My questions after tonight.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by coult44, Aug 30, 2013.

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    It won't surprise me if Escobar has more TD receptions than Witten this year.
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    I just hope to see a productive player
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    Stopped right there.
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    Was it just me or were there no actual questions other than did we notice Webb is tiny? Seemed like a lot of blanket statements for people we haven't seen really get a chance yet
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    I think he's about a week away...
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    I'm not sure why people have their panties in a wad because people are picking apart Escobar. I posted an article here a couple of weeks back about how he was the worst blocking TE in the league by stats in the preseason. He needs serious blocking help. Because of this it will be harder to get him on the field to use his hands. The reason why people are busting chops on a second round pick is because 2nd round picks are supposed to be instant contributors, not projects that need a lot of help. I think next year will be an improvement for him because of his work ethic but it's not a reach to say so far he isn't exactly 2nd round material. Hopefully with the constant work, he makes a bigger jump in season.
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    No. This is the first I've commented on Escobar. I hope very badly he succeeds. I'm not one of those "fans" who does that ever. I just don't think he was much of a need even in the near future. Warford not on our board is a problem.
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    I'm pretty sure this was my first complaint on this board. It actually wasn't much of a complaint. I just replied with my opinion. Sorry if I hurt your feelings.
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    Escobar will be fine catching check downs, you need 6 yards he'll get you 6 yards, you need 10 yards, he'll get you 6 yards.

    Since Parcells was here, the two TE set was suppose to be our main offense. Parcells drafted Witten and signed Campbell. Then Fasano was drafted to pair with Witten. Fasano was gifted to Miami along with Ayodele for a 4th pick, and Marty B was drafted to pair with Witten. Marty B leaves and now another 2nd round TE to pair with Witten.

    I seriously doubt that the two TE set will be our base offense again this year. The best offense again this year will be the 3 WR sets. Our OL will be the reason, we will fall behind and have to play catch up again this year like we always do.
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    He hasn't been bad as a passing option in the preseason games. I do get the feeling that we've not seen *anything* re: what they plan on doing with TEs in the passing game in the regular season yet.

    As far as Escobar goes, he's the victim of Fasano-Bennett-OG rabidity. The only way he changes that is by becoming a very good player. Check that, Anthony Spencer proved that Escobar actually probably has to become a great player to overcome that initial bias from a subset of our fans. There's nothing else for it.

    I think he's at a position and in a roster situation where it's going to be very difficult for him to have a significant impact this season anywhere other than in the red zone passing game. If he works hard on the mental part of the game, and adds significant weight in the offseason, I think the guy's got a shot at being a real weapon for us in a year or two. That said, he's shown less as a second round pick than some of the players we drafted below him, and, given the temperament of the fan base when he came in, that's a recipe for dislike until he absolutely blows up a game at some point and makes a statement to shut everybody up.
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    We didn't see the real Bryant until late in the third year. Three years for Escobar ought to be about right.
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    It's early, but you WOULD expect your second round TE to beat out the 6th rounder from the year before at some point, wouldn't you?
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    Not necessarily, when that 6th rounder was, along with Leary, the talk of the back-roster last season.

    TE is not an easy position to walk in and pick up. You've got to know all the blocking responsibilities for both rush and pass downs, you've got your routes, and, in Escobar's case, he's a guy they think can play the y for them, too. It's a lot to handle. Add in the fact that they took him knowing he needed to add strength and needed help with blocking technique, and that they like the guy they took last year a lot, and it shouldn't be a surprise that they're bringing him along slowly.

    That said, the guy is getting passing game looks in the preseason games, and he's catching most everything that comes his way. I think he's pretty much right on schedule.
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    I think our OLine is going to be much better. I think moving Free to guard and adding Frederick will improve it dramatically. My concern is if/when someone gets injured. Our backups are not very good and the line guys usually get dinged up. If we can avoid the injury bug, I think we all will be pleasantly surprised. That being said, we already have some guys hurt. I'm just crossing my fingers.
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    remember how many people thought we got the wrong guy with ware over merriman. merriman was a beast and jerry blew it. kinda hard to evaluate a draft after one year, let alone 30 or 40 pre season plays
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    Like it or not, Escobar is one of the ingredients to our secret sauce.
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    I'm picking your reply to respond to #1, because I like a lot of what you say because you bring good football IQ and Cowboys passion to the table in most of your posts. #2, because I think you have one of the coolest names on board, :)

    I'm not "HATING" on Escobar. He's our latest 2nd round pick and we are going to need him in the future. I haven't given up on him for sure, and not this soon. Last time I gave up on a guy from day one was "Barbie Carpenter", and before that the infamous "QC"... I'm not one of the guys who just like to complain and find stuff to gripe about. In everything I say on this particular site, I try to be pretty balanced in my complaints and my compliments. I realize there are far toooooo many COWBOYS FANS on this site to ever think we are all going to agree on everything. It's just never gonna happen. In the end we all want the same exact thing, A WORLD CHAMPION DALLAS COWBOYS FOOTBALL TEAM!!!! My point with the Escobar part of the post was that he was our 2nd round draft pick. He was #47 overall. Honestly we don't have and didn't have a huge TE problem going into the draft. Witten, Hanna, Rosario, and Smith isn't a bad group of TE's any way you look at it. In fact, it's pretty dang good. A few months ago Jerry Jones said, "our window may be closing." I don't believe the Super Bowl window for this team is closing whatsoever. We have a core group of veterans that are getting older, but if we go with what JJ said it is. With his logic being used, he completely disregarded his own beliefs by drafting Escobar as high as he did. If our window of Super Bowl opportunity is closing, then he should have drafted either the BPA, or for the position of greatest need. Can you imagine if we would have grabbed one more Frederick at pick #47. I have been pretty open here about how my feelings changed about Frederick since we first took him. I don't have any problem at all admitting that I was wrong about him. Everyone in the business had him at a low 2nd or 3rd round pick, so stupidly I bit on that and completely blew it. I'm very excited and blown away at what Frederick has done so far. He's proven that he should have been ranked up there with the top OL picked in the entire draft. He might not be the most athletic, biggest, or fastest, but I love everything about him and really don't care about all the other intangibles. He's a leader, he's as strong as he needs to be, and I can see him becoming a pro bowl caliber player for us.Here is my main point! We should have done the exact same thing with the 47th pick as we did with Fredrick. If we were good enough and did our homework enough to go against the entire football world with Frederick, you can't tell me we couldn't have found one more OL that would have done the same thing for us. I'm not hating on Escobar, I'm simply making a case that with one more guy like Fredrick instead of him, it could have been the piece of the puzzle that solidified our run to the top of the NFC....And you can call me crazy with that last statement, but I really believe we are an offensive line away from being a legitimate Super Bowl contender!!!! I don't know who those guys are, I don't know how we will get them, but I know they are not already here. Plenty of FA's were available and we didn't get them. I would have taken Brian Winters or perhpas Jordan Mills instead of Escobar. Right out of the gate, they are better than any our guards, and would have been a better 2nd round pick than Escobar. It really doesn't matter now, it's too late now. But, I do hope we look at some late cuts and get some help in here before the season begins...
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    I don't know about that. Soon as Dez showed up on the field he was showing flashes. I'm not comparing thte two because Dez even in a year where he missed his last year of college was a freak of nature. Dez struggled most with his conditioning which probably had to do with him missing that year of on the field work. But Dez already proved he was a threat that 1st season he lined up. Escobar should be showing us SOMETHING that encourages us this season. Waiting 3 years to see it is far too long.

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