. Plug him between Canty and Spears at NT or at DT in 4 man front, I think he's a great prospect.

    Anyway on to my guess work..........

    I think the Cowboys find a way to trade down into the late 1st/early 2nd add a late 3rd/early 4th which they'll package with the 2nd (49th pick overall to move higher in the 2nd RD. Leaving the Cowboys with 2 picks btwn the 25th and 40th overall picks.

    1st Draft pick - Nick Mangold C/G 6'4" 300lbs


    Yes Folks the Mullet aka free flowing hair is back. Nick Mangold is versatile, I think he's good enough to play both center and guard at the next level. He'll hedge our bets should either Al Johnson and Gurode fail to nail down the center gig and learn the ropes at guard.

    He was the clear cut leader on the Buckeyes Offense and go to guy for the media when the team had problems on and off the field.

    2nd Draft pick - Ashton Youboty 6'0" 190lbs


    Aaron Glenn is starting to eye those chicken franchises he owns. I think this will be his last year. The Cowboys grab a Buckeye CB. The list of successful Bcukeye CBs in the NFL is long hopefully he's the next Clements and not Plummer. The Klein, Texas native plays for his home state team and gets to enjoy some of his moms great Liberian cooking. The Cowboys address the CB position a year in advance (in hindsight would anyone cry if we took Heath Miller instead of Marcus Spears last year.........I wouldn't:D )

    Another option could be Antonio Cromatie.

    3rd Draft pick (80) Maurice Stovall 6'5" 217lbs


    A Charlie Weis protegee ala Quinn. 6'5'' 217lbs, lost 15 lbs in the weight room after Weis had a little chat with him. He's an athletic monster. Hook him up with TO for this season and throw money at Charlie Weis/Notre once Parcells leaves town

    5th RD (150) Lawrence Vickers 6'0" 245lbs


    There is absolutly no way he last till the 5th. I hope the Cowboys trade up into the mid 3rd / early 4th to get this guy. He is a football player. He can block, run like a TB and split out like a HB, plus he's a leader. Lousaka Polite improved significantly last year, but he won the gig by default (injuries) and needs someone to push him. Plus he's a Texas native, lives in Houston.....too old to be a Texans fan growing up......... I hope;)

    6th RD (182)

    QB Omar Jacobs 6'-4" 232lbs (Bowling Green) or TE Quinn Sypniewski 6'7" 286lbs(Colorado)

    Omar Jacobs is a winner!!!. He's listed at 6'-4" 232lbs and has amazing football speed. If you gonna take a flier on a QB every year then why not Jacobs. Though he didn't play on a elite team, he was the best football player on the field against better teams on most Saturdays.

    Quinn is mauler. He's the type of fringe player that makes a punishing hit or block during a game that can get a team going. He was Klopfenstein side kick at Colorado.

    7th Pick (224)-DT Manaia Brown 6'3" 301 lbs BYU

    He's got it all except the Passion. I remember when Nebraska recruited this guy.

    Here are my Mock drafts from last year
    Mock Draft -

    Final Mock -
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    Excellent job, Charles.

    I must say, you put a lot of effort into that.

    {actually reading post}

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    :lmao2: That the response :puke: I get after my Mock drafts. Makes me feel good ........theres nothing worse than a mock draft that doesn't generate a feeling.......... good or bad.
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    Bunkley is too small to play NT.
    I think he's the best DT in the draft and will be a beast on a 4 man front.

    That pic of Mangold is really fruity.
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    Yep his size doesn't project into being an NT in the NFL. He bulked up from
    280lbs to 300lb his senior year. He was very effective as a 2 gap tackle on the collegiate level. He was destroying double teams. The Seminole DEs and Lbs loved Bunkley presence.

    But if LaRoi Glover was able to do it, then I believe size isn't the end all be all for NT in the NFL. Technique, motor and talent weigh heavy too.
  6. Alexander

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    I have a feeling half your opinions aren't even things you truly feel that strongly about. You'd rather just get the reaction.;)
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    I think you're dead on wrt Bunkley. He's probably shown too much to fall to Dallas though.

    In a trade down, Mangold is excellent value. I agree with Alexander on this, nice job.

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    That draft is horrible (including the trading idea).

    Luckily, looking at your past, we know that none of this will happen.
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    Can't say I care for your mock draft and would be a little upset if that is how it fell (your choices).

    But I appreciate the effort you put into it.

    Now oddly enough the Jacob Pick in the 6th I would not mind much.
    I think if given time he may turn into something special down the road.

    Not sure we have the room for him unless one of our other "backups" is traded though.

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