My Newest (Maybe Last) Mock Draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboysfan31, Apr 21, 2007.

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    1(22) Robert Meachum WR Tennessee- His size/speed combo is too much to pass up here. He still needs to refine his game, but for this season he will provide solid depth and a good fight for Crayton at the 3rd WR spot.

    2(53) Eric Wright CB UNLV- He's got all the physical tools you look for, but injuries and off-field occurrences have greatly hampered his development. He needs to take less risks in coverage and get move physical, but he could develop nicely out of the nickel role next season for us.

    3(87) Brian Robison DE/LB Texas- One of the most explosive players in this draft that could pair with DWARE to make a frighteningly good pass rush. He started out as a LB before switching to DE so his transition back shouldn't be as rough as other tweeners in the draft.

    4(122) Paul Soliai NT Utah- He's strong and quick but still very raw as well. Much better against the run than he is the pass, but looks to be a good NT prospect. Due to his lack of experience this could be a boom or bust pick.

    5(159) Allen Barbre OT/G Missouri Southern St- Small school player that has shot up the boards with some good workouts. Very good athlete but he is still very raw at this point.

    6(195) LeRon McClain FB Alabama- Brings a combination of good blocking skills and reliable hands out of the backfield.

    6(200) Isaiah Stanback QB Washington- Jerry hasn't gotten over his mobile QB fetish just yet. Stanback has a strong arm and is mobile, but that's about it. With his size and speed he might change over to WR which makes him an even more intriguing pick.

    7(212) Kyle Young OL Fresno St.- He has gone from a solid first day selection to late round/ UDFA potential. He wasn't even invited to the combine and then showed up to his pro day weighing over 350lbs. Could turn out to be a decent OG/C player or a bust, but at this point the risk is worth taking.

    7(234) Roy Hall WR Ohio St- Often over-looked with some of the other prospects that they produce. He has tremendous upside, but was a constant underachiever in college. This could be a real steal.

    7(237) LaRon Harris NT NW OK St.- Former Tennessee recruit that fell off the face of the college football world. He's got a good build and is very explosive off the line. He could benefit from an attacking-styling defense like Phillips'.
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    That's a not a bad effort. No reaches on the first day. You fill a lot of "needs". I'm not at all keen on your choice for QB, I think the kid from Boise State is a far better QB prospect... but a good effort overall.
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    Thanks. With the QB I think it's pretty much a toss up. Zabransky's arm is quite weak IIRC. I think Korrodi or Rascati would be pretty good choices at that point in the draft, but I went with the "WWJD" approach and in the past he's liked mobile QBs with strong arms.
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    As good as a mock as i've seen IMO. I just hope we don't go "Fasano" this draft and have a totally left field pick.

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