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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by PlayMaker88, Dec 20, 2005.

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    I am more of a reader here than a poster, but I thought I would throw my 2 cents in the ring on a number of issues being discussed on this board......

    1. Ware vs Merriman
    Right now Merrimans stats are better. Thats a true statement but, there are several reasons this is true. I think both are fine players but Ware is asked to do a lot of things Merriman is not. First off Merriman is mostly in on 3rd down and passing situations, anyone who says he is on the field for every defensive snap is not watching the games. Ware never leaves the field, and has a lot of pass coverage responsabilities. Think he would have more of a burst if he was not on the field the entire time? I think also there is a lot to be said about rookies hitting a wall. Merriman did not go through any spring practice and also did not play at all in the first 2 games and sparingly the first part of the season. I think we see that on the Cowboys with Spears playing better than any of the rookies right now after missing a lot of time early. I don't think you could go wrong with either guy.

    2. Sean Payton's play calling
    This one I think is really easy. When the oline blocks. its great. When the oline does not block, its terrible. Believe me, we all know nothing on offense works without the line doing its job.

    3. Kicking situation
    Here I think the fault lies with the sucess the team has had in the past with getting by with no-name kickers. It is high time to pay a top notch kicker. Punting for the most part has been good. A few shanks here and there.

    4. Parcells and the Washington blowout.
    I put these two together because I want to bring up another Coach who has went through pretty much the same thing. Mike Holmgren. Last two years there have been many Seattle folks screaming to run him out of town. Game passed him by, loss control of the team, bad coaching , you heard it all. It really got bad last year after the Seahawks were blown out at home by Buffalo 48 to 10. With our own Drew Bledsoe at QB no less. They also had several games where teams came back to beat them in games they should not have lost, Sound familer? This year they have the top seed in the NFC so lets not say all is lost yet.

    5. Money spent on free agents
    Anthony Henry no problem. Was playin great til injury. Fergerson and Rivera both lost a lot of time in training camp and I think it hurt Rivera somewhat. I am not sure about Fergerson, Dallas may have missed there, but I think we need to take a wait and see approach on Rivera. Remember the guard Washington signed from the Jets Randy ( NOT SURE ON THE LAST NAME ) did not have a great first season either. Now he had been playing great until his injury last week.

    Anyway just my 2 cents and not trying to "drink the kool aid" as some say, but rather say its always dark after getting your butt kicked.
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    Very good thoughts. I think a lot of fans are up in arms right now and are not being rational about this team. That was a fair analysis that you gave.
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    Your one of the smarter fans on this board Playmaker88
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    very well spoken.
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    very good post. Thanks for your comments PlayMaker; please post more often.
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    I, too read more than post. I also find alot of truth in what you are saying. I have disected this team's play each week and can lay ALOT of the lack of success on the O-line. As bad as I hate to say it, Allen is going to have to say goodnight. Johnson is undersized by NFL center standards and gets beaten alot. I won't even go into the Tackle position- my hat's off to the rookie and Tucker, but that set-up is nothing but a band-aid on a severed artery. Just my opinion, but I think Rivera gets blown up ALOT...maybe some lingering effects from the pre-season injury?? I hate to start the "next year" talk, but Flozell Adams is WORLDS apart from either of our current Tackles. Anyone who has played anything above high school football can see that their (tackles) feet are super-slow; not a desired trait at that position. Bottom line: offense will be a consistent 21pt + scorer with a DECENT line that can run block (another topic in itself).
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    Can we make a list of the dumber ones? I'd like to set my ignore options just in case we have another loss.
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    good post man!!!!
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    good post 88

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