My Sentimental March Mockness

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Randy White, Mar 2, 2011.

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    I know it's not going to happen, I know the selections might not be too popular, but I'm going with it even if it's just for the sake of reminiscing.

    I'd make only 1 trade and that would be the #9 to the Patriots for the #17, switch #71 ( 7th pick in the 3rd round ) for #60 ( 28th pick in the 2nd round ) and #74 ( 10th pick in the 3rd round ).

    1st rnd ( #17 overall ): RB Mark Ingram, 5'10, 215 lbs, Alabama,
    I know about the RB position and the draft, but I'm a sucker for history repeating itself and the many similiarities ( physically and circumstantial ) are just too hard to ignore. Even the pick itself ( #17 ) is identical. Felix would still be the 3rd down back, but the hard part would be what to do with Choice.

    2nd rnd ( #40 overall): FB Owen Marecic, 6'0, 245 lbs, Stanford
    See above.

    2nd rnd (#60 overall ): CB Ras-I Dowling, 6'2, 200 lbs, Virginia
    While I love Patrick Peterson for the Cowboys, if Newman is back on the roster for 2011, we're going to have a " playing time situation " for PP. It's a great dilema to have, but in this case, Dowling would be better a fit for the "back up" position as opposed to a top 10 pick making top 10 money. Not to mention that this guy can play too.

    3rd rnd (#74 overall): FS Deunta Williams, 6'2, 205 lbs, North Carolina
    I know this is Hoss' pet cat too ( one of them ), but Deunta has been on my radar since 2 years ago. He, along with former Alabama SS Justin Woodall, caught my eye and I thought then that they were future 1st round picks in the making. Woodall didn't work out at all, wasn't even drafted, and obviously Williams is not going to be a 1st round pick, still, he's done nothing to change my opinion on his talent and I think he'd be a real find with this pick.

    4th rnd (#109 overall): OT James Brewer, 6'6, 323 lbs, Indiana
    Some might be upset for waiting until this round to address the O-line situation, but there's a reason for that. Even if the Cowboys select an O-lineman as early as the 2nd rnd, whomever that is, most likely will not start as a rookie, which is perfectly fine in Brewer's situation, only he'd be a 4th round pick as opposed to a 2nd. I think this guy could eventually be ready to start at some point during the season, but if he isn't, he'll be in the mix for 2012. For more immidiate help, go with the FA market and see what's available, providing that Sam Young or Robert Brewster don't win the job outright or even keeping Columbo for one more year.

    5th rnd (#140 overall): ILB Colin McCarthy, 6'1, 235 lbs, Miami, FL
    I had a hard time deciding between McCarthy and Brooks Reed, the OLB/DE from Arizona. I'm going with McCarthy under the assumption that Reed would not be available by the time this pick comes up. Having said that, this guy should be in an NFL roster next season and I hope is Dallas. He's a football player, despite what his peripheral numbers suggest, and at the very least he'd be a special team demon. Still, if Reed is there by some miracle, I'd go with him since he's a bigger, more athletic version of McCarthy.

    6th rnd ( #171 overall ): DE Lawrence Guy, 6'5, 300 lbs, Arizona ST
    I haven't heard Guy's name mentioned often and I wonder why. He's flying way too under the radar and if there are no off-the field issues ( or ther issues that I don't know about ) and he's available at this spot, he'd be an outright steal. Think of Jason Hatcher, but instead of a 3rd round pick, a 6th round pick. I may be shooting too high here because he might be well gone before this pick, but...

    7th rnd (#209 overall): SS Christopher Conte, 6'3, 220 lbs, California
    Most probably a special team career player but with the opportunity to be much more IF he develops properly because of his size.
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    Not bad...I could live with this one.
  3. The Realist

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    No FB is going in the 2nd round.

    If you like Marecic you are going to love Henry Hynoski. He blows Marecic off the field and it isn't even close. Best 3 way FB I have seen in at least a decade. Played for Wandstedt at Pitt.

    We have to draft at least 2 OL IMO and Brewer has a TON of issues. Namely, he is made of glass and has poor movement.
  4. tomson75

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    RB and FB in rounds 1 and 2.

  5. Sam I Am

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    :eek: Not no, but HELL NO! :cool:
  6. Double Trouble

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    RB in the 1st round is almost always a bad decision.
  7. Randy White

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    This Brewer ? ( please skip to the 8:10 mark ):


    Keep in mind, though, that I'm talking about a 4th round draft pick.
  8. The Realist

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    Two guys who look like Tarzan and play like Jane going head to head.

    Ballard is 285 and runs 4.7 something and did very little with it at Iowa.

    Brewer missed all of 2006 with a foot injury. Missed part of 2008 with injuries and missed 3 games this year with injuries. He is soft and known as a finesse blocker. His competitiveness has been questioned.

    We drafted a similar guy athletically last year who is far, far tougher and more durable.
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    I actually LOVE this draft.

    Just instead of Brewer I'd draft Carpenter, OT

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