My season of chill: No expectations in 2014

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by GimmeTheBall!, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. GimmeTheBall!

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    I don't recall when I, a proud son of the hills of Farmers Branch, will half the luxery of just watching the Cowboys this season and seeing how the team really executes.
    You see, I will half no expectations of playoffs or postseason play.
    And that might make for a season of chill.

    Our offense might actually take a step back if Romo plays like he is shielding hisself from hits and is more judicous with his throws. One big problem might be that Witten continues to get lots of attention from Romo and the new WR Williams gets his share. Then Dez might feel . . . not fully utilized.

    And face it: the defense is being rebuilt with guys who if on other teams might not make the team. And take it from me: the secondary will not improve but get worse because our D line will make it tougher on corners and safeties.

    Do anybody else feels this way? Will we be reduced this season to observers of technique and personnel and not cheerleaders? Please respond because I half got to know.
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    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Oh bull.

    After first TD of game 1 you will be selling Super Bowl on here,

    If not then, after we start 2-0.

  3. DBOY3141

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    I will root my heart out as I have forever, but I don't expect much this year. Very tough schedule and the defense needs to many pieces to really compete for a Super Bowl. I can really see a 6-10 season.
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  4. Gaede

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    My interest has waned significantly over the past two years. I never used to miss a game and wouldn't dare turn off a game in progress. I do that often now, and have no regrets when doing so. I expect this trend to continue in 2014/2015.

    Or until a new coach is brought in. I have a lot of trouble getting excited for Garrett's robot teams that continually play down to their opponent and never go for the throat
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  5. big dog cowboy

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    No. The defense will be much improved if we only get the guys healthy. Bring in more talent and it will be even better.
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  6. Doomsday101

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    Sorry I don't. I think Romo will be just fine. My concern is defense, as bad as the defense was last year a franchise low they still were in the running in week 17. I aslo know we can beat the teams in the NFC East going 5-1 last year in the division. I'm not predicting SB but I do expect the Cowboys to win the East because I know they are capable of it.
  7. egn22

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    I think we have the ability to fortify this roster dramatically through the draft. I'm more interested in this one than I usually am.
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  8. OhSnap

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    I never give up till the record tells me too. You just need a couple wins and a pep talk from Jerry. Plus I think we just signed this guy.
  9. DandyDon1722

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    Yep I agree - the potential is there with this draft. We need another Dirty Dozen draft. For those of you who don't know what that is and you're a Cowboy fan - you should!
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  10. BigStar

    BigStar Stop chasing

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    I will continue to be obsessive :D
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  11. jday

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    My expectations are at an all time low. In my view, Romo is done. I'm not sure exactly what is missing, but being a husband/father now probably has something to do with it. He just isn't the same competitor...this is more of a job to him now. Granted, there's no way I can prove this tangible evidence I can point to. Just a gut feeling, I guess. So until the Cowboys move on from Romo I really don't see my expectations changing.
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  12. theSHOW

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    I think it is time to graduate to the 1970's and take a color photo for the avatar.
  13. morasp

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    I've been that way for 2 or 3 years. It makes it fun when they do well and if they don't it's not a big let down. I'm optimistic for the defense but as a team they'll find a way not to get over the hump.
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  14. CosmicCowboy

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    move over GTB its going to be a long season.....:(
  15. DFWJC

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    Before all of the injuries last year on the defense, I was thinking 10-6 made sense. 8-8 sucked, but it is what it is.

    Can't say I have a feel for this year. Maybe after the draft, the rest of FA, and after camps, I 'll have a better gauge.

    I agree with those who have massive question marks about the defense. That alone could wreck the season. They've added three guys that will help to various degrees on the dline and plus Bass and Crawford will be back from injury. But they lost a lot too. They have to draft there, obviously.

    As of now, I think the offense will be the best it's been since 2007. I'm hoping they'll add at least one contributing lineman, backup WR, and backup RB too.
    Where that gets us overall, I have no idea.
  16. Gaede

    Gaede Well-Known Member

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    I just can't get excited about this year. People are pinning their hopes to the draft, but realistically, what can we expect out of it? 2 starters? Possibly 3? Most drafts, we only hit on one good prospect.

    How are these rookies going to be good enough to propel this team forward? Will they last the whole year w/out getting injured?

    I just don't see how one draft, in which we have picks in the middle of each round, is going to fix this team. Especially when we use one of those picks on a 3rd TE or backup S
  17. thunderpimp91

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    To me this is one of the most important drafts in recent history, and could be the difference in a winning and losing season. If they can hit on an impact D line player, and a couple more role/depth players this team could be in business. Make no mistake about it the starting lineup has a lot of talent. A few holes? sure, but even good teams do. What this team truly lacks is depth. Lose a Sean Lee and Tyron Smith and we are in a whole lot of trouble. Gotta find a way to stay healthy. A little luck, and a good draft in a weak division could mean 10 wins.
  18. Risen Star

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    The thing is the QB is getting older and has a back issue. So if we're not winning short term, then it could be awhile. You don't win without a QB.
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  19. Risen Star

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    This season will be no different to me than any of the others in recent memory. I know going in that the Cowboys aren't a real contender.
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  20. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    Agreed. If Romo were most assuredly healthy and we did not have to depend on rookies for our pass rush, I would go with the usual 8-8, prove me wrong Cowboys prediction.
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