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Discussion in 'History Zone' started by BHendri5, Nov 30, 2005.

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    HOF is supposed be what the athletes did on the field.
    My opine on Irvin, I do not think Irvin will lose his job with Espn, in fact I think they will renew his contract.

    I never expect Irvin to get voted into the HOF his first few times of being on the ballot, in fact I always expected his name to be on the ballot at least 5,6,7 8, 9 times. I mean Pearson is still not in there, so why should Irvin go in before him.

    So, this little misdemeanor, means nothing, it will not stop him, by the time he is voted in, it and all of his other problems will come up, but they will not stop him from getting in.

    He is still my favorite Cowboy.
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    Sadly, I don't much care what happens as far as the HOF go. It's a disaster.

    Sure, I'll pull for the Cowboy players that deserve to get get in, but if they don't, I won't be losing any sleep over it and that is based on the past.

    Bob Hayes not in? I'm not interested. The list is a lot longer than Bullet Bob too.
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    It wouldn't be a surprise for Irvin to not get in anyway. His being a Cowboys candidate alone makes it difficult for it to happen. This run in with the law would only be a smoke screen for the real reason.... It's been almost 10 yrs since Mel got in...Cowboys are persona non grada in the HOF.

    There are soooo many that have been left out. Dorsett, Landry, Renfro, Lilly, White, Staubach and Schramm are not the only ones that should be sitting in that ring. 5 players and 2 non players in a 40+ yr history of the Cowboys. An organization with "5" Superbowl rings.. and dozens of legends??? PLEASE...

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