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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by SLATEmosphere, Apr 17, 2009.

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    Well I made a few mistakes on my last Mock and put players where they shouldn't have gone so I'm doing this again. This WILL be my final mock. I'm going to make a few trades that I think will make sense.

    2nd(Pick 55) Rashad Johnson FS-Alabama
    I think Robiskie and Delmas will be gone before we pick and there's still a legit safety on the board that I actually like a little better for this team. I think we trade back 4 spots and pick up a late 4th in the process. They are really interested in Rashad and I think could be a great fit for this team. Smartest safety in the draft and reminds me of Ed Reed. He could still be had at that pick and we pick up another one.

    3rd(Pick 69)Lawrence Sidbury-OLB-Richmond
    One of my favs in this years draft. With Ellis getting up there in age and Spencer not quite ready yet I think he fits perfect. You can never have enough pass rushers in a 3-4 and he'll provide depth and youth to the team. Spencer,Ware and Sidbury will reak havoc for many years to come. I love his spin move and think he can have success with it just like Dwight Freeney. He could split time with Spencer and spell Ware if needed. I really hope we get this guy.

    4th (Pick 101)Jason Phillips-ILB TCU
    Starting with the first pick in the 2nd day is a huge advantage and I believe Jason will slip out of the 3rd. We are really interested in him and he's a local boy. A natural leader and reminds me alot of Zach Thomas. He could backup Brooking and play third downs and eventually become a starter with Bradie. I'm tired of the 34 year old LB brought in here. We need to get young at that position.

    4th (Pick 108) Antione Caldwell-C/OG Alabama
    Trading with the Dolphins our 4th (#117) our 6th(#197) 7th(#227) and Greg Ellis we aquire pick 108. I think he's one of the most versitile lineman in the draft. His best position is C but can play all C or OG. I don't buy Proctor still being on this team so he's cut and Caldwell is molded for the future. Could play behind Gurode 2 years and eventually take over if needed. Provides solid depth and helped anchor that great Alabama O-line.

    4th (Pick 112) Mike Thomas-WR Arizona
    Using the late 4th rounder we got from trading down for Rashad we select Mike Thomas. He's a little burner that will fall into our lap because of his size. If he was 6 feet tall he would be a 2nd rounder. Great athlete and the solution to our punt return problems. Could easily beat out Crayton for the slot spot during TC and be there for 10+ years. His speed will allow our offense to be alot faster and dynamic.

    5th(Pick 156)Sebastian Vollmer-T-Houston
    All I've heard the last couple days is that the Cowboys really like this guy and met with him several times. At 6"8 he is a mammoth and athletic with a 39 inch vertical. This may be the biggest steal of the draft because I watched some tape on him and he's quick and strong. He drops this far because he's a little raw and will need at least a year to devolop with the right coaching. I could easily see him beat out Flo in 2010.

    5th(Pick 166)
    Traded for future 4th in 2010

    5th (comp pick) Stephen Mcgee-QB- Texas A&M
    The Cowboys are in love with this guy and fits Jerry's wants. Local boy and can run some wildcat. He also can develop into a very good QB in a few years because of his skill set. Very nice arm, very agile but his awareness is questionable along with his decision making. Played with Martellus and just a great guy. We need to become a QB factory and stop signing 38 year olds at that position.

    6th(comp pick) Rashon Harris-DT/DE-Oregon
    Cowboys have interest in him and I think could be a great fit on this team. Spears and Bowen are both FA's next year and Harris could provide some depth. He can play DE or DT to help spell Rat along with maybe Saivii. Solid against the run and can provide some needed pass rush.

    7th(Pick 210) Bruce Johnson-CB-The U!
    I like this guy alot and with essentially a late 6th he'll still be there. Not the best corner in the draft but in 2 years could become elite. He's got the speed and aggressiveness but sometimes he opens his hips to much but that can be worked on. Provides solid depth behind Newman,Jenkins,Scandrick and maybe Ball. He's got the swagger to play the position.
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    I woould like to draft a fullback but i will take this draft.
  3. Woods

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    Yes, if we could take the Syracuse FB, Fiammeta (sp?) with the other 5th rounder, this draft works for me.

    It's a good draft as it is though.

    I have a feeling Sidbury may go in the 2nd, however, and Mike Thomas in the 3rd.
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    Love everything about it but wish you could have gotten a bigger DT.
  5. SLATEmosphere

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    Like who? Brace will be gone and I'm not on the Sammy Lee Hill bandwagon.
  6. BAT

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    Dorrell Scott, Chris Baker, Terrance Knightly, heck, Martin Vaughn. Just to name a few.
  7. Goldenrichards83

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    Yea Bat answered the question already. I would also add:

    Myron Pryor
    Myron Pryor DT Kentucky
    [FONT='Times New Roman',serif] [/FONT]
    Every time I see this kid play, he is making a play on the field and leading his team. He is a solid kid with excellent in-the-box quickness. He is strong and in a 1-gap attack defense he should do very well. Myron shows good feet and is very smart on the field. He understands situational football and knows how to set his man up during a game to make an impact play late in the game. I believe Myron might be able to play DE in a 3-4 defense. I know he can be an excellent rotation pass rush specialist in a 4-3 defense. Myron is the type of player that just has the knack to be in the right place at the right time.

    Myron is not a 2-gap DT who is going to meet and greet a big guard, shed him and make a tackle. That's not his game, so if your team has that style defense, I would not suggest drafting Myron because he will not be able to impact in that type of system.

