My prediction: Barring injuries we will have a serviceable OL.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Verdict, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. Verdict

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    At this point I think one could reasonably assume that we will get acceptable line play from Smith and Frederick. I also think either Parnell or Free will play good enough to get by at right tackle. My guess is Parnell will eventually win that job, and Free will be OK as the swing tackle.

    It remains to be seen who will fill the guard spots, but if all of the guys were to stay healthy, I would think that we will find three guys to play from the guard pool....

    Between Livings, Berny, Killa, Leary, Costa and company .... it will be ok. But the injury bug could derail it just like it did last year. I think the Cowboys value the guys they have a lot more than we think they do, or they would have drafted another guard early.
  2. HoosierCowboy

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    can't make chicken salad out of Chicken XXXX


    a key to good line play is continuity, so yes, barring injury and a guy or two stepping up (doesn't seem like that has happened much in recent Cowboy history) I think the guys we have will be better than last year
  3. burmafrd

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    continuity does not mean JACK when you have JAGS
  4. zrinkill

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    We have 2 first rounders in our o-line.

    We are not just throwing out jags anymore.
  5. Idgit

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    Not to mention that continuity means a lot when even when you just have JAGS. Every team has JAGS someplace.
  6. KJJ

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    If you listen to Jerry and Garrett the OL has been serviceable sometimes they make it appear it's been more than serviceable. From the interviews I've heard with Jerry he always acts like he's satisfied with the OL.
  7. Crown Royal

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    I am still concerned about the guard positions more than the RT position. I think Frederick goes a long way toward fixing center, something many people (myself included) have been up in arms over since the release of Andre Gurode. I can live with Livings; I don't think he's phenomenal, but I also didn't feel like he killed us a ton last year either. Bernadeau can go from hot to ice too quickly and I just don't think he is good when he gets spread wide. I think both of them end up on the ground way too often for interior linemen to be successful.

    My biggest hope is that somehow Costa or Leary can take over being a good RG solution. If that happens I can see the line being adequate.
  8. Clove

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    So sad, we have 2 number 1 picks on the offensive line, and all we can managed is serviceable. Most lines won't have HOFers or All-Stars across the line. Having 2 top picks, and some solid parts should equate to a very good line.
  9. Chocolate Lab

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    I think it will be, too. The OL more than any group is about toughness and teamwork. This idea that we need four Pro Bowlers is absurd.

    It'll help having Callahan call plays. He'll be more committed to the run game.
  10. RS12

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    I have zero faith in Free or Berny, and very little in Livings.
  11. Doomsday101

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    I think the OL will be improved from last year just by having a better understanding of the scheme that Callahan put in place last season. How much better? No way of knowing until they hit the field.

    Last year heading into training camp the Cowboys were dealing with injuries on the OL and that would end up being the case for most of the season and I think if they can stay relatively healthy with the starting unit will be a big help but again how big? Anyone’s guess.

    I'm not under the illusion this OL will be a top 5 or top 10 OL nor I'm I jaded to think this OL will be will be the same or worse than last season.

    As bad as the OL was we did go 8-8 and I do expect better than that this season
  12. Zimmy Lives

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    The o-line will be better this year if they stay healthy! If they are healthy, they are serviceable.
  13. Doomsday101

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    I hope so
  14. Blue Eyed Devil

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    They weren't okay last year. For all the talk about Free or the center position it was actually the two guards that were the worst two offensive linemen on the team last year.

    And there are no new faces at guard.
  15. CyberB0b

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    Our best chance is for these guys to gel throughout the offseason. The problem is that Berny and Livings are already hurt, just like last year.
  16. EGG

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    The only thing different this year is a rookie "first round" center, nothing substantial that would warrant optimism given last year's disaster,,, we're all hoping on our long shots to develop into something serviceable, that's all.
  17. gimmesix

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    The problem has been that the parts haven't been solid, at least not at the same time. Weak links destroy line play.

    Maybe Dallas won't have any of those this season, but I don't see the addition of one solid-to-Pro Bowl-caliber lineman solving the issue.

    Livings has to play at least at the level he was early last season. Bernadeau has to play like he was late in the season. Or Leary/Arkin/Costa has to play well enough to replace at least one of them. Until we see them in the preseason, we won't know if any of those things have a chance of happening.

    Having a solid center can make up some for one guard's poor play, although it creates other problems, but two will cripple this line. Then there's the right tackle play. If Dallas gets what it got from Free early last season, then it's going to give the offense a handicap. Either he or Parnell needs to play at a higher level than that.
  18. jobberone

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    If everything is 'too bad, so sad' then nothing is.
  19. DFWJC

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    One true high 1st rounder
    One rookie who was taken at the end of rd one and was maybe taken a rd early
    The rest are jags...some potentially could grow into slightly better than jags.

    Yes, continuity could be help a lot ...and those saying we have pedigree enough without good continuity,I would like an example of a good team that has our Oline lack of talent. Can't think of one
  20. jobberone

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    I didn't look at Livings last year very much but the impression I got was the interior was a problem. If you look at Livings' and Cooks' PFF stats then you get the impression they weren't 'that bad'. If you look at the club's reaction to it all then you get the impression they aren't convinced Livings is the guy they want to depend on. My take is he is injured again. Bernie was injured as well last year and is still rehabbing. That means their jobs are up for grabs.

    When I watched Bernie some (not all snaps) he was very inconsistent. At times he looked All Pro able to do a great reach block and still pick up the stunt and stonewall his guy. Or he will get to the second level and engage or do a good cut off block. Then he would inexplicably just whiff on a block. And as another pointed out it would at times be on a reach or trying to pick up a stunt. Or his guy would just shoot the gap with him giving little block.

    Fred is going to do well IMO but it's just difficult for a rookie to come into the NFL and be dominant at any position. He'll have some difficulty at times.

    So the point is the interior is still an unknown even with the addition of Fred although I do see him as a solution there and an immediate upgrade.

    Again, right now the only secured position on the OL is the LT and he wasn't a pillar of strength last year either.

    Having said that I think we'll be better than average with pass blocking and I'm hoping we can up our running average into the 4+ range nearing the league average. If we can do that as well as improve the short yardage then we'll have a decent OL.

    My thoughts at present are Smith, Leary, Fred, Bernie, and Parnell to start the season. But that's just a SWAG.

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