My questions after tonight.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by coult44, Aug 30, 2013.

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    1) I know we've had an entire 4 months to see this, but until tonight I didn't notice how small WWW is? He's listed as 5'10", but honestly looks 5'7" and on that touchdown he looked like a kid. The large WR's are going to kill him. Scandrick is 5'10" and he's more than a couple inches taller than Webb. But he has the coolest name on our team (William Wilson Webb)...........

    2) Escobar is at least 3 years away from being an NFL TE. No way he was worth a 2nd round pick, except by the Cowboys. Go back and watch the plays where all he has to do is block opposite side of ball. It's comical, he get's thrown around at will by whoever is in front of him. And he just seems dumb. I'm not trying to be mean. He's one of those guys who's made it his entire life based upon his size. Now, he's just tall...

    3) Again, I'm excited about watching certain fundamentals that I haveen't seen around here since the days of Jimmy. We have 2 defensive coordiantors who just seem to know old school defensive football. Every play these guys are gang tackling, ripping at the ball, flying around looking for hits. Here is my number one prediction for the entire year. IF WE STAY HEALTHY, WE ARE A TOP 3 DEFENSE!!!!

    4) We still need to pick up a safety who get's cut. Wilcox is more of the same. Most everything he does, he does it wrong. We didn't have time to pick projects at that position this year. You can tell he's only played there one year in his life.

    5) Last time I'll say it, Keep SMITH, FREDRICK, and FREE. Do what you have to with everyone else but don't play any of them. Everyone is hoping for Leary, and I don't get it. What, When, Why are my questions about him. I HOPE I'M WRONG. I will take back everything I've ever said about this OL if they prove me wrong. I PRAY TO GOD I'M WRONG. I WILL APOLOGIZE IF I'M WRONG...

    There are too many things to be excited about to let this one thing keep me down. I honestly believe we are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CLOSE!!! And there are tons of people out there that aren't giving us a chance to do anything....I should send them some of my JJ Juice, cause once again I CAN"t wait for this thing to get going!!!!!
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    I agree 100% with the second point. I don't/didn't like the Escobar pick at all, but the optimist in me says he can still be effective, being used basically a receiver. If this offense is run properly, positions shouldn't even be important, all guys on offense should just be weapons for Romo (just like the Pats do it)
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    Although there should still be questions about Leary because we haven't seen him play in the regular season, he earned his chance with how he played in the preseason games. Defenders were not able to get around or go through him in pass protection, and the running game suffered to the left side when he had to have his knee scope. Before that, not only was he getting push against his man, but he was getting downfield and making good blocks. I was very impressed when I broke down film of his play. Based on that alone, he's a step ahead of where Frederick is right now (and I was pleased with the rookie's play as well.)

    I think if Leary plays like he did this preseason, the left side will be set. I'm still unsure about the move of Free to guard. It's a little late to be making that move and expecting him to be immediately solid, and we didn't really get to see Parnell earn his starting job at right tackle. I believe Parnell can do it based on what I've seen before and projecting his comfort level growing, but in the preseason, Free did very well as the starting RT. Now, we have questions at both of those positions that might not be answered until both players get some more playing time at the spots. This experiment could cost us against the Giants.
  4. Staubacher

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    The Escobar pick will make more sense to you guys in the regular season when he starts grabbing Tds from Romo. It's gonna happen

    Leary is gonna be solid. That left side Smith, Leary and Fred will beast
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  5. OhSnap

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    When you say Escobar is 3 yrs away from being an NFL TE what your actually saying is that he is right on track. Seems like you might be in a hurry to burry this pick.
  6. rocyaice

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    I don't know man.....I think it takes 3 years to get a true guide of how good your draft was but Escobar should be showing us something by next season. Maybe he does it this season. Who knows. But 3 years is far too late for us to not even get any flashes from him.
  7. Fredd

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    I am excited by the prospects of this defense...if they stay healthy and exhibit their "run to the ball" training that they received, then we should see more turnovers...I have said this before, but with health, this is a top 5 defense...they should create more turnovers and hopefully, more 3&outs...they will give up less points and give more opportunities to Tony and the offense...with health comes success with this team
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    Nothing is more hilarious than seeing posters make outrageous claims about players like they are "3 years away" from being an NFL level player.

    He's been solid all preseason and his only mistake was not keeping his other foot in the endzone. What do you even watch? Are you just that butthurt over another 2nd round TE?
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  9. Galian Beast

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    Posters like to pick specific players that they will absolutely rail on at any given moment, regardless of the reality behind the situation.
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  10. TheRomoSexual

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    People bashing Escobar are absolutely amazing to me. The guy has caught everything thrown his way and would have had a TD last night but for a rookie moment.
  11. Carharris2

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    Yes. Escobar seems like yet another reach at best. A guard would have put us over the top on offense. I'm hoping but I fear they really messed up on this one.
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  12. TheRomoSexual

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    Give me a break. The kid has caught everything. And who would YOU have drafted? Warford wasn't on their board and Winters has been a disappointment. I think some fans would rather be right than see Escobar succeed.
  13. Lodeus

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    I don't get hate either.
  14. Vanilla2

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    Some folks just need something to complain about
  15. Zimmy Lives

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    You're comments are interesting. That's about it.
  16. theebs

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    People make up their mind about players before they see them play and then create these scenarios to fulfill what they want to happen.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with Escobar. I have not seen him drop a ball all summer. He looks good to me. His blocking is up and down. That was expected, he is going to get bigger and stronger.

    The team has added a good player at a position of major need in the offseason.
  17. CATCH17

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    We'll see on Escobar. Surely we're just holding back something with him because the guy was advertised as the best receiving TE in the draft.

    He seems sure handed.

    BTW, im not playing the 3 year rule with this guy. Sure he'll develop into a better player over the course of 3 years but you will know soon enough if we drafted a dynamic TE in the 2nd round or another ho hum kind of Tight End.
  18. Doomsday101

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    It may take Escobar 3 years to be a complete TE but I don't think it will take long for him to be a weapon in the passing game, especially in redzone situations. Dallas drafted him as a receiving TE given his frame I think they do envision him adding weight and strength to that 6’6” frame
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  19. pugilist

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    that's the keyword, "receiving TE" and that's the bag on Escobar. He can't block worth a ****, and while I personally wouldn't draft a one-dimensional player in the 2nd round, it is my belief that that was why he was taken there (to be a legitimate threat in the passing game, particularly in the redzone).
  20. Doomsday101

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    I think he will learn to become a better blocker but it is hard to turn a guy into a better pass catcher.
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