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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by bobbie brewskie, Apr 12, 2006.

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    for starters, my draft has us trading our 18th overall pick to the Cincinatti Bengals for their 24th and 91st pick (3rd round). This gives us 4 picks on the first day, in which case we can address OLB, OG, FS, NT in that order.
    dont think that this trade isnt beneficial for the Bengals either, they are in need of a DB, and hey, so are 3 of the 5 teams that draft inbetween 18 and 24. a few prospects going there might be Jimmy Williams and Tye Hill. Now if the draft pans out, and lets say only 1 of the two or even both is left when we pick at 18, knowing that 3 teams may draft the player that they want, they will want to assure the pick and move up, requiring them to trade with us at #18.

    Now that you understand that this trade is very possible, let me start on why no team inbetween 18 and 24 is going to take one of the two players i have chosen for us to take. the Chargers seem to be set at LB, and the chiefs, well they need help in their secondary. The Broncos with the loss of Mike Anderson are probably looking for a RB and if not that they need a DE.
    Notice that i skipped the Pats and the Bucs are also left over, these two teams are the only teams that pose a threat to drafting either of the players that i would like at the 24 spot. Lucky for us Corey Dillon is injury prone and lets say not young, so the pats are probably looking at lendale white or maybe addai, or williams (most likely lendale white). The Bucs on the other hand are getting old at CB (R. Barber), old at DE (S. Rice) and unfortunatly at LB as well (Derrick Brooks). but hey they are also in need of Oline and at 23 Mcneil isnt a bad choice and they may be happy to take winston as well.

    so with all that in the bag, with the 24th selection of the 2006 draft the dallas cowboys select Manny Lawson/Bobby Carpenter (i need to decide soon).

    Like i mentioned before, i said we would go with an O-lineman in round two didnt i? and here is where i say the cowboys go with Taitusi Latui (OG).

    Round 3 (we have two picks, 1 of our own, 80th and 1 from the bengals, 91st): so here is where people might be shocked at what i have to say, but hey with allen failing his physicals and people having concern about his hip injury his stock has dropped accordingly. i had him gone in the 2nd for a while, but after hearing about the major concerns with his physical and the fact that Safeties never go where they are expected to go and usually drop a little on draft day. so now after all of this Jason Allen will fall to us at the 80th pick, and will be the steal of the draft, giving us a potentially solid safety to support Roy Williams.

    Round 3 is not done yet, we still have 1 last need for day 1: NOSE TACKLE!
    Babatunde Oshinowo - from what i hear about him on this board he seems like a great guy to play NT and fits parcells prototype for a NT at 310 lbs.

    Round 4, sadly we have no pick.

    Round 5 - Kellen Clemens, i didnt see all to much of his play, but my brother goes to oregon, my godfather is the biggest ducks fan in the world. he put up good #s and if he fell to us in Round 5 he would be a great steal. and i dont think he will follow joey harringtons footsteps.

    round 6 - Chris Hannon (WR) he reminds of me Chris Henry of the bengals statistically (size, speed, and a good vertical)

    Round 7 - Draft a DB incase one of ours goes down and for special teams.
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    Honestly if it turned out like this I would be ecstatic, no matter if it's Lawson or Carpenter in Rd 1. I would expect JJ and BP to sign a FS (probably Coleman) after the draft, given Allen's injury problems. If that happened, I feel we would have filled most of our holes, and considering how many we had, that would be quite an accomplishment.
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    its very possible, the jason allen pick at #80 scares people, since he was a 1st round prospect on some pretty iffy mocks its not so surprising to me. i always saw us getting him at 49 and now with his injury dropping his stock some and his failed physical adding on to that, this already puts him to a late 2nd or early third pick and safeties never go where they are projected, so we could very well get him in round 3.
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    If you watch the Guards Parcells is bringing in, he's going with smaller and more athletic guards. And if that's the case, then really Spencer and Chris Chester fits that role pretty good, and I don't know if Latui fits the get out in the opened field and smash guys role.
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    true, and i really like what i hear about spencer and i never really noticed that about Parcells especially after Riviera who is pretty big i believe. but i do like Spencer and now that you mention that, he may be a better pick than latui. but, we will see, there are a few Olineman that are of value in the 2nd round.
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    I'd like to Add Steve Fifta on your sig for your 7th pick. :)
  7. bobbie brewskie

