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    I know this is gonna offend people from both side of the aisles, conservatives and liberals but here is an article that I wrote for my highschool newspaper. Suggestions, comments, and criticism is welcomed.

    Albert Einstein once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results.” This quote is the best explanation for modern day politics. The Democratic party and the Republican party have monopolized our present day government and while the citizens of the United States listen to these two parties go at each other’s throats day in and day out and as we see a new incumbent president from the opposing party of the previous president get sworn after 4 to 8 years of failure, broken promises and distrust, we fail to ever see any real "change".

    Both parties are blinded by their hypocritical ideologies; Liberals base their platform on opposing unconstitutional wars, supporting personal freedoms, such as women rights, gay rights, separation of church and state, and claim to oppose unconstitutional bills such as the so-called ‘Patriot Act’. While they make a strong front for personal freedoms, they are anything but for economic freedom for individuals while imposing increasingly progressive taxes and the belief that ‘wealth redistribution’ is patriotic. French political philosopher Frederic Bastiat says its best, “The state is the great fiction by which everybody tries to live at the expense of everybody else.”

    On the other hand, conservatives claim to base their platform on economic liberty while failing to be proponents of individual liberty. Rather than operating as a principled political organization, the Republican Party has turned into to an overgrown club for the nation's evangelicals

    Both parties are very hypocritical and do not realize that economic freedom and individual freedom are one in the same.

    After President Clinton policed U.S. troops around the world during his tenure, President Bush based his 2000 campaign from a somewhat non-interventionist foreign policy. He actually said “I am not so sure the role of the U.S. should be to go to other nations and tell them to ‘do it this way”. Well, we saw how well those plans went.

    While the Republican Party claims to be a party that supports "low taxes, and small government", a 700 billion dollar bailout was passed with a Republican controlled senate along with a Republican president. How can you be a party of low taxes and small government when you pass a bill that results in the exact opposite?

    On the same note; liberals love to point out the loss of liberties Americans have endured under the ‘conservative’ President Bush. But the same democrats that liberals voted into office are the same democrats that unaminously gave President Bush the power to do ‘whatever he deemed necessary’ following the 9/11 attacks. Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel even has an outline of a mandatory civil service for Americans between the age of 18 and 25 which is only a step closer towards a national draft. We must remember that "the government is not our master, but is our servant," and oppose anything relatively similar to a military draft.

    There might be a difference in the two parties’ supporters, but is there actually really in big difference in who the supporters vote for?

    All the while, these two parties continue to fail America by placing a failed ‘war on drugs', increasing national debt with unnecessary government spending, increasing foreign violence and military presence overseas, and enlarging the size of our bureaucracy, while restricting personal freedom and taking our country further and further away from our founding fathers ideals, the third largest party in the United States is not even mentioned.

    Republicans and Democrats alike have claimed that our current financial crisis came out of nowhere and could not have been prevented. While Bush republicans come up with excuse after excuse for the failure of our economy, liberals find it a perfect time to attack the evil “Free Market” and try to convince the American people that Socialism can save us. The truth is that these current financial woes have nothing to do with the ‘free market’, it is impossible considering the fact that we have not even actually had a free market in decades, probably not since the Federal Reserve arrived in 1913. The media and politicians fail to mention where the root of this disaster actually came from. You will rarely hear that the irresponsibility of the FED was actually the catalyst to our economic troubles that we now face. Surprisingly enough, Republicans and Democrats fail to realize that Libertarian Economists (The Austrian Schoyl of Economics) have been predicting this crisis for years. Despite Libertarians spot on prophecies, oddly enough the government continues their bad habits and ignores libertarian politics and The Austrian School Economics trains of thought.

    As far as social issues go, I am a religous Christian. I have strong moral beliefs opposing homosexual acts and abortion. However, I do not believe that I have the right to force my moral codes on other Americans at the point of a bayonnet or through the abused powers of government.

    As a libertarian, I do not have to agree with other people’s lifestyles but I do tolerate them; for what takes place in other people’s lives, whether it is homosexuality or the recreational use of smoking marijuana is no more my business than it should be that of the government’s.

    Morality should not be in the hands of the government (especially the federal government) as long as it is not violating anyone else’s natural rights. Libertarianism is a limited moral philosophy that denounces aggression against person and property but holds no ethical position on numerous other positions.

    Ludwig von Mises could not have been more right when stating, “The great characteristic feature of a free society is that it can function in spite of the fact its members disagree in many judgments of value.”

    Before any true "Change" or "Progress" can take place in America, first Americans as individuals must change themselves and understand the moral, economic and political necesities of throwing off the chains of Big Government and Social Democracy. These chains have shackled us into an unstable entitlement system, corporatist bailouts, immoral wars on foreigners, an immoral war on those who partake in drugs and a ferocious business cycle that is now unleashing its havok on the American populace. As these dark days face our nation, that includes everyone of you, must choose what they believe in. In the coming months Americans will either chose to affirm the path we are on towards fascism or we can embrace liberty, peace and property under the aegis of freedom.

    I am a libertarian because I believe in freedom…Why aren’t you?
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    I basically like the article, but it has one fatal flaw, IMO-- the line about "economic freedom and individual freedom are one in the same."... if by that you mean deregulation of business (and judging by the tone of the rest of the article, that's your viewpoint), then you're just as wrong as you can be, and you should have learned that in your American History classes...

    Or didn't you study the economic philosophy known as "laissez faire", which was in vogue in this country back in the late 1800s/early 1900s?? I rather suspect you did, so I suspect you know that when we really did implement "economic freedom", as in a truly free-market marketplace, what we got was not "individual freedom"... nope, what we got was 75 hour workweeks, child labor, assorted other abuses of workers... if you got hurt on the job, you were on your own, which probably meant a fun second career as a panhandler...

    No sir, I most emphatically do NOT want full "economic freedom", if only because I'm a good deal older than you, and have come to see quite clearly that big business is the benign entity that you still naively believe it to be...

    All that said, I applaud your article, simply because it warms my heart to see a high schooler thinking seriously about such things... please never lose that interest, if you don't you'll be the most precious commodity of all-- an informed voter...

    We could use more of those...
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    Libertarianism to me frankly is more of a "I really do not want to be involved" point of view. While some tenents are quite to the point, the overall philosophy is to me not feasible in the modern age without huge consequences.

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