My take on the Larry Allen situation...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by JWitten, Jul 31, 2005.

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    Listining to the commentary from the Cowboys web site just now.
    The conditioning test is this:

    50 yard run down the track - turn around run back - turn around run back - turn around run back - turn around run back - turn around run back.
    Total 300 yards covered.
    Do that in under a minute.
    Rest 2 minutes.
    Do it again in under a minute.
    Reast 2 minutes.
    Do it again in under 1 minute.

    You passed the conditioning test.

    Does not sound easy to me.

    But the player does not have to retake the test.
    It's up to the coaching staff to see the player is ready to practice.

    I'll go with the coaching staff Larry is borderline to pass the test.

    The need players to take reps in early camp to see who comes ready to play and take a position.
    The fact that LA is not there gives others more reps along the line.
    Face it - if LA is there he is in the Guard slot taking reps.

    The Coaches know LA is in good shape and ready to play. They know what they have there. That is why there is not a lot of big play in this from the Cowboys management side.

    There are a lot of other questions they need answered along the line this summer.

    Guess they just want to look at others..... :star: :starspin

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