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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by K-DOGG, Jan 17, 2012.

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    RD 1: David DeCastro | OG | Stanford
    RD 2: Stephon Gilmore | CB | South Carolina
    RD 3: Alameda Ta'amu| NT | Washington
    RD 4: Ben Jones | C | Georgia
    RD 5: Sammy Brown | OLB| Houston
    RD 6: Trevor Guyton | DE| California
    RD 6: Donte Paige-Moss | OLB/DE | Miami
    RD 7: Jerry Franklin | ILB | Arkansas
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    Gilmore is a tough guy to get a read on, some mocks have him in the first, others have him in the 2nd. Guess his combine/pro day will decide that.

    I'm cool with everything but rnd 3. I'd rather get another CB at that pick and then go DT in 4 or 5.
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    I would switch Gilmore with Minnifield, but other than that, I LOVE it. Goob job.
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    I fully expect Jerry to sign a free agent corner and safety! That is why my draft is heavy front seven! We need to get younger and faster up front!:D

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