    Myron is a systems DT. Put him in the wrong system and Myron will not impact. Put him in the right system and you have a player who will become a fan favorite and a core player for your team. It's that simple! Myron needs to be used as a pass rush rotation D-Lineman who can shoot the gaps and cause disruption in the blocking assignments of an offensive line. He will make plays in the back field because of his quickness off the snap. He is solid against the run, but for a 16 game schedule, game after game I think that is asking too much of him. Draft him, rotate him and use him as your pass rush DT and you shall be rewarded.

    Terrance Knighton DT Temple
    [FONT='Times New Roman',serif] [/FONT]
    Terrence is a big, strong, athletic DT who has not yet touched the surface of his talent. He does a good job using his hands and is athletic enough to change direction and run players down from behind at the college level. He shows solid overall DT skills with the potential to be an excellent 2- gap run stuffing defensive lineman or a nose tackle for the team that drafts him.

    This past year, Terrence played in a 1-gap defensive system that was not a good fit for his size. When he shoots the gap (because of his size), it is easy to turn him and push him away from the play. Terrence also needs to get a lot stronger, learn better leverage and to shed his block and fill a hole. This kid has the athletic potential to be an impact DT when he learns all of these skills.

    Teams that run a 3-4 defense should look hard at this kid and maybe draft him as high as the second round. He will take some time to develop, but the potential, size and athletic ability is too valuable to wait until the fourth or fifth round to draft him (in my opinion). This is the type of kid that could make your 3-4 defense successful. Terrence has the same athletic talent and potential as Haloti Ngata (DT Ravens), but is not as developed in his play as Haloti when he came out. Terrence has not played in a system that best shows off his ability to dominate and that, along with his immature DT skills, will make him drop in this draft. I rate him high because I am always looking for potential 2- gap DT's. When I see one, I always seem to rate them higher than most. The reason for this is I believe you build from the O-lines and D-lines first. This kid will be excellent DT in any style of defense, but his strength will be in stopping the run in a 2 gap system or clogging the middle as a nose tackle and letting others make the plays. The kid already has the right attitude and understanding for his job. With DT 's coming out of college, the right attitude for the position is half the battle. In the pros, DT's do not get half the credit for doing their job as they do at the college level. When you find one that understands that and has the athletic talent as well, you are smart to draft him before anyone else can. At least I would!
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    dont we have two 7s.

    I like this mock for the most part....I would rather have Roy Miller to back up Ratliff. Also, I want to draft 2 CBs....Brice McCain and that kid from Rutgers.

    I know you traded down in the 2nd to get a 4th.....We trade down with our 3rd and add another 4th

    2 - FS Rashad Johnson
    3 - OLB Lawrence Sidbury
    4 - WR/KR Mike Thomas
    4 - C/G Antione Caldwell
    4 - SS Jonathan Casillas
    4 - ILB Jason Phillips
    5 - OLB Jason Williams
    5 - CB Brice McCain
    5 - OT Sebastian Vollmer
    6 - CB Jason McCourty
    6 - DT/DE Roy Miller
    7 - OL Dallas Reynolds
    7 - FS Nate Ness
  9. Bigdog

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    I'll take this. I like Johnson and hope we can get him with a our 3rd but I highly doubt it. I take smart, hardworking players over more talented ones that don't prepare like study game film any day. Good job.
  10. 28 Joker

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    First, I have to say this. I just watched Mike Mayock show some highlights on Louis Delmas, and he was drilling people. He said he could sneak into round 1. I was impressed. I still worry about his size and how he might hold up. Plus, they say he can be over aggressive at times, and that can cause some of the bad angles. However, no safety in this class is without flaws, imo. Anyway, Delmas was drilling players. He hits hard.

    I like your mock.

    I am a big Jason Williams fan, so I don't like pick 101.

    Getting Sidbury Jr. to round 3 probably will not happen, but it looks good on paper. The Falcons like him. Tough to see the Rams pass on him in round 3, too.

    I love the Antione Caldwell pick if he's there. If he's there, that is a steal.

    I'm not big on the finesse, small school tackles, and I wish the Cowboys would go the other direction. ( Ex. Joel Bell Furman) Are we talking about Furman?

    The Cowboys will not find a LT in this draft, so they might as well not even waste the pick. I'm tired of small school, finesse guys who take 4 years to develop. The Cowboys already have one on their team. His name is Doug Free.

    You replace and trade the $6.25 million dollar iEllis and draft a guy that could replace Crayton. That is a big thumbs up.:)
  11. SLATEmosphere

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    Thank you sir. Yes Delmas can hit hard..why do you think I compare him to Bob Sanders? He'll pound the snot out of you and still play well in coverage..I'm glad your finally seeing the light about him lol. I've pretty much given up hope that we'll draft him because he'll go so early

    lol I figured you'd like that Ellis trade.
  12. the kid 05

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    Like the draft I'd just swap Johnson for McBath. he plays faster then his timed speed, has a good eye for the ball, decent tackler imo a true "free safety"
  13. PullMyFinger

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    Dont know why people are enamored with this guy, Id rather have Brandon Tate, hes a taller version of the munchkin.
  14. BAT

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    Tate certainly is as good, if not better, as a returner. But Thomas is the proven WR. If Tate can get back to 100% physically, his upside is through the roof.

    But few can match that "munchkin's" production. If Thomas was 2 inches taller, he would be a first rounder, he's that good a WR (added w/his sub 4.4speed).
  15. SLATEmosphere

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    Mike Thomas has been productive even if he's a "munchkin" and he is by far more polished than just a speedy Tate. Tate is another project WR and Thomas could beat out Crayton for the slot in TC no problem.
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    yeah i like this mock draft better slate

    and im a jimmy williams linebacker fan too;

    i also like sammie hill too
  17. Bob Sacamano

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    I like it alot
  18. SLATEmosphere

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    Like everyone except McGee and Bruce Johnson.

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