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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dannyboy, Feb 4, 2007.

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    I based this on some things I have read on this forum as well as some of my thoughts. I like the idea of Singletary as the coach due his background as a player and his "presence". Norv doesn't have that.

    HC – Singletary OC – Garrett DC - Rivera

    QB – Romo, Free Agent
    FB – Hoyt/Brandon Hancock USC
    RB - JJ, Barber, Thompson
    WR - Owens, Glenn, Crayton, Austin. Hurd, Dallas Baker Florida
    TE - Witten, Hannam, Fassano

    LT – Flo, Mc
    LG – Kosier, Manuel Ramirez Texas Tech
    C – Guorde, Johnson
    RG – Rivera, Justin Blalock Texas
    RT – Columbo, Fabini

    DE – Spears, Ellis
    DT - Ferguson, Stanley/ Kareem Brown Miami
    DT – Canty, Ratliff
    DE – Ware, Hatcher

    OLB – Carpenter, Prescott Burgess Mich
    MLB – James, Oscar Lua USC
    OLB – Ayodele, Burdett

    CB - Tnew, Reeves, Aaron Ross Texas
    CB - Clemens, Glenn
    SS - Roy, Elam
    FS – Henry, Watkins, Davis

    I see us going back to the 4-3-4 as our basic defense. Hopefully we can sign Clemens/Samuels in Free Agency and move Henry to FS. We will be able to keep this secondary in place for several years. Also, we can move Ware to OLB at times if needed. Regarding the draft, I think we need to select two OL in the first day. Blalock is the key for me. Since he can play OG and OT, that will give us some play with the next two picks. In the second round, I would go for the top CB or OL, depending on who is there. Then do the opposite in the 3rd round. I don’t think Aaron Glenn is going to make it past this year so we need to get the replacement now, along with Rivera(Blalock). Next year we need to be concerned about WR, OT and DE

    Free Agents
    Backup QB

    1st Round Pick Justin Blalock, OG/OT Texas
    2nd Round Pick Aaron Ross CB Texas/Aaron Sears OT Tenn or top CB/OL
    3rd Round Pick Ramirez OG Texas Tech/Bennett CB S Car/Tarell Brown CB Texas/Free OT N Illinois
    4th Round Pick Kareem Brown DT Miami
    5th Round Pick Prescott Burgess OLB Mich
    6th Round Pick Dallas Baker WR Florida/Steve Smith WR USC
    6th Round Pick Oscar Lua ILB USC
    7th Round Pick Brandon Hancock FB USC
    7th Round Pick OL
    7th Round Pick LB

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    I like your perception that we will actually keep the nucleus of the present team intact unlike some on this board who would have us trashing immediatley guys like Marco and TO and Glenn and a few others.... your additions from the draft and FA look like good eventual replacements for some of our current aging vets of non-star (Reeves, Jones) type players
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    I don't understand people who want Singetary anb Rivera. Do different defensive styles and philosophy.
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    I presume you're still satisfied with Ware being the only true dominant pass rusher on the team. I would look to draft another pass rushing DE just to make sure.
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    My thought is if Dallas thinks Stanley can be a solid DT, then in the 4th round, we can look at a pash rushing DE. We do have Hatcher at DE and Carpender and Ayodele at OLB as well for a pass rush. Hopefully Spears can bring it in 2007. OL and CB are my biggest concerns right now.

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