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My new Cowboys Star tattoo

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by CowboyPrincess, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. Juke99

    Juke99 ...Abbey someone

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    and yeah, we do.

    You have the email addy, yes?
  2. Cajuncowboy

    Cajuncowboy Preacher From The Black Lagoon

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    Hey, holy cow! You're back. Good to see ya.

    I saw the thread earlier but saw the word tattoo and thought it might have been by Brain. The last thing I need to see is a BP tattoo. This was a pleasant surprise.

    Glad to see you back around. Hope all is well with you and yours.
  3. CowboyPrincess

    CowboyPrincess Priceless

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    I think you are right about the twins thing. Ask anyone here that knows me.. I was all about Novacek, and still am. He had.. I mean he was a great TightEnd :D
  4. CowboyPrincess

    CowboyPrincess Priceless

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    Lost it. I have a laptop now and I lost everything on the other computer
  5. Sarge

    Sarge Red, White and brew... Staff Member

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    Someone has to.

  6. Ben_n_austin

    Ben_n_austin Benched

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    ...and I love you, too. :D
  7. calico

    calico Well-Known Member

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    tat looks good. I usually hate sports tattoos but yours looks nice. The Cowboys star translates well to a tat.
  8. jterrell

    jterrell Penguinite

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    very nicely done.

    I just got my second tat about 3 weeks ago in Puerto Vallarta.
    Its a cross with my daughters names in it.

    I do want to get a Cowboys related Tat as well.

    They are addicting. I'd like about 10 more pronto:)
  9. Signals

    Signals Suspicious looking stranger

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  10. the big 88

    the big 88 New Member

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