My Second Cowboys Mock of 2007

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Hostile, Apr 4, 2007.

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    Bazuin was the 2nd most productive DE in this draft in college. The problem is that he just isn't very athletic. Out of the 27 DEs for which I have enough stats on, he ranks 20th in terms of physical attributes. The third round might be good value for him, but I think he'll slip into the 4th round because his Combine stats were bad, very bad.

    But if you want someone with great college production and the physical attributes to match, Anthony Spencer is your guy. Some websites have him dropping to the 2nd round. That would be an absolute steal in mid-round 2.
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    Colombo was a Parcells pet as well. Just because he was one of Parcells chosen does not mean all that much one way or another; just an oppurtunity to give a guy a shot. The Hotel should be fine this year and then we have to really think about his contract; that is why I think McQ will get a lot of playing time this camp. I think we will look for another developmental Tackle like McQ this year; if McQ is the real deal and we let the Hotel go then we can develope the new guy. Sad fact is that there really is not any guy after Thomas and Brown that you could pencil in in just one year as a quality tackle starter, let alone as a rookie. Maybe Staley- but who else?
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    I agree on OT, but after the top 3 I didn't have an OT in round 2 that I liked as much as OG.

    I think WR is our number 1 need over NT because I wouldn't hesitate to move Canty or Spears to NT and start Hatcher.
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    I wouldn't bark at Spencer and I looked at him, but he had a round 1 grade when I was doing this.
  5. Hostile

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    I looked at CB every round and liked other guys at other positions better.
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    Spencer is a great pick at #22. Hell, he is a great pick anywhere south of #15.
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    Hoss I just don't see us draft a guard and a center but not even a developmental tackle.

    And I can't see a running back.
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    hell of a draft Hos

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