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    never heard of him, can i get a link/player bio?
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    I don't like the Clemens pick and Max-Jean Giles or Spencer would be my 2nd round choice it's looks good though
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    i see clemens being better than whitehurst, IMO. he missed a few games last season with ankle injury, but he is solid and at the 5th pick itd be a steal. as for Spencer, i like the idea, as he was my 2nd choice at round 2 but after watching parcells pick up riviera out of free agency last year (Riviera is pretty big) i chose Latui over Spencer = Size over speed. but i do like spencer and im trying to decide whether to replace latui with him or not.
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    Very possible. Nice.
    If Manny Lawson is there though, I hope Bill Parcells will jump all over him...
  12. bobbie brewskie

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    i like manny lawson and all, but rack has officially convinced me that bobby carpenter is just a better fit for us. like ive said before converting a pass rushing DE to a run stopping/coverage OLB is much harder than what we did with ware (converted a pass rushing DE to a pass rushing OLB). and Lawson, just doesnt have the run stopping capability that carpenter has. i like lawson a lot and if we had to choose between him and carpenter itd be hard, but carpenter just has the advantage as a better coverage and run stopping backer, which essentially the SOLB does in the 3-4.

    he looks solid, but i already have us taking a NT in round 3, babatunde oshinowo, who i feel is very solid and fits the position well. i like fifita a lot from what i read there as he would prove to be a solid backup (they said he has low stamina and is not an every down player) but he is strong with his high #s in squats and benching. he would be solid, and if we dont take a DB in round 7 i would love to see this guy on our team. nice find.
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    I really like the trade-down Carpenter scenario. In fact, that's what I have in my mock - though with a trade down with New England to #21 for their fourht rounder.

    My mock goes like this:

    1) Bobby Carpenter - OLB - Ohio State (gaining a 4th rounder)

    2) Davin Joseph - OG - Oklahoma - I think he better fits what the current staff wants at guard and has also shown plenty of versatility

    3) Anthony Smith - S - Syracuse. Not great workout numbers, but he knows what he's doing and has a good mind for the game. If Jason Allen were to fall due to injury concerns, I would certainly take the chance on him in the 3rd round

    4) Martin Nance - WR - Miami (Ohio) - When fully recivered from his knee injury, he'll again look like Ben Roethlisberger's favorite target and could figure into the receiving mix fairly quickly.
  14. bobbie brewskie

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    can you explain why NE would trade picks with us, manny lawson maybe? id much rather go with the bengals trade, as we can acquire a 3rd round pick, and if you add up the draft values we could even take their 4th, but thats unlikely.
    and i dont like the idea of a WR before a NT, i just dont feel that a #3/4 WR is more important than having a #2 NT in a defense that uses a lot of different sets with a lot of different jerseys going in and out. having 1 true NT and ratcliff and spears isnt going to cut it, we need a second true NT.

    as for your 2nd pick, i completely agree, i love the fact that spencer is versatile and quick, our line is "old" and adding a younger, quicker talent would be very nice. my second choice is now latui. round 3 - jason allen if he falls, just like you said. btw i read jason allens scouting report which was before he failed his second physical and it said that he is losing enough stock from his inury to fall into the mid-late third.

    Jason Allen

    JASON ALLEN MEASURABLES Height: 6-0 [​IMG] Weight: 213 40-yard dash: 4.39 10-yard dash: 1.46 20-yard shuttle: 3.81 60-yard shuttle: 11.17 Broad jump: 10-11 225-lb. bench: 17 3-cone drill: 6.75 Vertical jump: 39 [​IMG] Wonderlic: 20-yard dash: 2.52

    Strengths: Is a playmaker who uses his long arms, leaping ability and strength to win jump balls and take away passes. Plays well against the run and in coverage. Has decent speed, good burst and great ball skills. Is tall and smooth and can turn and run with receivers. Fills the hole hard against the run, tackles well in the open field and uses his size to make big hits. Excels at redirecting receivers at the line of scrimmage. Is comfortable playing in the tackle box. Can shed blockers.

    Weaknesses: A dislocated hip ended his senior season, raising questions about his durability. Is a bit of a ’tweener; lacks elite speed to play cornerback. Must improve at open-field tackling and playing in space to become an elite safety. Lacks great pre-snap recognition. Relies too much on his athletic ability in coverage.

    Bottom line:
    Allen has a lot of potential and projects highly as both a cornerback and safety. However, his hip injury prevented him from playing in all-star games. His ability is unquestioned, and he was a first-round prospect before the injury. He now must prove he is the player he was in 2004. He is worth the risk late in the third round.


    Highlights:: ghts&btnG=Search

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