My Take on the Aikman snub

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by BLam11, Jan 28, 2006.

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    The best thing about sports is the opinions that range far and wide. Ask the question who is the best all time RB and your answers will range from several angles. Jim Brown for what he did in 14 games year in and year out. Barry for his great moves, quick feet and premature retirement, Bo jackson for a tremendous careeer cut short by a freak play, E. Smith for his vision, determination and ability to play through injuries. We have all said the same at one time or another. Thats the best part. Should Aikman be considered one of the best? Yes, let me say it again YES! YES!. I have had to remind people many of times the things Aikman did. He was not flashy and Emmitt certainly stold the show with the great OL and ability to cement games early in the third quater. But isn't it the debates we love most about being a fan.
    I have no prblem with the snub. It just reminds to say F___ em. As I usually do. The thing about the cowboys is either you love them or you hate them. But there is no in between.
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    He was certainly better than Kelley(He beat him in 2 superbowls),Young(He beat him in 2 Nfc Championship games),Marino he never one a Superbowl,

    Let's just say it the way it realley is,"He was the last quaterback on a true Dynasty Team".Matter fact if the NFL wouln't have came out with the salary cap, football would be boring for everyone else because Dallas prolly would have won 10 in a row
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    i don't know about being better than marino,but he certainly is one of the all time greats and deserves to be in the h.o.f.
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    Ok I'll admit I haven't been around here much lately and therefore am a little behind with some of the news.

    But... *** are you talking about "Snub"?! Did the voting already go through and Aikman is out? Am I missing something here?!

    If this is the case then no more proof is needed. Anyone that denies a media bias towards the cowboys now needs to have their knee caps shot with a shotgun. No f'in way in hell does Aikman not make it first ballot but Steve Young does. Give me a f'in break.

    I seriously HAVE to be misreading something here.
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    I am thinking he is reffering to ESPNs all SuperBowl team where Aikman was not one of the 5 finalists
  6. Rack Bauer

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    Dude needs to be more CLEAR with what he's talking about! Dang near had a heart attack with all the anger building up.

    Ahhhh... I can rest easy now. At least until the voting really does take place.
  7. BigDFan5

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    Id I'm not mistaken the vote is next saturday, and if Aikman is snubbed then there will be no more doubt about any bias
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    Man, I am glad you asked the question. I was ready to hop in the car and head to Canton and go on a hunger strike in front of the HOF. I just wasted 5 minutes worth of all-american ranting and swearing for nothin'. I ain't gettin' those 5 minutes back. Thanks Blam11. :laugh2:
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    I was like if Aikman don't go niether does Brady

    But who cares about stuff that does not mean nothing remove thread or change title like AIkman left off top 5 super bowls teams
  10. Sarge

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    He wasn't better than Marino.
  11. fortdick

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    THey prolly left him out so as not to influence the HOF vote. IF he had been in the list, how could they have voted against induction?
  12. CM Duck

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    1) MONTANA(for winning 4)
    2) BRADSHAW(for winning 4)
    3) BRADY(for winning 3)
    4) AIKMAN(for winning 3)
    5) ELWAY(for winning 2)

  13. BLam11

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    I was referring to ESPN superbowl snub. I am all b ut certain troy will be in the HOF. If not i may join the hunger strike.
    Sorry i was not clear on that.

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