My Take: Peyton Great, but not Greatest QB

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by BringBackThatOleTimeBoys, Feb 5, 2014.

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    He's one of the all time greats. If he won more championships, I'd say greatest, but for that reason it's Joe Montana instead.

    Peyton had the greatest season as a QB and for an offence - he has rewritten the passing record books. He's a slam dunk for the HoF. The ding is the playoff record.

    At least he's won the SB, unlike Marino, Tarkenton, Moon, and Kelly. Don't think locally people dwell on Dirk Nowitzski winning just one championship, but it's a bigger deal with Peyton Manning. When you talk about greatest, the expectation seems to be winning championships - plural.

    I might be premature in proclaiming the Seahawks the next dominate NFL team, but it's them instead of the Patriots now. The expectation is to occasionally beat the greatest, and Peyton lost to teams like that too often. It may not be Peyton was bad, but they were great.

    I heard Bill Parcells' take on the SB and he seemed to be diplomatic in his answers - Seahawks were surprisingly awesome, and this comes from someone that likes a team built like that. He still thinks Peyton is one of the great QBs - Parcells asserts offences look bad when it's really great defensive play.

    I was not able to see the entire SB onslaught, so I don't know how much of this you can blame Peyton on. Many of the Broncos will be lost in free agency so this may be Peyton's last SB. If not, he probably faces the Seahawks again or the 49ers.

    I reluctantly concede Brady edges out Peyton as greatest QB of our time. I don't know what that intangible is, but Brady thrives in a playoff environment. This may not be fair to Peyton as he has not benefited from as much talent or coaching. It just seems as much as Peyton does to be the very best he can be, he would somehow "get" the dynamics of playoffs.
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    Peyton is just like Marino, just like him. Tons of stats and can lead you down the road of winning many days. Marino never had much of a team, he never really had a running attack nor a dominate defense and thats the key to going all the way. Both of them carried their teams on their backs, a lot like Romo.

    The Colts shifted their focus to a running physical team the year they won. You have to have a running game or a defense to go all the way.
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    This debate will always come down to stats vs record. Like almost every QB debate comes down to.

    If you think play off wins/superbowls is everything, Peyton will not rank as the best.
    If you think play off wins/superbowls has far more to do with the TEAM than any single player, then stats will weight more and you might view Peyton as the best.

    I view Peyton's 5 time MVP as more telling than his Superbowl rings.
    Besides, 1 ring and 3 championships is good enough in that catagory.

    No QB in history would have won that game with how the Seahawks defense was playing. Marino, Montana.. no one.

    But it all comes down to opinion.
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    That is very true. If Russell Wilson and Peyton Manning switched teams for that game, then Manning would have another ring. And it wouldn't be because one QB is better or worse than the other. It is about which team was better.

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    Russell made some money throws. I could see Manning still throwing picks.

    Ask Elway if that was a good idea in mid 90s.

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