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    Tough year to guess what Dallas will do . Eveybody pretty much agrees that Dallas needs a WR , CB , and a RB , but in what round ? Throw in a dash of Roy Williams and a pinch of Adam Jones and it becomes even more confusing . Oh well I'll still give it a shot :

    Round 1. Traded to the Detroit Lions for WR/Roy Williams . This one is fairly simple for me . Throw out all the contracts and dollar figures , all I know is that at #22 I like R. Williams better than L. Sweed , M. Kelly , D. Jackson , or D. Thomas .

    Round 1. Traded to the Atlanta Falcons for their 2nd round #34 and 4th round #104 . This is a pretty even trade points wise and Dallas wouldn't "gain" a whole lot from it , but would pick up an additional draft choice and wouldn't be forced into reaching for something that wasn't there in the 1st .

    Round 2. From Atlanta S/Kenny Phillips - I think Phillips will fall a little , and when Dallas comes around he'll not only be the best available player , but will also fill a need . He'll be able to contribute immediatly relieving Roy Williams at safety on Nickle packages , and would give Dallas a little breathing room when negotiating with Hamlin in 2009 .

    Round 2. RB/Ray Rice - I keep hearing people say that Dallas is looking for a change of pace back to "compliment" Marion Barber , but I disagree . I think Dallas is looking for a running back that can carry half the load , not just be some other guys compliment . I like several backs around this slot including C. Johnson , K. Smith , J. Charles , and M. Forte , but the most important attributes of a RB for me are vision and tackle breaking ability . For that...I like Rice .

    Round 3. QB/Andre' Woodson - I know everybody will hate this pick , but I just feel it's so important . I have zero confidence in Brad Johnson and I don't even know who Richard Bartell is . The struggle Dallas went through to find a QB is something I'll never forget , and don't want to go through again . Woodson has such amazing intangibles in terms of talent and work ethic that I couldn't pass him up . He'll certainly need help with his mechanics , but he'll also have ample time to do it behind Romo and Johnson .

    Round 4. From Atlanta CB/Terrell Thomas - My whole draft revolves around Dallas signing Pac Man , and I assume they will . That said , Dallas still needs depth at CB and Thomas brings a versatility that I really like . He made the switch from safety to CB after his first season , and did it successfully for one of the best college programs in the nation . I see him playing that same versatile part for Dallas .

    Round 4. WR/Harry Douglas - Color me as one of those who believes that T. Glenn is done , and that even with T. Owens , R. Williams , and P. Crayton , Dallas is lacking speed in the WR core . Douglas is a poor mans Steve Smith who plays much bigger than his size and has outstanding speed and quickness .

    Round 5. RB/Anthony Alridge - I think the Tyson Thompson experiment is over ! Even with Barber III and Rice , the backfield is shy a back or two . Alridge is one of the more underrated players in the draft , and despite his size , was a real workhorse for Houston . He's a fantastic receiver with unbelievable speed . He'll make a perfect 3rd down back and return man on special teams .

    Round 6. FB/Jacob Hester - Everybody has their "football guy" that they just love . For some it's Owen Schmitt , others it Tom Zbikowski , for me it's Hester . Besides just loving his football attitude , I also love that he's probably the best short yardage back in the draft and could take away a little of the goal line pounding that Barber endures . Besides that I believe he's versatile enough to play a part in the Jason Garret scheme as an H-Back . He has great hands , and runs great routes . He's also fantastic on special teams .

    Round 7. C/Doug Legursky - Not much to say when talking about 7th round picks . I just believe you should take an offensive linemen in every single draft , and center has the least depth on the roster . Why not add a big , old , nasty , red head from Marshall ?
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    You had me until round three.

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    And after round 3 ?
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    If we're going QB that early I'd like Josh Johnson of San Diego.

    Really like the Terrell Thomas and Jacob Hester picks. I think Hester's a little on the small side, but he never stops. You've got to respect that about him.

    If we do go FB, my money is on Hillis. I know, I know, I have Schmitt in every Mock I do and have never had Hillis even one time. I like his mohawk.
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    Like both trades, not sure of the rest.
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    LOL Phillips will NOT make it out of round 1.

    He should be gone by this pick also, and don't wanna use a 3rd rounder on a Q.B. anyway.

    I have him rated as a 2nd rounder, NO WAY IN HELL he lasts till late 4th round.

    I really gave up at this point, with you having Phillips fall to round 2 and Thomas to round 4.
    Just unrealistic!
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    the title of the thread explains it all

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