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Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by calico, Jul 22, 2005.

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    yeah. I was thinking finishing the ROH vid and then each of them having their own....they made too many damn plays :banghead:


  2. calico

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    excellent. I know most of them but I will check the ones I don't out.

    You are right about the instrumentals part...if you can't tell by now, I love to use epic movie soundtracks and instrumentals. I like the video to tell the story and not the lyrics. I know some people though who can change a track into an instrumental for me though so it is not a problem.
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    wow calico... The ROH vid is definitely great.

    I just watched the Epic reciever video and it is GREAT... Irvin was SUCH a badass.... Keyshawn reminds me a little bit of him.

    who was #84??

    and the song to it was great also.... especially the part in the beginning.
  4. calico

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    #84 was Novacek or Galloway (depending on the highlight)...I decided to add that one Novacek highlight since I would probably never get around to highlights with TEs or him since I am going to be cutting down and I start my college football vids.

    THUMPER Papa

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    If you want some outstanding epic movie soundtracks, you should check out "The Rock" and "Tombstone". They both had some incredible music, all instrumental, and very moving and dramatic. I can hear them now as I run through the video and they would be perfect for a cowboys highlight clip.

    I have both CDs and if you can accept files that large I can send you some of the cuts. Let me know.

    Great job as usual Calico, can't wait for the finished product and the individual clips as well.
  6. JakeCamp12

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    You missed your calling, you should be doing something in the film industry, I can't even imagine what you could do with a War of the Worlds budget... :D

    I have goosebumps just watching that rough cut... :bow:

    Great work and thanks for taking the time to do it...
  7. JDSmith

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    I'm the opposite. For me finding a song that I can make work with the video, either through the chorus or the feel of the lyrics, is half the challenge. Like in Hotstepper, every time he says 'here comes the hotstepper' Julius is juking someone out of his jock. When I make a video like the Witten vid where it's just an instrumental that's just because I couldn't find a song that worked. And when I make one that works with words I can always throw it with an instrumental later, like Julius 2.1. But if I had by druthers I'd want to find songs with lyrics that fit in some way - although it's not always possible, or I get too lazy and stop looking. Then I end up with a Witten video that doesn't even have a name (since most of my vids are named after the song).
  8. DLK150

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    For both JD and Calico, I did a search and found this site. It's got a list of the "best" rock instrumentals, songs from the 60's, 70's and so on. Most of the songs I listed are there, so it's good to know I had some taste at some point in time.;)

    It might be good to reference for future videos for those times when you have brain lock, and just can't think of the right music. You're going through the list, and it hits you, or reminds you of an artist or another song. I don't know what criteria they use, but there are a lot of good songs. The instrumentals aren't all from the 70's though.
  9. JDSmith

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    Thanks for the links.

    My only criteria is that the song can't have any profanity in it. Genre is irrelevent. As long as it's clean, I just go by how it feels with the video I have in mind.
  10. Dyluke

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    Calico, i know you like those movie soundtrack songs...try downloading the lord of the rings / requim for a dream mix....i think you might like it
  11. calico

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    That is why I think our vids work well together and do not clash. When I look back at my student films from college, they have the same style that I still use. Since my vids so far have been based on history, I have gone with the more epic soundtracks to give them that historic feel. I will probably incorporate more lyrical stuff soon, but I am going to look into some programs where I can play around with the music so I will not have a song perfect for an intro, but then not fit in anywhere else (History of Domination. The music is great, the lyrics fit the intro, but the rest of them are just f bombs that have nothing to do with anything).

    I will be changing editing styles on the next video tomorrow because of one of the songs I am using will cause the editing to be quick and tight. I have found myself having a hard time picking songs for this video because I wanted to find a song that pleased everybody...but I just had to tell myself that you can't please everyone and trying to do so is the quickest path to failure. I just have to go with my instincts. Anyway, enough talking about it, I should get started on some of it before I head out tonight.
  12. JDSmith

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    I'm with you about trying to please everyone. The best thing to do is just go with what feels right - no song or video will please everyone, and it's not as if you are getting paid for it and have any particular person you HAVE to please - besides yourself. I just make the vids because I like it, if other people do too that's great, but if not it'll just save me bandwidth. ;)

    Edit: It's a good thing you are making vids, I don't think I'll be making anything new until the end of the season (other than some preseason highlights), since I don't have any footage to use. The only thing I'm doing right now is converting all of my vids to wmv format to make them more accessible. Too many people can't quite get the divx thing.
  13. calico

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    just wanted to update the Doomsday will probably be up this weekend, just in time for the start of training camp. I will also be offering a DVD option for my first 5 videos, remastered with surround sound for those have 56k or want DVD versions.
  14. JDSmith

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    What are you using to convert them for DVD? I thought about making some dvds and started using tmpeg, but didn't like the results. I wanted to convert them into something that anyone with a dvd player could watch, but was having trouble getting them into the right format.
  15. calico

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    Well, it depends. I have about 10 different programs that can author and burn the DVDs. I always keep the original AVIs of my work on my 2nd harddrive so I have the HQ version. Usually, I use Nero to author the DVD but I am not sure right now which I will use. I am thinking of creating some animated menus and using some of my bass work as the menu music. I also hated using tmpge the few times I used it. If I had a video in a windows media format or DIVX, i used to use the built in windows movie maker to get the right format for DVD, but they took those options away with service pack 2. Right now, I just use the NERO movie maker to change to formats if need be, I will have to use it on one of my videos since I accidently overwrote the orginal AVI and now all I have is the DIVX version.
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    Great Video!!! However, to be very picky, I hate to see my favorite's highlight, Roger, in the stupidist game Tom Landry ever coached, being the famous game from 1971, where he alternated Roger and Craig on every play, ran up tons of offense and lost, to Bobby Douglas and the sad sack Bears!!! Just a suggestion but how about the leap in the arms of Ron Springs on the toughdown to Tony Hill in the last game against Washington in 1979 or the TOUCHDOWN signal video from Butch Johnson's catch in Super Bowl XII, or even the quarterback draw collison at the goal line from the Washington game in 76(?). OR throwing the Hail Mary before anybody even knew what a Hail Mary was called?
  17. felix360

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    whatever happen to the final cut of the ring of honor video???
  18. Dawgs0916

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    I was wondering that myself....

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