My not well thought out and subject to change mock draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by chicago JK, Mar 11, 2014.

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    I did watch quite a bit college football this year but am no way a expert. I am just starting to start listening to the nfl draft podcasts and read my favorite websites, but here is my first stabof a first four round mock.

    I am sure some will not like it because some of these guys I am picking may go later but here we go.

    1). Stephen Tuitt- I may just take him at 16. Although his recent injury gives me some pause. Ideally a trade down while picking up a late third or fourth would be ideal. I thought he was too heavy this year but I love his size, athleticism, and production. He is a third year junior. I think he has potential to be a real key player in the line for a long time. Need him in better shape though.

    2). Lamarcus Joyner- I am drafting him as a safety. On Mel's podcast last week he said he moved him to cornerback. I would not take him here if you don't think he can be a starting safety. Again he was productive in college and will probably slip some due to height issues.

    3) Cyril Richardson- maybe you can find someone else at this spot. Richardson has a lot of snaps in college. One area that concerns me is Baylor has had some highly rated lineman bust over the past 5 years. He looks the part and played well on the field.

    4) Jared Abbredaris- there are sexier names out there. Although every time I watched Wisconsin play he was either getting open or making catches in traffic. He played in an offense that did not throw the ball over the place but he has been productive multiple years In college.

    I like how my first three picks are all in the middle of the field. I think finding an interior lineman, playmaking safety, and interior lineman helps stabilize the middle of the field some.

    So for now those are my pics...subject to change tomorrow.
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    I like Tuitt better than most people do, but he is likely to be available in the 2nd round.

    Joyner is 5'8. The NFL is becoming dominated by monster size WRs and fast, athletic pass catching TEs.

    C. Richardson has bust written all over him IMO. Something's just seems off with his mental makeup. This draft is deep at OG.
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    Agree about Richardson....He was a monster all year...then he got to the Sr. Bowl and just got exposed. Destroyed people all season as run blocker. But once he got in space...He was really top heavy and was falling all over the place. Was shocked to see how poor his pass blocking was. He was Aaron Donald b*tch all week @ the Sr. Bowl. Donald ought to send him a check he made him so much money. Plus...look @ how many Baylor O-lineman have busted recently...And there is definitely a scare factor here.
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    He won't be available where we pick in the 2nd round. If you want Tuitt, you are likely going to have to trade up. And I read on a NE blog that they might be sandbagging a bit on Tuitt and if he's there at their pick, he's a top target for them. So Tuitt might be a late first rounder.
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    Then trade down in the 1st or trade up in tne 2nd if he is the target.

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