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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboysfan31, Apr 8, 2006.

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    Starting off, I'm trading down in the first with Jacksonville, who trades up in hope of grabbing a good RB. The trade is our 1st round pick for their 1st, 3rd, and 4th. It seems a bit lop-sided to me but it works out with the pick value chart. 18th is worth 900 points; Jacksonville's 1st is worth 660, 3rd-132, and 4th is 48 for a total of 840.

    1. Bobby Carpenter LB OSU- With the trade down we miss out on Lawson, but Carpenter isn't very far below him. He's a physical player with the size and speed to do well against the run. While not as potent of a pass rusher as Lawson, he's still pretty good.

    2. Pat Watkins FS FSU- I don't think he'll get past some teams below us in the 2nd round so we grab him here instead of in the 3rd. His size and speed are intriguing, and would be an excellent combination with Roy.

    3a. Ryan Cook OC/OT New Mexico- Powerful blocker that has good footwork and is surprisingly athletic for his size. Played at C during his college career but has also been getting looks at both G and T in post-season events.

    3b. Martin Nance WR Miami(OH)- Good size and rarely drops balls. He isn't as fast as once though, but he's still rather quick and he's a good red-zone target.

    4. Kai Parham ILB Virginia- After nearly running a 5.0 40-yard dash I think he takes a tumble on draft day. He's played in the 3-4 under Groh so he should be a plug-in for our defense. With Ayodele signed he may not start right away , but that might be a good thing for him.

    5. Steve Fifita NT Utah- Uses his excellent strength to plug up the middle. Used to facing multiple blockers, allowing other players to come free. He can also collapse the pocket, stuffing the run in the backfield and providing a good pass rush as well.

    6. Troy Bergeron WR AFL- This is a flyer pick here. Bergeron has excellent size and speed, but he skipped college and went to the AFL instead. If he does anything, great; if not we didn't lose much.

    7. Victor Mann FB KSU- Explosive blocker with pretty good hands coming out of the backfield. Even saw some time at TE last year. Would be an upgrade over our current FB, and could be a special teams ace as well.
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    Love your picks, put I would rather have Daniel Bullocks than Pat Watkins.
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    I like this draft alot, good job, Ryan Cook is a very interesting prospect, but he looked lost alot during Senior Bowl workouts

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