My second, and final Mock before Saturday..

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by DezBRomo9, Apr 22, 2009.

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    Because I have term papers to finish so I can watch the draft Saturday afternoon after work...

    Dallas, seeing the run on DE's, DT's and OLB's, sends their 51st choice, 117th pick and the 156th pick to Jacksonville for their 39th pick and their 180th pick.

    2 39 Dallas Lawrence Sidbury OLB Richmond-Gives Dallas a possible bookend opposite Ware. Has the ability to be a very good Strongside LB in the 3-4.
    3 69 Dallas Fenuki Tupou OT Oregon-Is a mammoth of a player and can possibly play LT with some developing, or can easily step in a RT or RG if Bigg gets moved over after Flo leaves soon.
    4 101 Dallas Darcel McBath FS Texas Tech-Is the rangy ballhawk FS that has replaced the true SS and FS in today's pass happy game...
    5 166 Dallas Mike Wallace WR Mississippi-Is the speedy stretch the field type that Dallas has been lacking the past two years without Terry Glenn.
    5 172 Dallas A.Q. Shipley C Penn State-him and Tupou leave Proctor without a job, he has the same mindset Colombo does, is smart and can have a mean streak.
    6 180 Dallas Roy Miller NT Texas-Is the true NT we were looking at the whole time, not Ron Brace, Miller is a similar player to Ratliff, 'nuff said.
    6 197 Dallas Curtis Painter QB Purdue-Will be the 3rd QB in TC to rest Romo's and Kitna's arms..may not make the final roster over a RFA IMO.
    6 208 Dallas Dominque Edison WR SFA-Is a developmental WR who had 18 TD's last year, can get away from the jam easily and has good hands and runs decent routes.
    7 210 Dallas Dominic Douglas ILB Mississippi St.-He led the SEC in tackles last year, something that impress me playing in the toughest conference. Has decent size, but is more of a SILB, not a backside WILB like Burnett or Brooking are.
    7 227 Dallas Marcus Mailei FB Weber State-I can't wait to see this guy play in TC, he was a HS RB and has the size and explosiveness to pancake anyone.

    I still see Casey or Robiskie in that trade up, I would hate to draft a player that will only see 10 plays a game to play in the Wildcat, but I trust in Tom C. to make all of the right decisions.
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    I have to say, I don't like the Sidbury pick that high. I think he is going to have a relatively longer period before he is ready to make an impact.

    I don't dislike the player, but just not at that spot.
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    Not bad. But why did you trade up to get Sidbury? Pretty sure he will still be there at 51.

    I love Shipley & Mailei especially but not sure Shipley will be successful in Houck's scheme. These 2 plus Miller & Edison are Ciskowski type players.
  4. DezBRomo9

    DezBRomo9 Not enough blitzing..

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    It is always a guarantee to see a run on DLineman and pass rushers towards the end of the first round. Look at us moving back into the 1st for Spencer, the Lawrence Jackson pick last year as well as Kentwan Balmer.Teams like to move back up into the first to pick for a need, it happens every year.

    I just think there is more depth at the end of the first, causing teams to want to move up for their guys. But that is just the feeling I get at the end of the first.
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    I agree with trading up for a player you like that's falling.....I don't like trading up to reach for a player.

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