My Predictions For Draft Day

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboys5, Apr 21, 2009.

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    1rst-4th round

    While most of the forum thinks we will go WR or S i disagree

    You can get the most value for a receiver in the 3rd and 4th rounds
    and i think Gerald Sensabaugh is the starter so no need to draft a Safety so high

    So at pick 51 i say we go ILB or CB
    i picked ILB because it is our weekest position and we have little depth there behind BJ and KB

    James Laurinaitis, Ohio St i think he is similar or better than an AJ Hawk...we might have to trade up to get him at around 34-40 range.
    he ran a 4.8 but i think he has football speed which is what he needs

    in the 3rd round i say we go WR or CB or Lineman
    Because we gave up alot to get James we get most of those picks back by trading down in the 3rd and select.

    Derrick Williams Wr Penn State. or Pat White QB West Virginia

    In the 4th round i say we go with Lineman, CB, S, or
    it most likely wont be a lineman because i think we will obtain FLozell's replacement through FA next season and our depth will be drafted in round 7 and 6

    so our 4th round pick will be

    Jairus Byrd, Oregon, Jr.
    he can compete will Alan Ball for the 4th spot.

    we trade our 5th pick for Roscoe Parrish
    he and DW and Isaih stanback compete for the 6th spot i think Isaih is through.... and we keep 6 receivers this year...

    the rest of the draft will be used for lineman

    -Oh yea we will draft no safety but we will pick up one after the draft
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    Please explain to me how linebacker is weaker than WR.

    We have two walk-ons that have almost no experience, a #3 that is slow, but has good hands and a #1 that hasn't proven he is a number one yet.

    Not to mention one injury and you could have Austin, Crayton and Hurd as your starting trio.

    Guys want to move out of the bottom of round one and we have 11 picks on a team that needs SOME back-ups but no real starters?

    This year screams move up if a WR with speed and skills falls.

    The falacy of a WR not contributing his first year got shot out of the water by the kid with the eagles, and the kid with Denver.

    You still can get the backups you need with the 3 and 4 round picks for LB and corner and a later pick for another corner.

    If we become one dimensional on offense, all that defensive fire power you have will be pretty but we still lose games.

    Because there is not one or two or three picks you will make in this draft that will make you the 2000 ravens defense. Or whatever year they won with no offense.
  3. cowboys5

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    if you look at my draft u see i have us having Derrick Williams and Roscoe Parrish along with our arsenal.

    but we are set with receiver.. if we were in desperate need of a receiver than yes with 51 i say WR. but we are not.. In fact the receiver we obtain will be fighting for the number 4 spot. IMO

    no ILB is a bigger need than WR.

    we have two TES 3 GOOD RB's and 2 GOOD WR's already

    so adding the speed that i added helps us.

    if bradie were to go down.. who would step in ????? Barbie.

    if ROY goes down we are still a good running team and our TE' are great.

    Defense wins games and chapionships. See the steelers. they dont have many flashy offensive players. yet they won.

    patriots has the best receiving core lsat year and they lost why.
    because defense wins chapionships.

    so that is why i go defense first
  4. ctrous25

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    James Laurinaitus would be a good fit here and if he is still on the board at say #35-#40 I would be glad if we trade up to grab him, but if we dont Ill be happy to get a Delmas,Moore,Robiske, or masseque from georgia
  5. RS12

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    I dont like Laurinitis, another product of the Buckeye hype machine. You can keep Freeman while your at it also.
  6. Chocolate Lab

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    Same here.

    I do think we need an ILB with our first or second pick, though. Brooking is just a stop gap.
  7. big dog cowboy

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    A. J. Hawk > J. Laurinaitis

  8. BAT

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    ILB James Laurinaitis
    WR Derrick Williams
    DB Jairius Byrd
    WR Roscoe Parrish (trade)
    OL rest of picks
    S UDFA

    Not bad actually. I don't agree with all your picks, but I like the thought process. You may need to grab another OLB & DL with one of your OL end of day picks, or become aggressive in UDFA /FA / Trade after the draft to shore up those holes though.

    Good job 5!


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