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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RealCowboyfan, Feb 28, 2007.

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    :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    Just don't get it huh?
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    We'll see who has more common sense once the season starts or lets say 4 years down the line or when these guys careers are over.

    Right now for you and me and all the critics we just have opinions. Nobody really knows how these players going to turn out in the NFL.
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    Here's offense, but yours seems to be not to my liking :)

    1. Brady Quinn - I'm sorry, but this kid is still the #1 QB in the nation. Russell is an incredible talent with loads of potential, but Brady is ready now and will get even better with more maturity!

    2. JaMarcus Russell- (I agree with you comments) Nice size, arm strength, accuracy, and a little mobility. He's mobility reminds me of Culpepper but has the arm of a Bryon Leftwich. He's my top player overall. Needs to stay consistent and stop hesitating from time to time.

    3. Drew Stanton - (I agree with you comments) I think that after his combine and college skills workouts his stock is rising fast. His mobility is real good. His arm has been powerful and accurate. In two or three weeks he probably will be talked about as a possible late first round early second round draft choice.

    4. John Beck (BYU) - Has better mobility then most think...AND has the ability to read blitzes and all types of coverage’s. Smart player that is a gamer and productive QB...will be solid at the next level and has the potential to be a decent starter.

    5. Trent Edwards - Has prototypical size...Arm strength is more than adequate and he can make all the throws...An accurate passer with good touch and timing...Very smart and a hard worker with excellent intangibles...He knows how to read a defense and go through his progressions...A solid athlete who can throw on the run and move in the pocket...Good footwork, throwing mechanics and a quick release...Still has a lot of upside and could really develop once he's healthy and in a better situation.

    6. Kevin Kolb - This guy has what it takes. I believe in two years or less this guy is a sure starter that could be really effective if he works on his mobility. He has a nice arm and good play reading ability that could take him along way in the NFL. He may be a system QB, but time will tell. Has the physical skills to be good.

    7. Troy Smith – (I agree with comments below) Really doesn't have the typical size to be an Quarterback but has the arm and tools to be a starter. With his lack of height it makes it complicated on the next level to get the ball over lineman like Chris Canty or Julius Peppers. In the NFL, Troy Smith probably will have to find alot of lanes to throw the ball. If committed I think he could eventually in a year or two be a starter. I think he will be drafted in the second to fourth round draft choice. He reminds me alot of Seneca Wallace.

    8. Jordan Palmer - (I agree with comments below) Is a raw quarterback that could be a gem. What he needs to work on is his footwork. He has an arm that could do some damage on the next level. With a good workout from the combine and his college pro day I think he's a mid-second to late third, basically a first day guy.

    9. Jared Zabransky- (I agree with the following) With his speed, quick release, and ability to read coverage’s he seems like he just one coach away from being successful on the NFL level. If he works hard at getting his accuracy together he could be a good prospect. Gutsy competitor they has potential at the next level.

    10. Chris Leak

    11. Tyler Palko

    12. Jeff Rowe - Look as if he has what it takes to be an starter but being from a school like Neveda you have to ask yourself what type of competition he faced? I think he could be a sleeper pick that a team with an option to get an back-up that could be developed for a period amount of time. I believe if he's thrown in the fire he could handle himself.

    13. Isaiah Stanback - (This kid seriously could not hit the broad side of a barn...he was horrendous at the combine....will never be an NFL QB)

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    Yeah, in 4 years, please be sure to come tell me all about how Stanbeck came alive to become a great QB in the NFL.

    I almost can't take the suspense of waiting over here. You?
  5. the kid 05

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    you leave me scratching my head more and more everytime
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    I have Quinn #1 and Russell #2. Russell definitely has the arm and size advantage but so did Ryan Leaf. Russell's not a head case though, so don't make that allusion.

    It's vogue to rip on Quinn for having disappointing games against some opponents, but I'd like to look at the body of work of a player rather than singular moments. It's the same reason we all wanted Vanderjagt as he was the most accurate kicker of all-time until one ill-fated kick seemed to forever change him.

    I think Quinn will make a team quite happy and be an effective pro. I think Detroit or Cleveland would be wise to draft him though Thomas and Peterson may be their respective picks at this point. I don't forsee an Aaron Rodgers drop to the 20's though.
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    FWIW....Chris Landry , director of player personell at the combine, said Russell was about 10-15 lbs over-weight. He went on to say he wouldn't be able to start for any team immediately, he'd be better off at a D-line position and his work ethic is below average.
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    Quinn has Joey Harrington written all over him. Russell however, well, I don't understand the infatuation.
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    I do like your order.
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    For the people who think Russells the best just because LSU team beat Notre Dame doesn't mean Russell better. It like when the Bears won a game. The other team had a alright QB but either their O-line sucked or their Defense sucked.
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    Pec strength on a bench is almost 180 from throwing a football, I love his arm strength and having him behind Kolb is a freaking joke, but his arm strength has almost no connection with his bench press abilities.
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    Interesting and true.:bow:
  13. RealCowboyfan

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    1. Brady Quinn

    2. JaMarcus Russell

    3. Kevin Kolb

    4. Drew Stanton

    5. Jordan Beck

    6. Troy Smith -

    7. Jared Zabransky

    8. Jordan Palmer

    9. Isaiah Stanback

    10. Jeff Rowe
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    And yet, his career completion percentage is 51.4 per cent...

    Now I KNOW you just make stuff up, and don't really know WHAT the heck you're talking about... here's what NFLDraftCountdown had to say about his prospects as a quarterback... pay particular attention to the first sentence:


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    And can you please change Beck's name from Jordan to John already?

    Thank you in advance.h
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    You have your opinion and I have mine.

    A whole lot of people though Romo was going to be some garbage.

    Same with Brady, people like yourself which is real opinionated and very biased seem to overlook guys like Brady and Romo.
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    Not a bad ranking list.....good job
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    Right on about Beck, brother.
  19. philo beddoe

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    If we drafted Troy Smith we could nickname him "Shorty". LOL
  20. philo beddoe

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    LOL! Yes please, it's John.

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